HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


I think we were all expecting cutscenes as they were presented in Hitman Season 1.


You don’t understand m8. Without cutscenes my Business Then Pleasure headcanons wont be fully realised like in that Bangkok cutscene.



Agreed. Hitman was never really about story.


They could at least make ingame Cinematics.

Unlike you. I like to watch them over and over and over again. I even know most of the lines from Absolution.
Some care, some not. I care. I still pre ordered and will do with future games. But this is disappointing and bad.

One thing is to have cutscenes with ingame models another one is narrated PICTURES!!!


Yes, like Ubisoft did with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Those were pretty good. :slight_smile:
Btw, we probably have in-game cutscenes in HITMAN 2. We’ll know more soon.


Like I said, they could always just change it afterwards. Many games have patched themselves to remove flaws in the game or add new content, take Postal 2 for example.

Yeah, it’s a bummer, but if the writing is still as good it’s at least better than full motion but with bad writing. The Birth of a Hitman comics looked amazing, but they were really badly written.


Everybody talking about the cutscenes… meanwhile I’m still waiting like



You are right, I like to PLAY the game over and over, you like to watch cutscenes over and over. Different strokes i guess


Can we just stop panicking guys. We’re fans not frickers.


IO need to get right on top of this and get those cutscenes made and patched in if they don’t want to piss off a pretty large chunk of the existing community. Making a squeal so blatantly inferior to the game that preceded it isn’t the best business plan.

And it’s not as if the game itself has improved by leaps and bounds. IGN at least says it’s about the same as it was last time.

Yeah, and the static cutscenes are why I personally couldn’t get through the first game. I didn’t feel invested in Faith’s character, but the devs improved things in the second game and included proper cinematics.

Imagine if they’d had great cutscenes in the first game then downgraded to dodgy artwork skills in the second. Nobody would have accepted that. lol


Lol what? The gameplay in HITMAN 2 has improved and the level design is still of a very high level, so it’s impossible for it to be inferior

Word of the wise: Don’t take IGN seriously. The guy who made that review clearly does not know shit


Its true that its very very weird to complain about the quality of the story and cutscenes in a Hitman game. Some would even say its analogous to hating on McDonalds because of the quality of their salad but what bums me the most is the complete absence of the cutscenes when we had them in each and every single Hitman game till date. Hell, even the small Patient Zero DLC had that.

It also doesn’t help that a lot of the problems from the previous game has still been unresolved such as the mandatory online connection for main/bonus missions, dual ballers, NPCs reacting to blood pools and on top of that a couple of reviews have stated that the Hawkes Bay mission shouldn’t even really be considered as a main mission as much as a pseudo tutorial. Basically, it means you have to pay $60 for 5 proper episodes.

And yes, at the end of the day most of us won’t be blindly tossing our wallets at companies and instead judge a product for the value of its price point. I will still pick this up but…not day 1 sadly.


Not only did cutscene quality drop tremendously but there’s also weaker voice acting by some characters as far as I’ve noticed.Really dissapointing.
Not only does it look bad but it also makes the story less impactful and interesting to follow.It doesn’t help that writing is laughably bad at times

I remember thinking HITMAN had a small budget compared to Absolution,but it seems HITMAN 2 is even worse.I just hope this will sell well and that levels are as good as in HITMAN.


Well, there is something I can agree with. They did give Absolution a 9/10 so there is that…


Where’s this coming from?


The line i quoted? From the IGN review video


Yeah but the story of Catalyst was inferior to the original because the writing was bad.


Oh! I was checking ACG’s review video again (which I posted here) and could not find anything like that.
IGNore then. :slight_smile:


That made me chuckle, thanks


I mean, I did the same thing for 2016 and look how that turned out.