Hitman 2 Should Patient Zero campaign come to the contract mode


Hello everyone does anyone agree that The Author and Patient Zero should come to contracts. This is my opinion: I think these maps should as players would be encouraged to play them and would have 2 new maps to play with and would make the game more fun to play.I know this will be hard to do but IO please if you can make these maps be in the contracts mode so peopke can play them and enjoy them i know its a big ask but please let this happen thank you for your time.

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We’ve been asking this for like 2 years fam.
I like to think IO has done the prep for this, but forgot about it, and then one of the interns will read this post, spit out his coffee and says “oh shit!” and then presses the “Allow The Author & Patent Zero in contract mode”



I can understand why they weren’t put in; Sapienza already has three versions in Contracts Mode, and the Author has a really low amount of NPCs, and they’re all spread out across the map… you pick almost any NPC and they’re already pretty isolated, they wouldn’t be a challenge to kill.

And Patient Zero, they could, but everything about that whole map is the exact same except it’s brighter, and the surgery section is different. While it’s nice the surgery section is different, probably not worth putting the whole map in for.

What they SHOULD do is add Freeform training and Hawke’s Bay to Contracts mode… two entirely different locations which don’t have ANY version in contracts mode. Which is a shame because Freeform training is way better and more fun than Final Test. And Hawke’s Bay is alright even though it wouldn’t have a giant variety



These missions will never be made available in Contracts mode because there are some unique mechanics in play in both, if I understood correctly.
The Author has one of the targets leave the mission map (though Caruso can do the same thing, but whatevs) and Hokkaido has got the virus roaming around.



To be fair they could just delete the virus for contracts mode, and for Author if you have one of those targets selected and they leave the map, they should make it so mission fails if they leave (Like in the actual mission)

EDIT: Also, doesn’t Sister Yulduz leave the map in The Source? And yet The Source is in contracts mode, so…?



Agreed but only if its the target



I agree about the author, and I’d like hawkes bay in contract mode as well



Yes please. And also New Zealand as requested above :+1:



I think that it would be eady to make the author a contract map but patient zero could be harder to do but still possible



Hawke bay has a challenge that makea you kill a non target lol but yes agreeded


  • Patient zero maps should come to contracts
  • Patient zero maps should not come to contracts

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Please dont im sick of contracts for Luca Wood and Christopher May it whould be allmost as bad as making those maps ghost mode



afaik, the reason there’s no contracts for these is bc of Jeff. obviously him appearing depends on if he dies in the previous level, and that causes some wonky things in Contracts mode.

also Patient Zero hokkaido is obvious, the virus spreading mechanic



Ok, how about we remove and delet Final Test from contracts in exchange for Freeform Training :wink:

No more Luca and Christopher ever again, now it’s just… I dunno… Terry Norfolk? No one’s actually within 8m of the starting location in FT, so that’s already an improvement.

Also the fact there’s way more NPCs, more types of NPC, different areas including civilian/party areas, etc… Not to mention they have weapons and tools just laid out on a bench for you to pick from in FT!



Even if they dont do paitent zero as one the author would be a bit easier to exicute and i think hawke bay needs adding to contract mode as well



It’s extremely small and very open with obviously lack of NPCs for the contracts mode



This is is very much for it IO INTERACTIVE need to see this and make it happen idk even if they did it i wouldnt mind getting these maps added to contracts than an elusive target or challenge pack



Its small but the final test map is small as well

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Yep we need this to get seen the people have spoken look at the votes for it to be added



But much bigger comparably to Hawkes Bay. And with much more NPCs on it

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