Hitman 2 Release party weekend 11/9-11/13


I already wrote this in the hitman 2 main thread but i will ask this here too… guys, do we know if there will be a preload for the digital version of the gold edition on ps4?


Good on you for doing that, though - did the same thing with my dad a few years back, and while they may be too sick to show just how appreciative they are, know that they’re glad to have you there assisting.

As for me, this pre-load needs to chop chop so I can wake up early as hell on Friday and start playing.


You ever have the erge to kill everyone on any mission, guards , anyone.

They should award something for that


I tend to spend maybe 50% of my time doing that :smiley: maybe 40% going for silent assassin, 5% suit only, 5% whatever


I was hoping for more variety to the trophies/achievements of ‘Hitman 2’ just so we could get some ‘Kill Absolutely Everyone’ trophies.




Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?


Sadly I must wait 6 days and 20 hours

The reason I couldn’t go for the gold edition is because of the bad situation of our country
Our money just became one of the worthless money of all the countries in just a few months

I bought season one with 2400000 Rials
I pre-ordered HITMAN 2 on the day of announcement with 3600000 Rials
And now if I want to buy HITMAN 2 that would cost me 8100000 Rials
And I’m glad that I have pre-ordered it
But I wish I could afford 6000000 Rials to buy the gold edition
Even that was too much for me
If HITMAN 2 was for 2016 I could buy the gold edition with just 4000000 Rials
Which was not that bad

But now
I dunno if I can buy any games later
I couldn’t buy Spider-Man or Red Dead Redemption 2
I wish I was born somewhere else


Who else has these wild ideas like unloading a silenced uzi on Dino Bosco or blowing Rico Delgado the fuck away with the AK47 just for satisfaction?

Can’t wait to use those new weapons! :smiley:


Lol. They aren’t Uzi and AK. They are Mac-10 and something like a Galil rifle.


Gotta kill some targets Pulp Fiction style. Fill their guts full of bullets while they exit toilets.

God bless the ability to kill witnesses without losing SA in Hitman 2.


You know what I mean, stop nitpicking fam :wink:


“Saturday, Donnie, is Sabbath, the Jewish day of rest. That means that I don’t work, I don’t fucking drive a car, I don’t handle money, I don’t turn on the oven, and I sure as shit don’t fucking PLAY HITMAN 2 !!”


You want an assassination? I can get you an assassination. There are ways. You don’t wanna know about it, believe me. I can get you an assassination by three o’clock this afternoon, with nail polish.


We waited 2,5 years for this game to come out, and now we’re 2,5 days away from release. Unbelievable. What a time to be alive.


Wait a minute. This is a thing?? It’s not just programmed for the targets?


Targets who witness 47. Any other NPC is collateral.


I’m making my way home all. I’m a trucker cross country. I should be making my delivery tomorrow or first thing Thursday Yes on the Eve of xmas for all you MDK 187 people lol.

Im off work till Tuesday, i also have eagles dallas tix on Sunday night. This will be a weekend to remember.

My first task hopefully will be to download the new content for the previous season and go after dahlia with new tricks


I imagine Thursday will consist of 24 hours of me listening to the old soundtracks,watching all the old trailers etc

We’ve nearly made it guys!


I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve lol literally cannot wait until Friday