Hitman 2 Signature suit with gloves


I completely support this topic. It was definitely to my dismay to find that they hadn’t altered the way these suits unlock, and more so that there wasn’t more outfit options to start with. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t able to find any unlock-able suits in the mastery menus, or anywhere else for that matter; this is especially because they had advertised one of the features in pre-release as having more outfit options.

This is far from a trivial issue as it only speaks to the utter dis-concern exhibited here. This doesn’t even regard the gloves for me, it regards the lack of insight. I understand trying new stuff out in H2016, but you think the blunder would be learned from and built upon, not repeated.

I shutter to notion that they are actually drip-feeding the outfits per ET as a way of keeping people interested and playing.


Raven Suit is in Legacy Pack. Or did you mean ICA Training Suit?


the main 47’s suit with gloves


What about some new mode like hitman stealth Zombies like in the Last of us but 47’s style


Before I got hitman 2 I envisioned myself wearing the Italian suit with gloves in a warm place like Miami or wearing the casual suit with gloves in colombia, this must be fixed for all that have already earned these suits


Then go to the “Malus Necessarium” thread and add your voice there! :slight_smile:


I mean the ICA Training one :slight_smile:
While the signature suit is very stylish and scores high on the social blending, practically speaking I find the turtleneck superior: low key but cool at the same time.
I agree the Raven suit is also very cool. I finished Hawke’s Bay with it following someone’s suggestion and it was awesome indeed.


Indeed, that one is very appropriate. :slight_smile:


if anyone know how to unlock gloves please let us know , Thanks


They’ll probably be unlocked via Elusive Targets again.


i hope they change the way of how to unlocking it


They should put at least one suit (signature suit + gloves or blood money + gloves) in the mastery unlocks, because i would like to do suit only challenges with the complete suit.


i hope they hear about this issue that we all got , to keep the 47’s franchise going


I just want the Absolution suit back, man. I loved that tie pin.


Has there been any mention of unlocks for ET’s in Hitman 2?


not yet , not untill the first elusive target i think


Even with the first ET, I think the reward is an explosive pen, not a suit; although, I don’t see a menu for elusive targets like in H2016 so maybe that will emerge with the first ET as well.


still No information on how to unlock 47’s suit with gloves , or further DLC plans for suits or outfit , they need to tell customer more informations if they want to keep the franschise going


it’s only Monday, man. chill :stuck_out_tongue:


Didn’t this also happen in HITMAN 2016? Like the first few ET’s had no rewards and then they announced the suit reward system and it only started from whatever ET they announced the reward system from?

So if you SA-ed ET No. 1 to 8 or something it didn’t count?