Hitman 2 shuts down my entire pc and killed my ssd

I could play the game with my 980 Ti just fine, now that I own a 2080 my entire pc just shuts down completly. After the ninth attemp to play the game on my new rig it even killed my ssd… My game never CTD. My pc just shuts down not even five minutes into the game. It doesn’t matter what I do like running or standing still. My temps are good, nothing above 70c on the GPU. My 9900k is at a decent temp of about 55-60c too. I tried dx11 and 12. I’m afraid to keep testing because my ssd died while trying to fix the game. It litterally died after the pc crashed. I’m not to sure what to do :confused:

Known issue with RTX GPU.

PC players are experiencing “0x8000000_” (and related) crashes
Status: We recommend that players who have been experiencing this issue use DX12, as this has been reported to fix the issue. This remains an open issue that we are continuing to gather data on to pinpoint the cause. At this time, we don’t have a specific fix planned.

DirectX12 should help, but if it’s not the case :

It’s not the game. It’s your hardware and/or its drivers. The game was not written for your hardware. It shouldn’t, but this game has proven problematic with nVIDIA drivers. They even cause “Your PC encountered a problem” BSOD crashes, usually fixed by updating.

been having this problem since April, I’ve formated my pc twice since. Everything is up to date. I disabled nvidia geforce experience yesterday and this seems to work.