HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


I only saw a small glimpse of the cutscenes so I can’t exactly comment on the dialogue but its primarily with the presentation of the cutscenes which is a horrendous downgrade compared to HITMAN 2016 and really hurts my excitement.


Yeah, that sounds actually incredibly disappointing. I don’t see why IOI went for that direction. Cutscenes were made for Patient Zero, so why not for Hitman (Season) 2?


No cutscenes? Man, that sucks! The cutscenes in Hitman 1 were beautifully crafted and I was looking forward to the next instalment of the story. I was under the impression that IO had more money now they’d partnered up with Warner Bros. Interactive, not less.

Disappointed. Not sure I want to pay full price for a game putting out that kind of low effort in 2018.


One reason is money the other one only because a small group of people skip them, that doesn’t mean majority don’t want them.


Legitimately same here. I hate to say it but I am glad I didn’t pre order. I will most certainly not be picking this up Day 1.


It’s sad, especially because it’s a downgrade to Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, which came out 16 years ago!


Imo we shouldn’t be very worried. Hitman is made for replaying, and these reviews were probably written after a first playthrough. That’s why I think that this scores are from perspective of someone, that isn’t really a fan of Hitman. People that know the franchise and replay missions more would probably be more trust-worthy.


If the game sells well maybe they’ll make new cutscenes? Wouldn’t be the first time a dev reworked a game later on to make it better.


Same here. Highly doubting I am going to pay full price for this. No cutscenes is a severe downgrade compared to H2016. Is this the first game in Hitman series where there are no cutscenes in the game? Might just wait for a price drop if it’s narrated pictures. I don’t care much for Elusive Targets as they try to go for good old “Fear of Missing Out” tactic.


Cause season 1 has better review scores
I hope meta scores changes to up to 85


Same. I’m happy with the 8/10 scores, and I would have bought and downloaded it without a second thought had the cutscenes been present (as expected!).

Now, however, I don’t know when (or even if) I’m going to get it. Some may see that as an overreaction if the game is still fun, but Hitman 2016 got me invested in the story, and I don’t think five or so 2-minute cutscenes are too much to ask from a 2018 release that’s asking full price (or more if you buy the special editions).



It might happen in a few days, but we all know what the company went through after HITMAN Season 1 was released. That’s probably why we don’t have CGI cinematics this time.

Either way, the scores are pretty good and I am sure the game will be great, as some proper reviews (reviews that are fairly detailed) actually praise the missions and level designs.


You were really expecting big budget cutscenes from an independent game with a focus on gameplay?


The most infuriating thing is that in the interviews, IOI kept saying how much more they wanted to emphasize the story in HITMAN 2 and this move is completely counter intuitive to that.

It doesn’t help that Season 1 was already criticized for having a lack of story content (even though the cutscenes more than made up for me in that regard and I disagree) . I can forgive a complete lack of cutscenes in indie games and middle market games that don’t exceed $40 but for a full priced AAA title? Thats shameful.


We all did. Everyone here is complaining about it.

I wonder how the fans that started from season 1 will feel about this. Having such beautiful cutscenes to going on… narrated comics.


Plenty of decent games have terrible cutscenes. Mirror’s Edge is an awesome game, the cutscenes look like shit.


People seriously questioning wether or not they will pick up the game because of cutscenes?

What has the world come to smh


We know that making CGI cinematics is very expensive, and that’s probably why we don’t have any in HITMAN 2. But, I don’t know how they managed it with Patient Zero.


It was a brand new IP with no past and most of the reviews criticized the cutscenes anyways. Hitman games always had engaging and very interesting cutscenes but they way it is in the new one is a gargantuan disappointment.