Hitman 2 Release party weekend 11/9-11/13


Yeah, I have the whole day reserved for Hitman. Hype!


Patch is only 14gb aint it?


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Yeah, but 14GB is huge to some people with slow connections. @Doormaker could be one of those people for all we know.



I have a 50K DSL, should be done in about 1 hour. The “whole day reserved” is mostly playtime. :sweat_smile:



My gamestop isn’t doing a midnight release, its up to each store depending on reservations. I thought I be SOL and have to wait till 10am ET.

I just called my store they will let us pick the game up at 9pm when they close.

So yay, ill get my briefcase collector’s edition tonight 9pm 3 hrs early.

Check with your gamestop


Come at me HITMAN 2! I am ready for the weekend! (and Monday)


I bought 5 2-litre bottles of orange juice and I’m ready!



Me to


Omg I looove just mushrooms and cheese!


First time I’ve seen so many of the support plastic things for one pizza.


Normally there is 1 in the middle,

the Owner who made the pizza, who always makes me the pizza.

He had the new guy pack everything up. the kid put 5 in, I didn’t care

Sicilian is very good



HYPE PogChamp


My wait is almost over, 2 hrs 45 min


I finally got it,

3 hrs early, im downloading everything.



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Hitman 2 (2018) Release Discussion

Yay!!! I got the gold edition but don’t have power until next week somewhere. I am certainly enjoying myself this weekend!!



I have got a temporary solution with a generator. Have to watch out for Hz changes but as it’s going, all is fine


Going through the game cuz why not