HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


Just in one day
It changed to 84
I think I was 81or 82 at first


" Hitman 2 caters for all kind of virtual killers, from bulls stuck in a china shop to meticulous murder artists, thanks to a flexible and versatile sandbox wrapped in aesthetic I can only describe as Nordic cool. New high-fidelity crowds work wonders in creating an immersive atmosphere, too. The best part, though, is that unlike most big titles today, Hitman 2 doesn’t forget for a second that it’s a video game. Even though common sense is a helping hand in everything you can do, it conforms to video game laws and mechanics. Causes and effects are, of course, exaggerated, and rightly so. This is a video game and not a real-life crash course in the art of assassination. The lingering black humor relieves the dark subject matter (Agent 47’s deadpan delivery in disguises is so tip-top!) and no matter what, you can’t help but summon that sadistic smile you’ve been trying to hide. Granted, Hitman 2 doesn’t do much differently than the first season but it doesn’t even need to - it’s just so cool."
-last paragraph of the Darkstation.com review

Love it!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::v:






Giant Bomb (who gave HITMAN 2016 their GotY award) have finally weighed in on HITMAN 2, with a 4/5 score. Generally a very positive and mostly spoiler-free review.


Angry Joe - 9/10


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I wrote it last week
But it went online yesterday
This is the first time one of my reviews are at opencritic

Sadly it’s in Persian
Use the chrome translator to read it in English


My personal review, in German language. Just for fun. :smiley:



Likely to be that reviewer’s GOTY, and possibly his Game Of The Generation. Super Bunnyhop have impeccable taste.


First time I watch a review from his channel but someone else mentioned the same thing about the end hahah


They are not reviews, but rather Game of the Year videos from two channels I like, but I thought it fits the thread:


Gotta say I’m incredibly disappointed in IGN.

Every single point they make is misleading: They say the story is bland (which if you look into is actually quite in depth), the cutscenes are terrible (sure, there were actual cutscene movies in Hitman 2016, but you have to remember IOI was on a budget after being dropped from SE), there’s not much added (list of new things at the bottom), they say to think of it as Season 2 instead of Hitman 2 (despite the fact that’s literally what it is) and that the gameplay is the same (of course it is, the Hitman 2016 gameplay mechanics were almost perfect).

The guy reviewing the game was a terrible journalist as well: He says the game is just recycled and the same as the last one (despite being a lot better) but thinks the COD games are amazing. He gave Alien: Isolation a 5.9 while giving Halo 5 a 9/10. He also apparently gave Absolution a 9, while giving Blood Money an 8.

He even said Whittleton Creek was a throwback to the Blood Money classic clown at a birthday party mission. A New Life, a mission with a clown at a small birthday party, but it is absolutely not the main focus of the mission. It goes to show how unexperienced he is with the series.

And about “not adding too much to the game”,

  • 6 new maps (5 if we’re excluding Hawke’s Bay)
  • New and old escalation contracts
  • New elusive targets
  • Rewards for players who played during Season 1
  • Contracts available for all new season 2 maps adding more replayability
  • Season 1 content with new mechanics
  • New items ingame
  • New unlockables
  • New challenges
  • New dialogue and voice recordings (significant because people complained about American accents in Italy)
  • Mew game modes including Ghost Mode and Sniper Assassin
  • The first Hitman game to ever have multiplayer
  • A story that clearly links back to the cloning subjects and The Five Fathers


Speaking of reviews… Angry Joe actually put HITMAN 2 on his top 10 best games of the year list at a well earned number 5 spot! :slightly_smiling_face: