HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


The only downgrade I have seen so far are cutscenes. Anything else?


In what way? I have glanced at a few reviews and watched some gameplay but to me it seems more or less the same, which was expected and is a good thing in my opinion. Just a continuation of the first season.
Perhaps some mechanics work differently, but what are some examples of downgrades, apart from cutscenes obviously and the tutorial?


I read in IGNS review that there werent a lot of new weapons, I don’t know how true that is but I’m a weapons guy, I hope that’s not the case


Excluding New Zealand, i can tell you that mumbai, Whittleton, colombia and miami are richer than s1, while sgail is on par with s1


NZ being a small tutorial instead of a full blown mission like Paris was


The infiltration suit for NZ looks so gooood… damn


8 is a great score for a game like this. Unless you are very hardcore about the genre it’s probably difficult to appreciate it to the point of giving the game a 9+ if you work on mainstream media.


Can you tell me how big and replayable the New Zealand mission is compared to older titles or even the Final Test level?


I’ve had a brief glimpse of what they’re doing with HITMAN 2, and it looks like a few rendered screenshots which fade in over dialogue. It gives off an incredibly cheap, unfinished look, particularly when compared to the quality of the sandboxes.

I have a really bad feeling about the story though. The series has never been played for the plot, yet I feel they’re needlessly trying to make you care about it. I guess at least it can’t be as bad as the comics or movies.

Hitman works best when we have quality missions replicating the experience of being an assassin — bookended by a simple, engaging plot which grounds the game in a certain context.
We don’t need a spy thriller or journey back to 47’s origins… again.


I really liked the cutscenes in HITMAN. It’s a shame that they’re gone. Hopefully the story won’t suffer because of it.


I cant. Only played once


Just watched a playthrough of the very first mission, and I must say, it looks really good! The atmosphere, lighting, pacing of the tutorial are all very well done.

Still have to wrap my head around the new scoring system. For example, after picking a lock, I see


Really? Come on!


I agree. Agent Zero.

I feel that an 8/10 is a very good score for a slow-paced murder-puzzler like Hitman, which doesn’t have the greatest mass-market appeal. An 8/10 from a regular reviewer probably translates to a 9/10 for a hardcore Hitman fan who loves this kind of stuff.

That said … no cinematic cutscenes! :disappointed_relieved:

C’mon, IO, please fix that! You have two months, agents. The clock is ticking (after which I and others like me will sulk harder, because we have no power to do otherwise). :smile:


Did you say slow paced ?


lol. OK, slow-paced when I play.


just turn it off in the settings


Huh? It’s not just about not seeing it onscreen. Do you (or anyone else) happen to know how the scoring system works?


The +[X] numbers are part of the progression, not scoring system.


No cinematic cutscenes? That makes me very sad, as it was one of the greatest improvements introduced in HITMAN. This feels like a disappointing goodbye to the Shadow Client already. He really shone in those.


Even Patient Zero had them.