Hitman 2 Signature suit with gloves

Hitman 2 , How do i get Signature suit with gloves for hitman 2 ???

write down “Support” if you are supporting them to fix these issues

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probably completing elusive targets


Most likely after completing a few ETs. We don’t know yet.


again ?? so have to wait for Elusive Targets again :((


hopefully we can get them suits from the game not from waiting for Elusive Targets only ,

Unfortunately, this is the most probable case. The whole unlocks situation is quite a mess, actually. They stated that Sniper Assassin progress will carry over but it won’t. Nothing else carries over but the paid suites and ET coins. What’s the point of always-online politics then?


I hope in the future, somehow, they let us use the gloved versions of legacy pack starting suits


as a DLC or unlock from in game , don’t have to wait for online thing would be nice

and holding two silver ballers and multiple targets shooting slow motion also should be in the game , the feature from Absolution

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you have to wait :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t really be too keen on waiting through 13 elusive targets again just to get the original suit and gloves.

And on another note, how are we going to get the Legacy suits with gloves which were only unlocked by killing elusive targets in the respective location (such as tuxedo w/ gloves in Paris)?

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They promised there will be ETs in old locations as well.


Guess I’ll just have to unlock everything in the mean time, until that one day when I can finally achieve my dream of infiltrating Paris with the Blood Money suit, the Sieger 300 inside the briefcase and then sniping Novikov on-stage


it’s so bizarre how the gloves are locked behind ETs again. you’d think they would add them in from the beginning.


i really hoped for a bit of suit customization, different gloves, ties and so on.


i saw at the beginning of ign review there is a suit with gloves on it

Not a fan of how they keep withholding the suits w/ gloves by default. It’s especially dumb considering you can wear a buttoned-up version on Another Life. And they’re still using location-specific outfits. I’d love to use the Colorado outfit on other maps. In 2016, I could only do so if it was the variant with the stupid hat that you unlocked via an elusive target.


need more freedom with the suits and outfit like it was on Absolution , really cool with the outfits , like deux-ex outfit and other outfit like hockey mask and samurai that can be use in all the maps and unlock within the game , no need to online , and unlock all disguises to use where ever , Freedom of the game

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Yeah this is really annoying. It makes no sense that the most iconic suit worn by 47 in every game since the very first game is locked away behind elusive targets, especially considering there is no guarantee that you will successfully complete them, and therefore will not unlock the suit, and will have to wait for the next elusive target. As a matter of fact, I think there should be a different way to unlock suits altogether. Why not just unlock the suit after completing the corresponding level? For example, if I wanted to unlock the Colorado suit, I would have to complete the Colorado level.


As someone already mentioned here, why the hell can we NOT use suits from other maps wherever we please?

Its an astoundingly nonsensical decision that simply cannot be justified at all. Want to use your badass Colorado suit in Hokkaido? NOPE. You have to wear a dumb hat.

Or what about the buttoned gloved outfit from New Life Part 2? NOPE. Not gonna happen.
I honestly don’t think it has to do with any major technical challenge whatsoever.

It really shouldn’t take more than an hour or two for an IO dev to implement such a basic feature.