HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


My opinion about the cutscenes; I like 2016’s better. But this gives me more of a nostalgic vibe somehow of the art style used

and guess what, some of you were right that the SC ( or Mr Gray or Agent 6) was going to brief and go on a mission with you. Didn’t see that coming!


Awesome to hear, we have a thread on the new cutscene format.


wow wow wow Konami gave them a lot of money for that one


No cash necessary. IGN is just full of idiots. MGSV is not a bad game but it is far from a 10.


I agree, but some money was put into that review, IGN only gives out 10s when paid.
Take Sonic Pocket Adventure for example. Nobody can consider a portable Sonic game better than Sonic 3 & Knuckles, which is objectively better.


I never go around screaming PAID!!! Life is much simpler than that, IGN are witless morons.

I am not a platformer guy and especially not a huge Sonic guy so I have no clue what you are on about.:joy:


There’s a portable Sonic game, Sonic Pocket Adventure, which has like 6 recycled levels and got a 10 in IGN.
There’s a console Sonic game, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, which has more 10+ original levels, more content, better graphics, much more fluid gameplay and more playable characters, that got a lower score, probably an 8.

And me neither, but being in a tough economic situation makes you think only about money and nothing else. :'c


Was it IGN who stated one of the cons of S1 was "it relied too heavily on disguises "?


You’re right! Hitman is too hitman-ish to them :unamused:
Wait, what about SO runs? Man they screwed up big time on that one.


Yes the same company who coin the phrase “too much water” (what a terrible way to write that) when reviewing a Pokemon game.


I knew the reviews would be impressed.

47 always delivers!!! :wink:


Looks like Hitman 2 made it on to the Rock Paper Shotgun list “Bestest Best”
I think they did one at the halfway mark for 2018 and I guess it will be on the end of year round up!


I would say that I am only on New Zealand and I love the game. The atmosphere in the level is amazing.


Is it really smaller than the Final Test map?


Does the game feel like James Bond or is there something dark in it?


I would say that they are the same size and the same amount of area is used.


Well I have only played NZ so far but it is a departure from 2016. It is a small intimate level but also brooding. If you are a fan of the older games you will most likely enjoy it.

Oh and I think the music is much improved but I am not a music guy.


4 more hr for me to find out :roll_eyes: I don’t know what to do to pass time.
All I think is Hitman 2. I might go for a night walk in a bit. Or night drive.


Can you tell me a bit of the combat system and how the aiming feels? If its better or worse? IOI kept talking about how they improved the combat a bit so I was wondering…


I have not gotten into any major combat but I did notice that guards will take cover when scanning around corners. I think they have improved aiming I really have not done much aiming.