Hitman 2 Release party weekend 11/9-11/13




PS4 Collectors Edition paid in full. Pick it up Friday. Livestream the Legacy Pack Sniper Assassin, SO playthrough with executive pack briefcase for Nov 9th. Then stream Season 2 straight through (one playthrough of each mission). Day 2 will be NZ and Miami mastery to start. Take it from there.


It’s all ready to go, in it’s new folder, I think I’m gonna cry… ! :cry:


The only thing I don’t know is if there will be a midnight sale Thursday into Friday at gamestop otherwise I wait till 10am



Hitman 2 (2018) Announcement Discussion (Gameplay included)

Whats that theme man? looks awesome!


I have gold edition but since there’s no preload for Steam and with my shitty internet, I’ll be able to play in 5 days… Well done IOI :disappointed:.


Y’all complaining about pre-load but us physical copy buyers have to wait for the stupid delivery man


me on friday Download%20(2)


Gold or Lunchbox edition?


Gold, the CE doesnt seem to be worth its price. Rubberducks should be giveaways.


@Jamy47 It’s just an image I set as my background, no theme


Nice one man, might pinch it :wink:


@Jamy47 Can you load it on your PS4? Save it on your phone, send it through a message on the ps message app, open the pic on your ps, hit share, save screenshot, then set as background, if you don’t have a USB handy lol

Edit: or scaling it from here on your ps browser will work too


Thanks man I was just wondering how I was gonna do it, can you send yourself a message on the PS app though?


Just send it to a mate, they wont mind, or open this page on your ps4 browser, open the image in a new window by holding x on it, press square to make it full screen, then share and triangle


Ive sent it a mate! thanks for the help man :+1:


What the hell, you said that 2 days ago.

Im gonna watch Another 48 hrs, with Eddie murphy


This sucks, gamestop won’t open till 10am Friday, no midnight sale.


Just another opportunity to prove your stealth skills, agent.