HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


I can imagine the scene at IO -

1 - ‘Right everyone, we obviously had lay offs and it was hit and miss there about whether or not Hitman 2 would even be made, but it’s time to discuss budget. Obviously, we need to figure out what our fan base would rather…full cutscenes or a legacy pack, which implements fan requests such as briefcase, better cctv use etc etc.’
2 - ‘We could do full cutscenes then charge them money for the legacy pack?’
1 - ‘Yes good idea. After all, this is a fan base that has always favoured pre-rendered AAA cutscenes over gameplay. And I’m sure they won’t mind spending more money on the 6th new version of Hitman 1.’


Sad news about the story and cutscenes, makes it seem a bit barebones? Still seeming like fantastic value as what is basically a level pack for H1, though hearing a couple of he levels are small compared to the others so remains to be seen. Don’t know how I’d feel if I paid for the gold version though.

David47 true, 8/10 is very respectable for a fairly niche game


How big is the NZ map really? I am honestly curious. Is it about as big as the Final Test level from S1?


Which was just 47 in a Plane moving his head.


No cutscenes is causing this much of a disappointment? Are you serious? That is what is going to keep you from enjoying this game? Maybe this series just isn’t right for some of you. You can go play RDR2 if you NEED cutscenes.

I think the devs did a great job prioritizing what was needed for this sequel. Especially after all the pressure from the publisher drop last year.


Not just that but even it would have been so much better to have.


It’s actually very ironic how I decided to read this thread just after paying for the pre order.


It really wouldn’t have. The regular audio but with 47 turning his head? It’d make no sense.


And it looked like it was using a different engine and a visual style compared to the cutscenes in Season 1 but even then it looked slick and stylish.


IGN are full of morons, remember how they gave MGSV a nine or ten or whatever.


Based on what I saw in the video, I’d say the map is bigger than The Final Test.
However, most of the area outside the mansion is only the river bank. I’d say the mansion is probably similar to the building(s) in The Final Test.


Remember that last Hitman that favoured shiny cutscenes over gameplay: Absolution! If you play Hitman for the story then you are doing gaming wrong


RDR2 isn’t the same sort of game though, is it? Not a great argument.


It actually is smaller than the Final Test if you subtract the beach. So all in all just 5 maps although 6 were advertised. Just superb.


That’s not what I suggested. They should be stylistically similar to Season One which was ultra realistic graphics and stuff. I wouldn’t really mind them changing Season One cutscenes to inferior ones though. The most important thing for me is consistency. Otherwise it’s a mess,


All the time i saw people playing HITMAN 2 on all the expos i have to say, there were total noobs. They had no clue how hitman works (especially as Silent Assassin). They played the game in such a bad way i would never enjoy playing the game like this.
When i know see the reviews it only confirms my opinion. Give a sh** on reviews made by game testers. They never immers that deep in the game to fully appreciate the deepnes of details in hitman. The best and very detailed review for me, of Season 1 came by @Epic47Sides.

I look forward to the long and short reviews by core players who know the game
@Fortheseven @Euler13 @Epic47Sides @Urben @immadummee47 @mungadungalis @Nakar


Nice to find a thing we both agree on :new_moon_with_face:


Thats just…wow. I don’t even know what to say anymore. My expectations for this game has now dropped…a LOT.


Hey we have agreed on plenty of things it was only NZ we disagreed on. By all accounts NZ is the same as the Final Test.:smiley:


I didn’t know a map being smaller meant it didn’t exist? A map is a map no matter how small

Horton Hits A Who

And keep in mind, this game contains the biggest locations in franchise history, but I guess size doesn’t matter in that case :thinking: