Hitman 2 Signature suit with gloves

Ah ok. So compared to the Alpha blackballer its identical other then the grips?


also the Blackballer IS IN the Game, you told me so yourself you italian Fuck :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


No it’s not. Look at some of my topics in my profile.

@MrOchoa I said its something that at least has the logo :joy:

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Like you know anything about the blackballer:p


I think all signature suits should be in mastery unlocks (or behind specific challenges like the classic black suit), they can keep other suits behind ets (like tuxedo with gloves etc).


Well it was never called the Blackballer. That was a name we on the forum gave it. In the Beta it was called Silenced Tactical 1911.

Any way, the Blackballer/Black Lilly DLC besides the name and the grips it’s identical in everything with the ICA19.
The original Blackballer how ever looks like this:


Haha, yeah me too exactly… it said not to harm her, didn’t think a little nap with harm her…


They need to patch the default suit and give us gloves

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they could add bloodmoney maps and absolution maps into the game it is more fun with contract mode

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Well looks like all the suits are locked behind Elusive Targets again… Thanks for Listening IO… Bad Idea!!! make them challenge unlocks, and Elusive Targets can unlock weapons and gadgets… not the same suits we already unlocked in HITMAN 2016 that we should already have to begin with… Especially 47’s Signature Suit With Gloves it’s plastered all over the game Holy F**k!!!


Elusive Target Rewards


It’s kinda funny how the suit used in all the promo art isn’t actually in the game. He’s wearing the driving gloves in them, but in-game, his signature suit uses the normal gloves instead. Not that I have a problem with that. The driving gloves only really work with the more casual outfits.


The driving gloves can work with some outfits, but I think those outfits have to have rolled-up sleeves. It looks weird to me on suits with the cuffs covering the strap.


The problem I have is that the black driving gloves don’t suit the Imperial Classic, like, at ALL. They could have at least pulled a Marrakesh and changed them to some kind of proper brown leather, or made them look more suitable.


You make it sound like a job.
Am I the only one who actually enjoys playing the game here?

Unrelated to your post specifically but as a general comment about the rewards from H1 that don’t get transferred to H2, I don’t understand the perspective that they were taken from you. If you start up H1 they will still be there. What happened though is that you received (either at a small price or even for free) updated maps for H1. This gift did not include unlockable suits.
Whenever I read this complaint I always thinking about the phrase of looking gifted horses in the mouth.


They had it in the sniper challenge too.


Well no. More along the lines of we should automatically get the suit with gloves by default without having to do anything special to get them. Gloves are part of 47’s trademade look. Like his bald head and barcode. It wouldn’t make sense to have to do 10 Elusive Targets to unlock his bald head and then do another 10 Elusive Targets to unlock his barcode.

The signature suit with gloves should be available from the get-go.


My elusive Target number 1

i hope you don’t have to do it again in Hitman 3

Funnily enough, Sniper Assassin appears to use 47’s 2016 suit, just with the new driving gloves. Only change from standalone appears to be his new face (which also has the side-effect of introducing some bad neck clipping).

SA model

H2 model

The H2 model also has see-through parts on the shoulder.

Did IO just run out of time, and forget to use the correct model? It’s amazing just how bad it is when they have a perfectly fine (well, apart from 47’s new head clipping through the collar) model being used in another game mode in the same game.