HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


Ey easy now he slome


Learnt their lesson you mean :wink: It’s ok we all make mistakes


All thr reviews seems to be focused on the story


" there are no cutscenes, only animated pics between each mission"


What did they say when they decided to make it a full release? Quote me that please… as it is more recently stated or rather more relevant to where we are now.


Seriously ??? :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:


That statement was made at gamescom.


Nobody cares about your private conversations… Don’t act like some elitist with me bro.


Yes the article says . " They probably hadnt the money or time for real cutscenes"


Basically the score hasn’t dipped below 7, so I’d call that pretty good. Pretty much every game gets at least a 7 so idk why you guys are miffed.



Do any of these reviews contain spoilers on the story?


Hitman 2 is like a cake. It has layers.

Where’s my review gig?


Yeah that’s private alright. Well it will never happen again, sorry mate


Dissapointing to hear, as the cutscenes were some of my favourite parts from Season 1. But I’m OK with their removal if it meant that IO could have better spent that money elsewhere.


Dude, it’s just a youtube review on the internet. Now we’ve started a bit of drama over now IO thinks potential customers are dumb? This is wild, let’s just leave it all behind us, the reviews are good leave it at that.


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Full game > episodic

That is all that matters


FTS, with all due respect, you really shouldn’t be repeating stuff like this. If the wrong people get wind of this “IO is anti-consumer” will be waved around like a flag


I saw a glimpse of the “cutscenes” in HITMAN 2. Its deeply disappointing to me because its an unbelievably massive downgrade from HITMAN 2016 and the cutscenes in that game really drew me into the narrative unlike other Hitman games.

Its going to be especially jarring going from the incredibly detailed cutscenes in the Legacy pack and straight to the boringly still ones from HITMAN 2. Maybe its not a game killer but it does hurt my excitement of the game…