Hitman 2 services connection issues

I came back to the game on ps4 after a long break i even bought all the new missions and add-ons and have been trying for almost a week to get online but no luck ! I can not even play some of the new purchases i have bought as they must be played online. Every time i try to go online the same massege comes on. “Unable to connect to the hitman 2 services. Failed to fetch configuration from the hitman 2 server”
Please help!
On ps4
Gamertag: iiiMassPoweriii


Just yesterday someone with similar problem reported that he fixed it with tampering with PS4 privacy settings.
He didn’t specify what exactly he did, but he said it helped.

So you too go play with PS4 privacy settings. Maybe it will help you as well

how to get online on hit man 2 facing similar issues

It did not work for me even that i tried changing all privacy settings multiple times , is there an acual technical support team for Hitman2 that can help? A team that can actually check their system and my gamer tag and know not guess the problem and come up with clear solution. My best choice from most updated online i found it to be on this thread.
If anyone know their email or website please post here so i can actually reach out to technical support and see whats the problem.

Yes. Official support ticket system is here :


E-mails :

[email protected]
[email protected]

And an unofficial server status website :

It’s useful to find out if other people are affected by a global issue. Right now it’s very quiet, so your problem could be isolated.

Try in 4G WIFI with your phone to make sure it’s not coming from your internet provider. Half the problems come from that.

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