HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


I can confirm mirrors work.


It seems like you can also shoot without holding down the aim button now because I saw a white reticule pops up when a firearm is equipped?


That is also correct a greyed out reticule appears when a gun is equipped but not aimed


I know it’s a subtle improvement but man that feature makes me really happy. I feel like it’s going to make a significant difference in the long run.


Do we have the default gloved suit in the game?


Uh no I don’t think so. I have yet to go through the suits at any great length but if you have the Requiem Suit from Legacy GOTY then you have a gloved default. Seriously why did O-M ever sand off 47’s prints???


I think the Winter suit is also present…


Yes so you have two gloved defaults.


I love the Winter outfit. Feels like Max Payne 47! :grin:


Oh the Soviet guards in The Final Test all wield the A-33 assault rifles.


What’s that? Where’s the Fusil?


The A-33 is the AK-47 proxy there are no more Fusil branded weapons in the level. The weapons are now period and nation accurate.


Is there M4 style carbine present in the game?


No clue. I don’t use assault rifles but they might still exist in the 2016 levels


Please tell me that the subdue mechanic feels more precise than 2016. Nothing more annoying than trying to subdue someone and then accidentally transition to melee combat…


That was one of the things I was looking out for and I am pretty sure the subdue prompt is consistent. You won’t get into melee fights, I might need to tool around with my results more though


Heard the view cones of NPCs are much better and consistent this time around?


It does have cutscenes, I’ve seen videos of some.


Yes any enforcer will no longer spot you if you are behind him or her


What about the briefcase? How do you select it in the game?