Hitman 2 Signature suit with gloves


still waiting for announcement from IOI team


Yeah… let’s allow them to get past the release first and allow them to save our colleagues in Xbox land who are having problems downloading the game… and the other guys on AMD phenoms…

I’m sure we’ll hear about the ET programme soon. :slight_smile: I just expect we’ll already have done a couple of them before that happens.

Story/lore discussion [spoilers]

afaik there will be ETs on the Legacy Maps (probably just another reactivation of the Season 1).

so i think we get the Season 1 Suit trough those and (hopefully) new one trough the H2 ETs.


i actually don’t want to unlock them through elusive targets because of the wait , but i know elusive target cheat , if u knowing you are failing just press ps button and close the game , then you can try again , it works on hitman 1


or you take your failure like a man and try to improve next time :wink::grin:


The only way to play ET’s. My S1 is forever marked with my failures


i missed some of them and i instantly failed the Guru because i subdued his Secretary.
i got all Suits unlocked though :slight_smile:


I have all the suits as well, luckily I’m not too terrible at them lol.


I already gave my 20 cents on this topic and all I hope is that IOI actually listens to us.

Now you can defend the lack of cutscenes in this game and I can perfectly understand why. You can also defend why Nightcall is such a short mission and to an extent I can still relate to that but I cannot see how someone can justify the lack of the gloved suit when its on the damn cover of this game. Its simply indefensible.

This does not seem like a technological or a financial decision but rather just…arrogance. We are not asking IOI something major like rebuilding their engine from the scratch or introducing whole new mechanics but all we want is the classic gloved suit! Its really frustrating because the suit already exists in the game i.e the buttoned up version in the suburbian level and I’m certain even the classic suit is present somewhere behind an invisible barrier.

Instead of rehashing suit rewards as ET unlocks from Season 1, why not focus on making brand new suits for Hitman 2? It just seems cheap to me. And even if IOI doesn’t find any problem with that then can they at least make level specific suits usable throughout ALL levels!!? How HARD is it to implement such a basic feature, IO?

Its like they completely ignored the backlash they face when they did the same thing in Season 1.


iirc they never said that, so we dont know for sure now. But its possible you will unlock the same Suits via the Legacy Pack ETs and new ones trough Hitman 2 ETs.

we just dont know, i hope we will hear something about it soon.


I hope the signature suit with gloves unlocks first this time. Better yet, I hope we can pick a suit to unlock. That would be epic.


I think they revealed you only get a suit for every completion of 3 elusive targets. And iirc they announced that the first ET reward would be something like an explosive pen.


They need a way to make you play Elusive Targets basically. That’s all I could think of.
They probably have data telling them players play ETs more when there is a reward attached like the suits.


But you see, that is exactly the problem. These ETs do not run at a quick succession, one after the other as you have to wait for 6-10 days for each ET to pass which means you’ll be waiting for months to unlock the same outfits and that is just cheap imho.


So stingy! :joy:



Hoping to get visually updated signature suits (like the new signature suit), if not… then i don’t see a point in locking them behind ETs. I wonder what IO would do when they release hitman 3 … Lock all of the suits again? :sweat_smile:

Story/lore discussion [spoilers]

i wish IOI seeing this topic


I’d love that to happen.

Very surprised IO didn’t automatically transfer them across for players who unlocked them.

Hopefully fingers crossed this is something that might happen :wink:


Strange I had a suit with gloves before I installed GOTY legacy pack to H2. Now I can’t seem to find it in loadout.


If they decide to bring back the challenge packs in the legacy maps, it could be a good way to unlock the suits by completing them