HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


People keep on saying it, but I don’t understand how you can be mad about the cutscenes when there was no way to make them CGI with their budget this time around. It’s mind boggling what is going through some of your heads.


No, I’m just not one to jump to conclusions or assumptions.

Go ahead and continue to be ignorant though. Throwing out “fanboy” makes you sound like a tool.


I do think they have a very sizeable budget but the only thing here is that they don’t have a separate animation studio backing them up like SE with their proprietary engine.


yikes guys, talk about a regular day on HMF


Yeah I mean budgets are usually divided up by focus. So it looks like they had a bigger budget for marketing, but that is because of WB. The money they gave them was probably JUST for marketing.


Well, contratry to your claim I can judge these things as I watched lots of stuff on youtube already (yeah I don’t mind spoilers, I actually want to be spoiled). So it’s just my opinion originating from seeing game footage. Thats no conlusion jumping.


It does look like they have a slightly bigger budget for the levels tho since we have a lot more Sapienza style missions…


Me too,I understand their decision to use budget in different ways and it was a good choice most likely.

To me they don’t work fine.Having just images with voiceover can’t have the same effect as cutscenes.

I can’t comment on pacing but after seeing couple of cutscenes I can say there are some cheesy moments,I doubt I’ll change my mind after playing the game.I doubt gameplay will affect my perception of cutscenes.

I don’t see how that applies to cutscenes,can you elaborate?


Well the gameplay and levels is the parts they should be focusing on. The flashy cutscenes are just a bonus.


I suppose but still it leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth to go from having the best quality cutscenes in the series(HITMAN 2016) and then hit rock bottom with the worst quality “cutscenes” in the series (HITMAN 2). My only hope is that IOI doesn’t repeat the same mistakes in Season 3.


Hitman 3 will have live action cut scenes in the C&C style. :laughing:


But IOI doesn’t deserve to be lambasted on a flame for the cutscenes.

Its very disappointing, yes but I genuinely hope this game is commercially a hell lot more successful than S1 so that the future season could greatly benefit from it which could lead to WB in investing more towards high fidelity cutscenes without compromising the core aspects of the game.


The downgrading of the cutscenes is incredibly unfortunate, but it’s also wholly understandable.

If I am not mistaken, IOI had a lot of help from other Square-Enix studios in getting the cutscenes to be as good as they were; with their access to these resources cut off, a change could be expected. What’s more is the fact that IOI itself had lay-offs and is working with a budget of which we have no idea whether it is around the same level as 2016.

That is the understandable part - now for why it is unfortunate;

We can work this from two different angles; either HITMAN 2 is a sequel to 2016, or it is a second season to the rollercoaster ride we got two years ago. Whichever one you feel would be closest to the truth - sequel or season - it must be admitted that the cutscenes being downgraded is regrettable. After all, a sequel would need to be of similar if not better quality to be judged positively, whereas a second season by nature would need to be at least more of the same. However, we simply are not getting ‘more of the same’ or something better, for the change, regardless of aesthetic preferences, makes for a lesser experience than the excellent cutscenes in 2016 did.

With that out of the way, I want to set out the bottom line of this decision; to me, cutscenes and story are not as vital a part of the Hitman (series) experiences as the gameplay and levels are. I could never overstate the importance of the actual mechanics and worlds that the series gives us. With that in mind, and noting the difficulties that IOI experienced with leaving Square-Enix, going independent, and convincing a new publisher to help them out, I will be wholly forgiving of the downgrade in this department as long as the proverbial meat of the game - gameplay and levels - outshines that of its direct predecessor.

I hate food allegories but the proof of the pudding remains in the eating here; while considering the cutscenes in a microcosmic sense (e.g. a vacuum separate from the other elements in the game) will inevitably lead to disappointment, my hope is that seeing them in a macrocosmic sense (as part of the overall experience with the knowledge of its troubled development) will still allow HITMAN 2 to be an offering that is at the very least on par with 2016.

I do have my doubts regarding whether gameplay and levels will live up to expecttions/demands (Mastery levels 5 and 15 for NZ and Vermont), but if they do, the cutscenes being lacking compared to 2016 will be entirely forgiven. If HITMAN 2 slips up in other departments, though, the lesser experience in the story department will only exacerbate disappointment.

Roll on tomorrow, roll on getting to experience everything for ourselves.


Just saw the IGN review, you can really tell why people call them IGNorant because they put a giant spoiler kill for the last mission, as well as being bad at the game lmao, and saying it’s the game fault.

Nothing surprising, shame about the custscenes tho.


All the reviews have stated that they like the level design and how they are planned out so I think we can rest assured on that front. If you want a more entry level opinion ask @GTAJJ for his impressions. Also the only thing that has caught flak from reviewers is the AI (but every stealth game has shit AI) and that is enhanced as well.

Lol I get the game in but a few short hours, six to be exact.:smiley:


Friendly reminder: IGN gave Absolution a nine and a ten to MGSV. IGN are terrible at reviews, news and basic comment moderation.

But I get the need for a downgrade, gameplay and levels are first and foremost.


I knew their review would be a spoiler so I jumped sraight to the scoring part. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reviews are meant to be informative to people who haven’t already bought the game. Considering most (if not a lot) of the people here have bought Hitman 2 already I find it really strange that you’re getting mad at other peoples’ opinions on the game. Turn off your computer and enjoy the game. (i said “the game” a lot in this post)


IGN really can’t help but do that. I really want to find another big site to go to I have trying Gamespot and it is good so far. Less nutjobs at the least


Just saw a review with a 9/10

They said on this review that after 30h played on Hitman2 they discovered some new details on the game and opportunity.

Just hyped :fire::fire::fire: