HITMAN 2 September 2019 Roadmap

So I was about half right. All legacy ETs, was just off thinking they’d put out 3, and that any of them would be in the second half of the 2016 levels

Seriously, do IOI have an aversion to Bangkok ETs? That’s literally the only Legacy location they haven’t done yet, but instead of Bangkok, we get ANOTHER Paris ET, and ANOTHER Marrakesh ET!

That’s honestly my only complaint regarding this roadmap though; other than the lack of Bangkok, this looks like a good month!


There is an ET in Bangkok coming next month.


Yes it is in the IO Monthly. Travis says they are planning to have an ET in October. Plus it would makes sense to have 47 run around that symmetrical hotel looking to kill somebody on the same month as Halloween.


Plan to have an ET or to have an ET in Bangkok?

An ET in Bangkok this October is in the pipeline. That is what I remember from that segment of the IO monthly.


Nice, can’t wait for IO to pipe their lines and line their pipes. I love that black shirt 47 is having.


@Travis_IOI Are IO trying to do anything with Sony to try avoid a situation where the Haven Island and Special Assignment 2 DLCs don’t appear in the Europe PS4 store as planned (like with Siberia and the Casual Suit Pack) and create an unexpected delay for the region?

Or has the issue that created the past delays already been resolved?


If I were you I would have expected the delay…
Just to be safe if I might say so :slight_smile:

At least I woulld’ve been ready for situation like this


Say brotha could you send my or post your mods on nexus? You have some solid work but the mods im looking for are not on nexus

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I wonder what would happen if 47 enters a fumigated room with lethal, emetic or sedative poison without turning it off or without an exterminator disguise. I’m gonna try it to see what happens.

I’m guessing we die with the lethal poison, just like we die with electricity + water, but nothing would happen to 47 with emetic or sedative.

No he’s taking damage then dies.


Now, back to the Roadmap… this seems really awesome!

I already played the New York escalation and the idea of arriving with no loadout in the garage and do it all in the bunny suit is great, as well as the target.

The Cashmerian is already my default go-to suit and it isn’t even out yet! But I know I’m gonna be using it most of the time. I actually own a chalkstripe flannel charcoal three piece suit just like that IRL.

The Haven island is looking amazing as well. I’m trying to avoid spoilers so I can try it out for good when it’s on.
Looking forward to the Elusive Targets as well, as all the Legacy ones are new for me anyways.
All in all, I’m excited!

Edit: forgot to mention the emetic grenade! Seems like one of the most creative unlocks, should provide a lot of fun and new strategies overall.


Does anyone else think they should colour code Expansion Pass and Legacy content more? Like have Dalton be Gold and Legay ETs in black

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It really was a great escalation. I’m not a super fan of escalations and usually prefer challenge packs, but more like this one would change my mind.


Yeah, it struck the right balance for me between being challenging but not overly frustratingly difficult. (It also let me discover the golden shotgun Easter egg thing which was pretty cool.) Plus the whole rabbit bank robber thing was a cool idea.


September is full of new content!!

Escalation Contract: The Cashmerian Outfit:


What a gorgeous suit, classy :heart:

Reminds me of the Reporter outfit in Hitman Contracts:

The Escalation itself is also interesting to play :+1:
Thank you for that new outfit guys :slight_smile:

Legacy Elusive Targets:


I’ll never say it enough: i’m so thankful to be able to replay Legacy Elusive Targets, as it is an opportunity to try them for the first time (Blackmailer) or try new killing strategies (Angel Of Death) :+1:

I still have a hope that in the end you’ll make them permanent. So much work has been put into them, that would be a shame to keep them only through a temporary online window…

Escalation Contract: Emetic Grenade


An emetic grenade yay! Great unlock idea!
So much ideas about how it could be used :+1:

However it seems to have a very limited range of use, maybe extend it’s effect to a wider range?

Great unlock and fun escalation anyway, that grenade will be useful on many situations :+1:

IOI Monthly Episode 7


It’s always great to have a livestream with the developers :+1:

Getting an insight about the game development and how it was made, the new “Meet The Team” videos, this is amazing initiative from you guys :+1:

However i wish you would address more answers on important questions which is a major concern for lots of people instead of avoiding them :frowning: :-1:

(see Submit Questions for IO Monthly # 7 - 23 Sept (2pm GMT))

New Location - Haven Island:


A new location is always a great event, and i’m sure your team of great designers will make another awesome level to explore :ok_hand:

Also it seems to have a Mastery level 20 and all features of a regular level like Contracts Mode and Challenges :+1:

There’s also some interesting items and a beautiful suit to unlock :+1:

I’m excited to explore and play the level and share with you my First Impressions, stay tuned :wink:

Special Assignments:


Special Assignments are not as great as Elusive Targets, or Bonus Missions, but that’s still interesting to have new missions and targets to kill :+1:

Looking forward to play them. You can also see my impressions about the Special Assignments on the dedicated topic: Special Assignments Discussion

Game Update:


As always it’s great to have a game constantly updated and fixing things in the process :+1:

It seems that the unconcealable shotgun bug has been fixed (at half) and that the Accidental K.Os are working as intended in the first place. So thank you for that but please keep up your efforts :+1:

This game really needs it…


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Uhm, I have nothing against your reviews but you are 1 month late pal.


Been busy. Thanks for appreciating my review :+1:

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