Hitman 2 Release party weekend 11/9-11/13


Can’t play it for 4 days because I didn’t pay enough money, so I’ll be avoiding the Internet / HMF from the 9th November onwards.


I don’t think you need to do that, if you don’t want spoilers, just avoid Hitman 2 discussion threads when the game is out 9th nov, I will do my best to avoid it as well, but maybe have some sneak peeks :grinning:.


I doubt the owners will be around the first days much anyway. You probably see more people with bugs and troubleshooting.


i had to wait about a Year after Season 1 release, because i wanted the Disc Version - you will survive those 4 Days :slight_smile:

i bought the Gold Edition but will avoid HMF for a Week too :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I’ll be out of my home and won’t be back till Dec 4, 2018 so whichever version I end up ordering before leaving for my trip, I won’t be able to touch it till then.


I’ve been one year late for Hitman 2016, this time i’ll be in a front seat for the premiere :blush:

October is going too slow!!

Can’t wait :heart:


I’m so torn. My birthday is the 10th and I’ve got that and the 11th booked off but I’m working on the 9th so even If I pre order it i won’t be playing it till late on the 9th.



november 1 - 9 will be more slower


November 9-13 is even slower…

Man, I wish I’d go with the gold edition


I’m right there with you bud. My 50th falls on Veterans day this year. I work the 9th and 10th. Have 11th and 12th off and then 14th off because my days off rotate. So put in for 13th off to give myself 4 days off (happy birthday me), I still paid for release day delivery because I didn’t want to chance getting it late with the holiday on Monday.

I also have Thanksgiving week off. So almost 2 weeks to enjoy this game. I think that sounds much more enjoyable then being out in the wind and rain delivering mail. Lol.

Anyway, I’ll be kicking it in my man cave playing this enjoying my life. Not sure what I’ll be eating as I don’t know what i’m in the mood for until it gets her. Probably hit the heavy bag and shower, so I feel somewhat human and don’t die from sitting in one place for too. Oh yeah, and drink water and protein shakes. Lol


Is it me or are these final 26 days taking forever.

At this point why is ioi waiting. If everything is ago and the game disc are ready, then what the hell are we waiting for.

Id also like to see all exclusive targets from season 1 brought back. As a trucker , i miss many.


Its killing me as well lol! 3 weeks today though! I cant actually believe it, time was going so fast until the last 4 weeks as well.


Or 3 weeks and 4 days if you’re a standard edition scrublet like me


:joy::joy::joy::joy: tight bastard :wink:


These are very slow and painful/boring days… :sweat_smile:

Hopefully i always check my countdown to calm myself :stuck_out_tongue:


(20 days guys!!)


i’ll kill the Waiting Time with replaying the whole Franchise and also with meeting @badeaguard and @Urben next week - really looking forward to this :grin:


Guys I just saw on gamestop.com

The gold and collectors edition will be out November 9th standard 13th.

They put a picture of the collectors edition im getting thid one.

Cant wait.

I got Metallica Thursday 25th in philly.

Billy joel Saturday 27th in NYC

2.5 weeks out


So, have I got this right Hitman 2 will be a replay of Paris, Sapienza, Marrekesh, Bankok, Hokaido with the new features and below will be the 7 new levels of hitman 2.

It might take me 2 years lol to beat all of this.

New Zealand Miami India Columbia Whittleton Isle of Sgail Himmelston Austria.

the 9th is 2 weeks away. I thought these final 2 weeks would be hard, now after seeing the new info and trailers, I can’t wait. to IOI why wait, what’s 9 days early let gamestop issue today.

what are all of you most hoping to do first once you do play.

I wonder how the DLC will work, to play the previous 6 levels from 1. Alot of questions.



Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)
Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)

Only 10 days? Gosh, it feels like a lot longer. The wait is just killing me at this point.

Too bad I won’t be able to play it at that time, there are no physical pre-orders in my country. Will have to stay off the forum until I’m able to play. :frowning_face: