HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


You can select it like any other piece of kit and then there is a separate menu for what you want in the case or you can assign it to a smuggling point I think. Not sure on the latter


I know it’s a trivial question but has the color of the main menus changed? The white theme from 2016 was pretty bland imo


It has. 47 now aims his weapon on a steel grey back ground. All the tiles representing each mode (story contracts ect) is laid out.


The music in general seems to have been improved…


It has but I have only heard what we already know. But New Zealand has a nice tempo that puts a person on edge goes really well with the level.:wink:


What’s the difference between Mission Stories and Opportunities between the 2 games anyways? Aren’t they the same?


Yes they are identical they just renamed them.


Are there contracts available right now?


Bonus: Comment section over there just overflows with love for HITMAN, though surprisingly a lot of people there claim they only recently bought HITMAN and have yet to finish the main campaign! o_O Also… some people appear to be in a rush to buy HITMAN because they learned the game will be integrated into HITMAN 2. Perhaps they are not aware that they can get Legacy Pack later on for 20 USD? Oh well…


the few weapons I tried, yes


Does the gunplay feel better in general?


Well to be honest I just tried for a while the smg of the NZ level so probably someone else can describe you better the gameplay, but in my opinion it just feels better…


I have also noticed that this time around from what they have shown in earlier videos, guards no longer feel like they came off from Terminator academy with razor sharp accuracy and insane rate of fire unlike in Season 1.


fortunately that was tweaked later in the 2016 game


But it seems to be a lot more balanced here…


just to let you know, I’ve just read in resetera that firearms with stocks have much reduced recoil and shake compared to those without (e.g. Fusil G2 and its compact variant) unlike before.


Yeah recoil was crazy in Season 1. Sounds like it’s better here…


Destructoid says: “Just keep giving us more maps and we’ll keep playing!”


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Here’s another from Rock Papers Shotgun :

“Aside from knocking the drab story on the head, it’s tough to know what more I could have wanted from Hitman 2. It’s here for you to mess with it, to try and push the AI routines and bring them to breaking point. It’s as gamey as they come, but it’s a developer having fun, and inviting you to join in.”

Link: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/11/08/hitman-2-review/