HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


Are you playing on PS4? I would like to know how the game performs because last thing i want is an Arkham Knight PC disaster…


I am on the Pro. Plays great. I have encountered only one severe glitch but it was a funny one so I let it slide.:joy:


Hows the legacy stuff?


I have only played the tutorials but there is a flash bang in the Freeform tutorial, there are some additions to the enforcers so you have to crowd blend. In The Final Test there is some additional dialogues, there is foliage and it is easier to get the security guard outfit and light now reflects of the tape on the mechanics vest. That is all I have notice oh and they have changed the challenge and op pics I think.


Is it true that cutscenes from the legacy has also been transformed into still shots like Season 2?


Don’t know the cutscenes so far have been normal 2016 cutscenes so I think they might be the same. I have no intention on playing the legacy levels till I have done the new ones.


Are there graphical improvements in the season 1 missions? Even if it is just the tutorial stages?


I think there are graphical improvements but graphics is not something I really pay attention too.


“It’s a cliche to say one game or another is a love letter to … whatever. But after a period of time where the future of the Hitman series seemed uncertain, where its most recent predecessor felt compromised and broken apart due to the dire financial realities and constraints of the modern games industry, “Hitman 2” is hard to read as anything other than a fierce love letter to fans of the series. It’s not a perfect relationship — none ever will be. But at its heart, “Hitman 2” succeeds at being the most well-realized articulation of all of the things that the series has ever done well.”

Since this is the reviews round up thread!!! This is the last paragraph of the Variety review. Makes me really excited to play in a week or two :grinning::v:


Do NPCs wake up after sometime when you subdue them?


Thankfully no, not to my knowledge.


Oh thank goodness. That would have been terribly annoying. But how’s the story so far?


I have only seen one cutscene. By the way the new format is not terrible, IO have used the stills to convey emotion to the best of their ability, there were also some neat references to 2016. I have not made it past NZ so I still know little first-hand.


Are the sounds in general much improved?


I should think so, sound is not something I pay attention to so again might want to talk to someone more equipped to know these things


Cool. What about the rating system? Exactly the same?


Yes the rating system is the same. Excluding the new personal mastery.


Damn that’s a bummer. Though I heard targets spotting you no longer compromises the SA rating?


I woudn’t know about that. The only time I broke stealth killing a target I took out a personal guard so I have no frame of reference yet.


Cool. Thanks for the info. Let us know your final thoughts when you have progressed deeper into the game.