HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


To those who don’t particularly care for the cutscenes, fair enough. I’m happy for you. There are some people who don’t care that the campaign was cut from this year’s Call of Duty, either …

But any time a developer gets its carving knife out and crudely extracts a popular and theretofore fundamental feature from its product, without lowering the price of said product, or (in IO’s case) even informing fans of the change before letting them preorder, then disappointment is inevitable.

Nobody can blame the fans for this. I’d wager that many of the people complaining here (myself included) rarely say a bad word about Hitman and were greatly looking forward to showering the game with praise.


I wanna see this for myself first. Even if it’s just a tutorial mission, it’s about the quality. Just look at the tutorial missions in 2016, they alone are already better than absolution as a whole.


The ideally 8 hour single player is a much bigger part of a CoD game than 4 minute cutscenes are in a Hitman game. The game still has cutscenes, it’s just that they’re cheap and shit.


I can agree with that. The final test level alone can be compared to regular levels from older Hitman games.
For the record, I haven’t seen anyone mention that the Hawke’s Bay mission is “bad” as much as the fact that its very small in comparison to other maps and serves more or less like an introduction to HITMAN 2.


Season 1


And it’s getting up
Looking forward to it


Look, i get that people might be dissapointed because of the cutscenes, i really do.

But when i read statements like "this sequal is blatantly inferior to 2016 and “I don’t know if im going to get it” because of frikking CUTSCENES, it just blows my mind.

Sorry that you feel this way. I understand the dissapointment, i will never understand some of these statements though. Huge overreaction is how i see it.


I will indeed get HITMAN 2 sometime. Its just that this decision surrounding cutscenes has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth…


That’s perfectly alright dude, I would say the gameplay is so good you shouldn’t wait for it but that’s exactly what I did with 2016.


Personally, I don’t mind the static cutscenes as long as the story is conveyed well.

Didn’t even some amazing games have static cutscenes? The one that comes to mind immediately is The Witcher 3, which had mind-blowing CGI trailers (“Killing Monsters”, “A Night to Remember”), but still had mere images when it came to narrating the story.


Honestly tho, you could’ve gotten me to animate for ya IO! I’d have done it for free with paper and pen /s


Peace Walker :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah! Max Payne too.


Not to be a radical centrist here but Max Payne’s cutscenes were bloody awesome. H2’s can’t compare, but like I said I’m not playing H2 for the cutscenes.


Exactly the same here man. A lot of the Hitman fans do care about story and we would be a lot more forgiving of it if IOI charged $45- $50 for this game but this indie game style of presentation in a full priced game is not going to make many to be lenient with this decision.


As a player who has finished the game, i can tell you that while cutscenes are technically inferior, the pacing of the story is much better than in 2016, despite several over the top moments.


Reviews are pretty overwhelming, HITMAN 2 is a good sequel and stuff…but i’ve also heard about the bugs and ruined cutscenes…

Since i’m enjoying my last day waiting my Physical Edition of HITMAN™ 2, i’ll just wait to give it a try by myself before saying anything.

Will come to review and complain soon enough. Cya guys.


Are the levels more rich in content as a whole compared to 2016?


do u not remember when IO almost ceased to exist in the middle of development?

About the cutscenes

PC Gamer (84/100): https://www.pcgamer.com/hitman-2-review/


Kind of nervous after reading some of the reviews…it sounds like they may have downgraded from 2016 in some aspects if the reviews hold truth, guess I’ll find out for myself later