Hitman 2 Release party weekend 11/9-11/13


The order is fully paid. I wish they let me have it when they close 9pm Thursday. I told them ring it in officially Friday and mail me the recipet. I told them i promise to wait till midnight


Saw someone selling a regular copy of the game that would ship and arrive by tomorrow - WILDLY tempting, but pointless for Gold Edition owners such as myself. Still can’t get over how close to release we are now.


Happy Thursday everyone. Tomorrow is a big day for most of us.



Can’t wait! :heart:

Awaiting the release, you can check my latest Elusive Target run here: ET #26 "The Entertainer" 07/14/2017 (14/07/2017) (Final ET for season one)

Cheers and cya tomorrow guys! :blush:

IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!
Hitman 2 (2018) Release Discussion

I couldn’t resist doing this to you. :joy:


You might play it earlier, but you won’t have this:


I actually also have a CE coming. So actually I will.

I’m not even kidding.


Oh you…

I can afford 24 more hours of waiting anyway :blush:



Feels like slowmotion


No preload on PC is killing me, knowing my turgid internet I won’t be able to play until Saturday morning at the earliest.


Maaan, I wish IO would release the game early on PC… I remember Saints Row 3 devs actually made the game available a day earlier just for fun.


The lack of preload could possibly be to help reduce the servers getting insta-hammered. Forcing people to download after release is going to spread the load out and prevent things from collapsing like in March 2016.

So it could be a blessing in disguise.


Consoles are a much bigger market than PC therefore load on servers is stronger. Consoles have pre-load, PC doesn’t.

No comprendo, Señor


Also then make everyone not be able to preload if that is an issue. Then slow-web players impact the servers later than good-web-players. That would be fair.

Although I am glad at least the consoles get pre-load. Don’t want to suffer just because we have problems.




So they did break the street date?

What idiots…


I literally just dropped my pre order :+1::+1:


There are a few early pre-orders which got packaged before their realized that this isn’t okay. I was among the lucky ones.


by 11pm though



Get the disc in and start downloading that huge patch! Hopefully you have some quick internet and don’t have to wait too long.