HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


I would not call that aniti-consumer in the slightest


It’s a budget issue, unfortunately. Can’t do nothing there.


Yes, but it could be interpreted as that by the wrong people.

If gamers can do one thing it’s be part of a big outrage machine.


If everything that could be interpreted wrong shouldn’t be stated, we would have nothing left to state.

Fine, ill remove the posts


Thanks dude, I just want IO to make money from this game. We all do, ofc., it’s a guaranteed hit with us.


I fully agree with you. Got a link to where you saw the glimpse of the new cutscenes? I’d like to see them with my own eyes


Caution: Major disappointment incoming


Oh wow i got a prompt saying… I replied to forthe too much… consider replying to someone else… LMAO


I am not going to watch that! Will wait to see them tomorrow. I spoiled my self with Hitman Absolution online and I said to myself never again.

Will come with a complain tomorrow.


Can’t say im dissapointed in the slightest. I’ve maybe watched every cutscene in 2016 once, after that always skipping it right away.


Guys, more than critics I trust the opinions of YOU folks and once you all finish the new game I would love to hear your honest thoughts and reviews in a separate thread. How much of it is improved, what is worse (if any) and how much better(or worse) optimized the game is and hopefully not tread too deep into the spoiler territory…


@IOInteractive, we are seeing great review scores here! Congratulations guys! :slight_smile:


I really have a bad feeling
The score is now less than season 1
Many are saying that this like HITMAN 1.5 not 2
And the thing about cutscenes…
It’s really a disappointment


You don’t have to watch all of it. Just look at the segment from the 31:00 - 31:30 mark in the video and you’ll know exactly why its VERY disappointing in the story segment.


My god this is bad! This is really bad. It’s like hearing a comic for blind people or hearing a comic for deaf people with images.

I have no words.


I don’t get it. Is it the images, the dialogue or both?


Actually, the scores are pretty good. How is an average score of 8/10 “really a disappointment?”
IMO, I think we have to play through all missions before jumping to such conclusions.


I will miss the Hitman S1 CGI cinematics :confused:


Why does the Dutch one say the Ghost Mode is disappointing? Mp in Hitman is far from it!


That was to be expected because it is more like a brand new season instead of a full fledged sequel.

As for the scores, remember that the current Metacritic average of 78% is simply based on 9 reviews. That is bound to change once all reviews drop in.