HITMAN 2 Reviews; Link any you find (Read OP first)


Thank you, i’m very flattered :slight_smile:

Also feeling the same as you: all these streamers getting the game and doing sh*t with it :frowning:

Don’t be worry dude, a proper review will come on time :+1:

For now, i’ll share my impressions in few days here: HITMAN™ 2: First Impressions (WITH SPOILERS!)

I also invite the others to do the same (SPOILERS TOPIC!)

Cya soon :wink:


I felt so too, but didn’t want to comment on it, as I still haven’t seen all the rooms and floors the mansion has to offer.


Your right😂 Ill just wait until I get to play it later tonight, I hope this game is the best one yet


I agree. Hitman to me was never about the story. I actually think that they play better with minimal story and minimal explanation. Once you get into the nitty gritty of exactly how a bald clone Hitman could work and still only be an urban legend, the world falls apart a bit to be honest.

The story would work best if it’s vague, with an air of intrigue and mystery. Not too many details explored.

It just needs to justify why Hitman has to go to 7 different exotic locations. That’ll do fine.


Seems like HITMAN 2’s metacritic has just increased from 80% to 81% on an average of 19 reviews which is pretty good.


Any word on performance and optimization on standard PS4?


Wow, lots of people overreactng to the game getting well above average scores and others who are complaining about the cutscenes and story without having actually played it.



80 plus is the average score for the Hitman series. The only out lets that have rated it lower than 80 are the major outlets like IGN or Gamespot. And well fuck IGN, Gamespot is not bad.


I recall IGN giving Absolution a 9/10.


Why would you need to play the game in order to comment on the story or cutscenes?
Cutscenes look bad,that’s a fact.They are a downgrade when compared to basically any other Hitman game and especially Hitman 6,they look unfinished and cheap.


I don’t recall IGN ever getting a review score right.


Who would have thought. Even if I was not a Hitman fan I would feel as though that score was too high.


Barely anyone here is complaining about the “story” or the quality of the writing in this game. We are talking about the presentation of the cutscenes which are objectively mediocre and an enormous downgrade from Season 1.


Quick reminder: You’re allowed to enjoy things without the validation of multi million dollar companies


Exactly. I can watch that stuff on youtube and rate it without having played the game myself. And that is definitely not the only problem. I feel very disappointed right now.


What did you expect, the CGI was done by Square Enix’s animation studio. They are not apart of the publisher anymore. They made significant layoffs and have less money over all I am thankful this game is even coming out.


Speaking of…are the cutscenes from Season 1 present in the Legacy pack?


Because lots of people who have played it have said the the cutscenes work fine and the story has better pacing.

They are cheaper, that’s obviously the point.

“Yeah why would I have to try something that should only be judged after trying out to actually judge?”

Literally makes no sense.


No clue I won’t have the game for like another seven hours


You’re a fanboy in denial.