Hitman 2 Signature suit with gloves


Wow, I didn’t even think about that but I’m fairly certain you are correct; nice observation!


the game just official release today so wait for announcement soon


more people will complaint about this since the game is actually released


LMAO. I guess IOI just didnt give a shit about the backlash last time.


hopefully not unlock by elusive targets again


Honestly 47 should have his Signature Suit With Gloves from the Beginning, Also Coins, Fiber Wire, Lock pick and Binoculars shouldn’t take up Load out Slots either it should be automatically part of the Load Out or give us a couple more slots.
I’m also not very impress on how everything I unlocked in HITMAN 2016 didn’t Transfer especially the “Suits”, I really hope We can Either Buy a DLC with all those suits, have them transfer or by Getting Silent Assassin Suit Only in Missions or something along those lines… If they are locked behind ETs for a pair of gloves that is really not the way to go IO Listen to us.


heard about all black classic suit


Yes i want my fucking unlocks from hitman season 1, it was useless unlock that suits if i can’t use it in hitman 2 as well. And they lied about all the unlocks and progress from S1 goes to Hitman 2.


They didn’t lie they said from the start it wouldn’t.


These were the assumptions of the players
Simply, many thought that the second season will be released on the basis of the original game, but not a separate product.


There is still time… I think we all should request IO to give us a gloved suit (absolution or signature or blood money) as a reward for completing the first elusive target.


@Travis_IOI can we expect somekind of ET Suit Rewards-Roadmap, like for Hitman 2016?

btw the Game is fantastic and you do a great Job as Communitymanager!


Hitman 2 is the great game , only if we can use the real 47’s suit with gloves would make the game real petfect !!


if they gave people who have unlocked it from season 1 , what about people who just start the season 2 , how can they get suits with gloves


Nu-HITMAN has been Bizarre from the first mention of it. Remember all the false advertizing and going back and changing release models and yada yada. This game does alot of things right but its nowhere near perfect.


Bloodmoney and absolution remastered would be really awesome


I’m really curious what the plan is for the old ET suits.


we just re unlock them with the H2 ETs


I want my 2016 suit back. Wearing the new one in the legacy levels feels too weird lol.

Also hope the new suit gets driving gloves with those finger dots in them, like the concept art.


I also want my Absolution suit back as well.
All the suits with gloves from Season 1 actually.