Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Custom Missions

Welcome to the Hitman 2: Silent Assassin custom missions archive!

Custom missions are essentially a way of roleplaying different scenarios. You read the “briefing” of the mission below, load up your game and try to complete the objectives to the best of your ability.

The goal of this thread is to give you more ways of playing H2:SA.
I’m convinced there’s still plenty of potential within H2:SA, so don’t hesitate to create your own mission and post it. I’ll be happy to play it and add it to the list!

Finally, with current Hitman games including some sort of contracts mode, I hope creators can find inspiration from the creative, challenging, and sometimes unorthodox objectives the community has come up with in the past. Enjoy!

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Niko - The Lawyer's Rise to Power

Posted 29 May 2004 - 09:45 AM

Decided to give a go at making a custom mission,since i dont have contracts yet im going with hitman 2.its my first attempt at one so forgive me if it is too easy.


Our client wishes for the Guilliano family to be taken down,and for his friend to take the dons place as head of the family.His friend is the dons lawyer and advisor.you are not to kill or harm the lawyer,if he spots you then its mission failed.luckily for you the lawyer remains in his office going over the families legal matters and will only leave if he is required to help protect the don.Both the dons son and brother will have to be taken out.if the don dies then those two are the obvious replacements.However it is necessary for thier to be no alarms untill the don has been dealt with.so hide thier bodys so no one can find them.once all the targets are eliminated our client would like something brought back from the mansion.An accomplace of his has already made an attempt on the dons life by way of sniper rifle.unfortuanatly for him he was caught and is being held in the basement.Free the prisoner before he can talk of our clients plans and retrieve the weopon he was going to use to kill the don.The sniper rifle is being held somewhere in the mansion grounds but we are not sure where.it is very valuable to our client and it must be brought back.You also cannot Kill or harm any of the patrolling guards.our client wants his friend to have the man power needed to run a family mafia such as this.so stay out of sight.The only time our client will accept an alert is if the Dons body is found,anything other than that and its mission failed.


Assasinate the Dons Brother

Assasinate the Dons son

Assasinate the Don

Retrieve the basement key from the don

Free the prisoner from the basement

Retrieve the sniper rifle



9mm pistol SD

Dual Ballers

Fibre Wire


you may want to refrain from using the ballers or any type of fire arm,In fact our client has requested that you may only use a silenced weopon and only once.he fears gaurds may get suspicious if there is blood and brains all over the walls.


Shots Fired: 1

Close Encounters: 0

Alerts: 1

Enemies Killed: 2 (Brother and son)

Enemies Wounded: 0

Innocents Killed: 0

Innocents Wounded: 0

Good Luck

Micster - Its Very Gay

Posted 23 September 2004 - 11:07 AM

Here is my custom mission for anathema-

Its Very Gay


Kill Don

Kill Postman

Kill guard taking a piss

Kill Cook

Escape with Sex Hostage


An odd one for you 47, your main target is the Don he lives in his gay palace, he has reicently kidnapped our clients brother for sexual usage, he must be eliminated 47.

The postman has been sending ecstacy tablets hidden in bunches of flowers you must put the flowers into the cell that the hostage is in to make a direct link. There is a guard that regually releives himself 47, he is sick and peverted and must be killed in this oppotunity.And also you have to deal with the cook her husband has put the hit on her for playing around, if you know what i mean 47. Once your targets are taken out escape with the hostage

Buena Fortuna 47


I thought of the idea at school it is possible but not with sa

Fatso- don's meeting

Posted 27 October 2004 - 01:54 PM

Storyline: 3 months ago the don attended a meeting with other mafia bosses from all over the country. At the meeting the don made an insulting comment about a rival mobster known as Vito Palazzolo (who was not present at the meeting due to health problems). When Vito Palazzolo heard about the comment he sent a hitman to kill the don. However, the assassin was captured and is being tortured in the basement (he is to be executed very soon). Vito Palazzolo wants you to do the following:

  1. assassinate the don and take his key

  2. assassinate the dons lawyer (who is also the dons son in law)

  3. assassinate the dons son

  4. assassinate the sons bodyguard (who carries a desert eagle)

  5. kill the captured assassin before he reveals who he is working for

Weapons: .22 pistol only (no fibre wire)

  • You are not allowed to take clothes and you are not allowed to pick up any weapons or ammunition. IF YOU ARE SHOT AT ANY POINT DURING THE MISSION THEN THE MISSION HAS BEEN FAILED (THIS IS REALISTIC MODE).
Pulp - custom mission

Posted 19 March 2005 - 03:37 PM



47, we need your skills once again. A mafia Don, has kidnapped Father Vittorio and is sellling him to the russians shortly. He must be taken out.

But we have more problems! the Don has close connections with the head of police and many judges, he has been able to excape from any situation so far. It seems however that MI5 have caught wind of this and are sending an undefover man in, disguised as a postman. He also must be elminated for security reaosns, and it is vital that he doesn’t see you, he will likely have a hidden camera that will see what he sees, we cannot afford for MI5 to have your ID. . Your third and final target is the family lawyer, not alot is known about him, but he is very close with the Dons son, infact, there are rumors that the 2 are lovers, this should help you ID him.

The main complicaiton of this mission is that because 1 of your targets is an MI5 agent and the other a well respected lawyer with close ties to the Dons family, you will only be able to use an untraceable gun, this is the only weapon that can be used on your targets. This can be found on one of the guards, we’re not sure who he is but we learnt that he has a bladder problem. His 9MM must be used to kill all the targets. It is also important that the Dons body is not found until you have left. If it is found then the lawyer will probably call in some unwanted guests.


  • Assassinate the Mafia Don

  • Assassinate the MI5 agent posing as a postman

  • Assassinate the family lawyer

  • Check for Vittorio in the basement

  • Do not allow the MI5 agent to see you

  • Make sure the Dons body is not found while the lawyer is still alive.

Fatso - Impossible Challenge

Posted 26 October 2004 - 01:11 PM

objectives are to kill the following people :

  1. The Don

  2. Both Sons

  3. The lawyer

Weapon: .22 pistol

No other weapons or objects allowed (no picking up weapons or ammo)

Taking clothes is not allowed

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#2 Anathema impossible challenge: post #2 fatso



8 posts

Posted 26 October 2004 - 01:13 PM

sorry, I forgot to say that you also have to take the dons key and go to the basement. Then you have to escape.

Me and My brother have been trying this for days and we cannot do it.

Dark - a death in the Family

Posted 26 March 2005 - 05:43 AM

Ok, this is my first custom mission, more to come shortly. Please give feedback.





-Assassinate the Don

-Frame the Lawyer for the killing

-Trip the Security System

-Leave flowers in the front hall

-Rescue Father Vittorio

-Escape without leaving a trace


Our client wishes you to make a hit on a Lawyer who recently helped free a man that our cleint did not wish to be free. The Lawyer is under heavy protection from his new friends in the Mafia however, so a direct hit would make it too obvious, and our Client fears they would be suspected. Your mission will be to frame the Lawyer of murdering the Don. The Mafia should then take her of murdering the Lawyer, and our client goes without suspicion. Whilst there, you can kill two birds with one stone by rescuing an old friend of ours, Father Vittorio, who we believe is being held in the building somewhere.

-Assassinate the Don - The Don must be killed when he is indoors, so as it is believeable that the Lawyer killed him. If he is outdoors there is the possibilty people will see him being killed, so make sure he is inside.

-Frame the Lawyer for the killing - To make it seem as if it was the Lawyer, you must drop the murder weapon you choose within a few feet of wherever he is. Obviously you must be very careful that he doesn’t notice you. The weapon must be found on site aswell, don’t use anything you brought with you.

-Trip the Security System - We have been examining the security system, and it will take some beating. If any of the 4 doors into the bossess office is opened, it will trigger a remote alarm, and you will have failed. However, if the Don comes to any harm, Security will be ‘tightened’ - the remote alarm switches off in his room, but all of the doors on the ground floor become alarmed. Basically, you may not enter the bosses office until security is tightened, and after that point, you may not open any of the ground level doors.

-Leave Flowers in the Front Hall - Our client was very specific about this, we think it is some kind of insult to the Lawyer. Our client has sent flowers to arrive today - if they are not in the in the floor in the centre of the front entrance hall, be sure to put them there.

-Rescue Father Vittorio - Vittorio is an old friend of ours who we believe is being held somewhere in the building. Rescue him.

-Escape without leaving a trace - we cannot stress this enough - in order for this frame to look convincing, you must not leave a trace. Do not harm anyone apart from the target - do not so much as anesthetic anyone else. You must only use weapons you find on site, leave anything you use behind, and do not cause any alerts - a silent assassin rating should go without saying.

So, your objectives are -

-Assassinate the Don (while he is indoors)

-Frame the Lawyer for the killing (leave the murder weapon at his feet)

-Trip the Security System ( Don’s room may not be entered until security is tightened, then no doors on ground floor may be used)

-Leave flowers in the front hall (in the middle of the front entrance room, ground floor)

-Rescue Father Vittorio (Priest should be in the building somewhere)

-Escape without leaving a trace (No alerts, do not get spotted/harm/anesthetic anyone, slinet assassin rating)

Good Luck

Mavus - A stage show

Posted 29 March 2005 - 02:56 PM

A staged show

Hello 47 were glad to see again

our client has asked for a rather special hit and your the only man for the job.

You need to enter Guisseppe ‘The Don’ Vittorio’s mansion and compleate the following objectives.

  1. Enter the mansion without killing or harming guards or civilians.

  2. Collect The Deagle from the study on the 1st floor as it is vital to the mission as it belongs to the Don’s brother

  3. Kill the Don using the Deagle thereby framing the brother, now all we need to do is give the brother a motive I hear the don’s brother was very good freinds with the don’s Layer

  4. Kill the layer using ‘The Don’s’ revolver and dont forgwet to put the revolver back on the dons body.

  5. Kill the brother, drag him to the garage and put him in the boot of his Ferrari (just drag him to the garage)

  6. Escape in the Ferrari

It is ok that you kill Guards if they catch you killing one of the targets aslong as there are no live winesses

The don won’t need a motive as all the staff know that they often argued

This is a tough one 47.

Spook13 - Don Guilliani’s Christmas Eve Surprise

Posted 19 December 2004 - 08:21 PM

Here’s a new CM. Players, feedback is greatly appreciated : good, bad, or indifferent. :cheers:

Don Guilliani?s Christmas Eve Surprise

Today?s Date: December 20, 2004

Mission Date/Time: December 24, 2004, 9:00 AM, Rome time.

Contents of Email: Diana to 47, 12-20-04, 10:00 AM, London time.

47, this is the complete information package for the December 24 Mission in Sicily. Give me a call this evening on my secure home line. If all is agreeable, Agency transport will meet you at your apartment at 6:00 PM on December 22 for departure to Rome, where you will get additional briefing before going on to Sicily.


The mission will take place at the country estate home of Mafia boss Don Guiseppe Guilliani, located about 15 km south of Palermo, Sicily. Mild temperatures and clear skies are predicted for Dec. 24. Your insertion point will be the hillside east of the property, which appears to be the best starting location for successful infiltration.


  1. Kill Don Guiseppe Guilliani by cutting his throat with a large kitchen knife, and leave his body in the swimming pool. He is balding, dark, and potbellied, age 67 years.

  2. Kill Signora Guilliani by cutting her throat with a large kitchen knife. Leave her body in the house kitchen, with the knife nearby. She is a large woman, age 65 years, who should be found the kitchen preparing an elaborate Christmas dinner for her husband, sons, and the guard staff.

  3. Kill Salvatore Guilliani. He is the Don?s eldest son, age 38 years. He resembles his father closely in physical type, dress, and manner. He wears his hair long and pulled back into a ponytail. Kill him silently, method optional, and leave his body in the swimming pool.

  4. Sedate and capture the Don?s Consigliore, Lorenzo Petacci. He is a very tall, lean, cleancut man, age 56 years, who favors iridescent sharkskin suits. He is to be locked unharmed in the basement cell where he will be quickly taken into custody by the Agency followup team. You must time the administration of his sedative so that he is deeply unconscious after you escape the premises and the team enters.

  5. Vincent Guilliani, the Don?s younger son, age 32 years, is not to be killed or harmed. His appearance is markedly different from his brother and the Don. He dresses in expensive and tasteful sports clothes, has lighter, neatly cut hair, and is physically fit. The Don and Salvatore are both potbellied and tend to dress in typical gangster fashion.

  6. Petacci is always armed with a valuable English-made 12 gauge double barrel shotgun. Secure this weapon and take it with you when you escape.

  7. Make a fast escape in the red 1969 Ferrari coupe that is kept parked in a one car garage in front of the house toward the east property wall. The keys will most likely be in Salvatore?s possession, as he is fond of this car and drives it often. It has been maintained in as-new condition and always has a full petrol tank. The Agency mobile operations truck will meet you 5 km down the main road going south from the property. As usual, the medical staff will be on hand to treat your injuries as necessary.

See also standard Agency Communique for maps, photos, and additional information.


Guiseppe Guilliani and his brother Leo were the heirs to their father?s organized crime empire when he died of natural causes in 1970. This empire had two home bases, in New York City and near Palermo, Sicily. In his will, the father split the family business 50/50 between Guiseppe and Leo, with Guiseppe getting the Sicilian base of operations and Leo the New York base. Leo was satisfied with this arrangement but his brother was not. Leo and his wife were dining at a small neighborhood restaurant in Brooklyn on the evening of December 23, 1971. A hit team entered the restaurant, locked the doors, herded the owner, staff, and other patrons into a walkin refrigerator, and murdered Leo and his wife by cutting their throats with a large kitchen knife.

The leader of the hit team left the scene in Leo?s prized 1969 Ferrari coupe, which Guiseppe then had shipped to Sicily as a trophy. Leo had recently been bird hunting and in the boot was his favorite hand made English shotgun, in its fitted, velvet lined walnut case. Guiseppe made Petacci a personal gift of this one of a kind weapon when he completed the complicated and crooked legal work needed to void the father?s will and consolidate Leo?s estate share with his own. Petacci has carried this gun as his favorite sidearm ever since.

There was no rival strong enough in New York to challenge Guiseppe for control of Leo?s territory and businesses in America, and he has held his place as one of the most powerful Italian Mafia bosses in the world.

Unfortunately for Guiseppe, one small detail of his scheme was never completed: He failed to kill Leo?s five year old son, Paul Guilliani, who was at a family friend?s Long Island home the night his parents were killed. The hit team tried to find Paul at Leo?s New York City brownstone, but a last minute invitation for Paul to spend the night with the friend?s sons foiled the plans to kill him. The family friend is to all appearances a legitimate building contractor, but also had extensive ties to Leo?s operations. Paul was protected and raised by this man and his wife. Paul inherited the substantial assets that his parents owned apart from the family businesses and out of the reach of Guiseppe and Petacci.

This inheritance was invested well by the family friend and guardian and over a thirty year period made Paul a very wealthy man. In addition, Paul finished his education at Princeton with Law and MBA degrees and within seven years had become a partner in a powerhouse law and financial consulting firm, making another fortune in the process. Paul, though assimilated into the legitimate world of law and business, never lost sight of his background, thanks to the family friend who raised him. He knew the full story of his parents? deaths and his birthright from ten years of age on, and has been carefully developing plans to take Leo?s inheritance back from Guiseppe.

47, Paul Guilliani has contacted Agency to arrange for your services, to include the assassinations described in the Objectives, the live capture of Lorenzo Petacci, and the return of his father?s automobile and hunting gun. Petacci will, voluntarily or not, be of great assistance to Paul in his reclamation of Leo?s share of the business. Paul does not want Vincent Guilliani killed because he knows that he will have to eventually make peace and do business with one of Guiseppe?s legitimate heirs. Vincent has a reputation for being disciplined, intelligent, cool headed, and pragmatic, in contrast to the hotheaded machismo and poor judgment often exhibited by Salvatore. If Vincent does prove to be a problem in the future, Paul will authorize us to terminate him as well.


Paul Guilliani has agreed to an Agency fee of ten million U.S. dollars for the completion of the listed objectives, four million of which will be paid to you per usual arrangement.

This is a complex mission which must be executed stealthily. Infiltrate Don Guilliani?s estate and carry out the objectives without raising any general alarm. All kills, including guards, are to be silent. Your escape in the Ferrari will attract attention but the guards are used to Salvatore?s speeding off in it, and will likely not realize anything is amiss until you are gone.

The property is well guarded. The guards are all handpicked ?made men?, many blood related to the Don or Signora Guilliani. The atmosphere is of a large family. There are no incompetent hired guns; these men are deadly and fiercely loyal. If they have a general weakness, it is complacency. No one has tried to attack the Don for at least 20 years.

Salvatore Guilliani can best be described as a simple thug. He is brutal, hotheaded, and rather stupid. His greatest advantage is that he is the Don?s eldest son. He should be an easy kill, but can?t be underestimated.

Vincent is another matter entirely. He is keen, observant, and calm, an expert with his weapons, and has planned and done more than his share of executions for his father. Be extremely wary of him throughout. Though he is the younger son, he is the real power in the family.

Petacci is also a very dangerous individual. He is a crystal meth and heroin addict who spends most of his time in his windowless office on the main house second floor, across the hall from the Don?s office. His longtime drug use has made him psychotically paranoid. He is known to have recently shotgunned a house servant who accidentally surprised him in his office. You will need every bit of your legendary skill to subdue him quietly.

The Don and Signora Guilliani are simply drifting into a content old age. They should be easy kills, but the Don still carries a .44 magnum pistol at all times and age has not lessened his willingness to use it. Don?t let the Signora surprise you with the razor sharp combat knife she keeps close by. The Don also carries the key to the basement cell.

In regard to Father Vittorio, our early intelligence was badly flawed; Agency now believes that he was either killed outright by Salvatore or is a prisoner at another location. The chance that he is in the basement cell is 1 in 10 or less. Agency Intelligence staff wishes to convey sincere apologies to you on this; we know that you had high hopes of rescuing Vittorio on this mission.

7:30 PM London time, December 20, 2004

47: Diana, 47 here. The mission?s a go. I was prepared for the letdown about Vittorio. My fee is fine with me, but why the reduction in percentage?

Diana: There?s exceptionally high overhead on this one for intelligence gathering and backup teams support. Our first intelligence source was an expensive failure, and there were some substantial bribes to pay. We negotiated Paul Guilliani up to ten million from eight so you could get a round four.

47: I appreciate that. I may have to take some time off after this one and look for Vittorio.

Diana: I think you?ll be wanting some holiday time after this mission. It?s going to be difficult. As always, be careful and come back alive, 47.

47: I can handle it.


Loadout: Fiber wire, combat knife, kitchen knife, 9mm SD auto pistol, anaesthetic. Discard other weapons before beginning.

This is a stealth based mission. All Objective kills to be made silently. Guard kills will be necessary, but keep them silent and to a minimum. No innocent kills other than Signora Guilliani (the cook). If a widespread alarm is raised and your presence becomes generally known, abort mission (reload save).

Shots Allowed: Ten maximum with 9mm SD pistol only. Mission can be accomplished with two to three shots.

Difficulty Setting: Any, Expert best all round.

Final Rating: Professional , Executioner, or Expert indicate successful completion.

Bynx - The F.B.S. Hit

Posted 05 April 2008 - 09:57 PM

well in my last batch of cms 47 was sent to sicily to wait, intil the heat died down from killing Fournier. but in sicily Johnny is contacted by a client wishing to do buissness with the Mafia.


hello 47. I know you’re taking a break from hit’s, but a wealthy client contatced me and ask’s a favor if you do this you will get payed 10 times your regular fee.

Guiseppe Guliano. he is the the Leader of the Gang Known as F.B.S (Full Blooded Sicilains) and he has angered a great number of people.do to his greed, he hijacked one of my clients delivery trucks, that was carying Valuble Goods in it . this Jacking was very costly for my client and he wants revenge, however he request’s you Kill Guliano with your Fiber wire.

Free Assassin.our client sent a independant Hitman to Kill Guiseppe, but he failed. he is being kept in the Basment, Free him before he reveals our client was behinf the attempt on Gulianno’s Life.

Retreive The Deagle. our clients Assassin carried a special weapon, and Guliano With his contacts could trace the weapon and find out about our client and the assassin. our client would like to avoid this, the gun is being kept in the study retrieve it.

Turi Guliano. he is Guiseppe’s son and a Known Bandit in sicily, we don’t want a heir 47. being a Bandit noone will Mourn his death. he is wearing a yellow shirt.

Postman Morris Leahy. Morris is a Postman who is a Spy for Guiseppe, he often deliver’s “Packages” To Guiseppe, containing info on guiseppe’s Target’s. for both of our sake’s we would best be rid of him.

Mama Guliano. Our Client want’s rid of her Because all the years Guiseppe has been in power she has Invisibly, Had some power within the Family. it would be rare but she could take over the family after Guiseppe’s death. our client does not want to take that chance. Good Luck 47.

Bynx - Downfall of the Don

Posted 26 November 2007 - 07:31 PM

Downfall of the Don

hello 47 if you want to rescue your friend vittorio you will have to do this assignment for us as payment here’s the briefing.First target Don Guiseppe Gulianno he is the don of one of sicly oldest and most influential mafia groups we suspect he is keeping vittorio in the basment hostage if alarmed he will probaly kill the hostage and escape so you will have to use stealth.second target Angelo Gulianno he is the mafia dons son and will take over the family bussiness if his father dies our client wants the mafia family to die with Guiseppe so Kill him so he does not take over the family.third target Tom harris he is the dons lawyer and handels all his money laundering and legal defence After the dons death he will most likely look for another client he is a good lawyer and knows when to offer bribes and how to get a convicted man off the least are client wants is more criminals to go free with this mans aide kill him he should be in his office wich is on the 2 floor.fourth target Jimmy Denuzio he is a Mole in the Fbi and sell’s information to people wealthy enough to pay for it he is meeting with don Guiseppe to sell him some info on his rivals he has connecctions world wide even with our rivals to show our rival’s not to mess with us Kill him He is disguised as a Postman.Don guiseppe should have the key to the basment on him be sure to take off of him to check the basment for vittorio this mission will be diffucult because security is not exatly lax but i know your up to it good luck 47.

Kill the don Guiseppe Gulianno

Kill Anglo Gulianno

Kill Tom Harris

Kill Jimmy Denunzio

Rescue Vittorio


Dogma - Many Meetings

Posted: Unknown

Location: Anathema

Weapons you Must Bring:

  • Combat Knife


  • Assassinate the Don

  • Leave Roses and Combat Knife on Don?s Body

  • Retrieve the Dons Key

  • Assassinate the Lawyer

  • Leave key with Lawyer to arose suspicion

  • Find Vittorio and Escape with him

  • Assassinate the Don?s Son

  • Assassinate Vito Anguillo

  • Do not Harm the Grocer

  • Assassinate the Cook

  • Assassinate the Cheating Maid

  • Escape the Scene


Glad to see you back with the Agency 47. Your first mission back from leaving us may prove to be a bit of a challenge but I think you?re up to it. We have many targets of opportunity here involved with our Mafia Boss friend. Move with caution.

Assassinate the Don:

Well you?ve got your own personal affairs in this matter but don?t let that cloud your judgment. The Don is extremely powerful so don?t let your personal feelings get in the way. He?s in his private home enjoying some vacation from his work.

Leave Roses and Combat Knife on Don’s Body:

Our client is keen on staring off the rest of the Don?s family to him. Leave Flowers and a Combat knife on his body to symbolize our clients appreciation.

Retrieve the Dons Key:

The Don has the key to Vittorio?s cell. Make sure you take it from him.

Assassinate the Lawyer:

The Don?s Lawyer has a private invitation to his mansion whenever he wishes. He is currently residing on the 2nd floor. He has a busy weekend at the mansion. He is also well armed so be careful.

Leave key with Lawyer to arose suspicion:

Once you have freed Vittorio leave the key to his cell with the Lawyer. This should cause some confusion and pointed fingers within the residence as to the Lawyers allegiance.

Find Vittorio and Escape with him:

A top priority for you, find Vittorio in the basement. We have marked his cell on your map. You should be able to sneak him out quickly enough after you have completed your other affairs.

Assassinate the Don?s Son:

No heir 47. We can?t have another mobster running the business in another year.

Assassinate Vito Anguillo:

Friend to the Don and Personal Bodyguard to the Don?s Son Vito is involved with the Don?s personal affairs and would be a reasonable choice to precede his absence.

Do not Harm the Grocer:

Oddly enough, the Grocer is a friend of our clients. We have only just recently discovered this fact. Make sure you do not harm him in any way.

Assassinate the Cook:

The cook while innocent for the time being is starting to sneak into the Don?s business. She has currently stolen a hefty sum of cash from the Don?s office and is planning to leave very soon. We don?t need this. At this point in time it might look like she herself has killed the Don and we do not want that. We need the Lawyer to be blamed. For this reason take out the Cook in your business

Assassinate the Cheating Maid:

The maid is the wife to our client and got a job at the mansion for some bonuses with the Don. Our client has had enough of her games and requests her assassination. Keep to the Contract and don?t let human mind meddling get in the way of your hits.

Escape the Scene:

By whatever means get out of there with Vittorio. With all the bodies, there it?s only a matter of time before one is found.

Your statistics should read like this:

Ranking: Professional

Shots Fired: 0

Close Encounters: 0

Head Shots: 0

Alerts: 0

Enemies Killed: 3

Enemies Harmed: 0

Civilians Killed: 2

Civilians Harmed: 0

Saves: 0-3


It’s more fun when you are allowed though. Keep that in mind…




The Tetra Spirit - Russia Rucus

Posted 04 September 2004 - 09:42 AM

Meh,might as well get in this one to.

Mission:Russia Rucus(St.Petersburg Stakeout)


Kill the KGB officer

Kill the generals personal guards

Don’t harm anyone else at the meeting

Breifing:"Ahh,Russia! Land of the Tsars! Your returning mission,Mr.47,will be in St.Petersburg Russia. You are required by our client,to take out an ex-KGB officer,whom our client beleives is responsible for his duaghters recent kidnapping. You are to snipe the general from the apartment building accros from the Pushkin building.

Our client would also like you to eliminate all the generals personal guards. They reside at the following locations:

The Metro,near the sewer entrance

The small slope out side the Pushkin building

The two guards walking around the building

The lone guard inside the apartments

These are the right-hand men of each of the generals. Our client wants them taken out,for fear they know to much about him and us. The armaments you are allowed to bring are:

Combat knife


Dragonuv sniper rifle

You are only allowed four shots,two alerts,no close encounters and no other enemies killed,other then your targets. Good luck Mr.47!"

How’s this?

Bynx - Underground Affairs

Posted 06 April 2008 - 03:36 PM

Underground Affairs

Hello 47. I got another Mission for you, the Superpower’s of Russia are all meeting in one place. The Goverment and the Russian Mob. a One Sergei Zavtoski enlisted our service’s he say’s the Head of the Russian Mob is meeting there.

Assassinate the Mob Boss at the Meeting. 47 Sergei Has arranged a Hit On Mob Boss Ivan Krelinko, under the guise of a meeting. We want you to take him down at any cost. we have left a sniper rifle for you at locker 137 if you wish to use it.you will get a hefty fee for this Hit so Don’t make mistakes 47.

Asssassinate The Police Informer’s The Stanwyck Brothers. When you arrive 47, there will be two Informer’s under the disguise of civilains, at the Train station. they are Sergei’s Buissness associates’s. Sergei recently found out that they are informer’s to the Russian Police with there Knowledge they could put him away for a long time, You’ll need to elminate them.

Assassinate Undercover K.G.B Op. across from the Building Sergei is meeting he has discovered there is a Undercover K.J.B OP who has been spying on sergei and reporting back to the K.G.B this could spell disaster for future operations he would like him elminated.

Bonus Objective if you use the sniper rifle plant it on the K.G.B, op so if this hit is investigated into it will fall on the K.G.B

Do Not Kill anyone else But the Targets. do to the Goverment officals attending the meeting you need to be carful don’t kill anyone but the target’s we Don’t want a international affair.

Escape at the Train Station. Escape the Same way you got there.

Bynx - Old Friends

Posted 28 November 2007 - 02:07 AM

Old Friends

Hello 47 got a job if your interested Four genrals are meeting at The pushkin building later to day the are soley having this meeting so you can get a clean shot at one of the genrals heres the briefing.First target Genral Igor he is a genral and former Kgb Officer he knows about a Warhead are client has and our client dosent want this to leak out to the press so You’ll have to kill him He is a non smoker a heavy drinker and is bald sorry 47 that’s all the information we have on him.Second Target Ivon Greboski He is the Genrals Personal bodgaurd and to for your convenince he has omitted him from the Metting area he is patroling near the sewer’s Inside the train station He has accsess to most of the genrals private documents and for a while back in 1992 Before you worked for us Kjb was on our tail for a while before we escaped them and they have files on us but only ivon and igor has accsess to them so kill him because if you dont he might figure it out was us and come after us so kill him.third Target Yuri Valduska he is a Kjb Officer and has been tracking Igor for a while And is a great marksman he is corrupt though and needs to be taken out because he has been abusing his power to Free his Crimanal Brother from his discrimanating Charges he and Igor were Partners but we have a way to go about this we have planted a SVD russian sniper for you in locker 137 Take and it and And kill Igor with it but make it look like he was so truobled by the hit he commited suicide so Kill him with a single shot to the head and plant the SVD on his corpse to blame the Hit on him.

Kill Igor (with SVD sniper rifle)

Kill Ivon Greboski

Kill Yuri Valduska (plant SVD on his corpse)


Dogma - Current Affairs


Location: St. Petersburg Shootout

Weapons you Must Bring:

  • Any knife or melee weapon.


  • Assassinate the General at the Meeting

  • Terminate Raiding Party

  • Syringe General Gustafh

  • Place blame on General Gustafh

  • Escape the Scene


A meeting of the top officials in Russia has been made by a certain Genral Gustafh. There are many targets here of importance and if we can take one we might be able to split them up into weaker powers. You will have to infiltrate the city streets to get close to your targets.

Assassinate the General at the Meeting:

General Craving will be attending the meeting in a Green suit setting himself apart from the others. No bullets or the weapon check could be traced back to us. The Sniper Rifle in your locker is for extreme circumstances if you cannot reach inside the building but we are positive you will find a way in.

Terminate Raiding Party:

You would have your work cut out for you if we employed these men. Unfortunately, we have a situation that could compromise our end of the mission. Word has leaked out to us that a group of rebels in the organization have planned an associated attack on our client Sergei. It?s too much of a threat for us. They are next to the truck near the river. 2 guarding the roadway and another ready to start the truck. I request these men be taken out to avoid a nasty mix up.

Syringe General Gustafh:

Gustafh has arranged the meeting. Our client is not in good terms with this man and would like the assassination placed on him. Syringe him and get him out of the compound.


Place blame on General Gustafh:

Leave your weapon of killing on Gustafh to arose suspicion between the other generals. Hopefully if they separate we can take them down individually.

Escape the Scene:

Best method out is back to the train station. Leaving by the river is too close of a call. Good luck.

Your statistics should read like this:

Ranking: Professional

Shots Fired: 0

Close Encounters: 0

Head Shots: 0

Alerts: 0

Enemies Killed: 3 (The raiding party soldiers)

Enemies Harmed: 0

Civilians Killed: 0

Civilians Harmed: 0

Saves: 0-2

*General Gustafh is the General pacing back and forth through the meeting room. He?s your best chance of success for the mission.

Kirov Park Meeting is a bitch but I have one coming.



Bynx - The Kirov Park Hit

Posted 08 April 2008 - 11:40 PM

The Kirov Park Hit

Hello 47, Nice job on your last hit, after that, we have had ton’s of “order’s” coming in on the remaining Genrals, Here is one Hit a client requested.

Genral Makarov. He is worried, after your last hit, and is going to Igor Kuboski, for protection we need to kill him while security is lax. if you Fail he will go underground so don’t fail.

Igor Kuboski. he is Makarov’s Connection, in addtion to Killing makarov, we’d like you to Knock him off aswell it would be good for buisness.

Kill Igor Kuboski’s driver Hamlett. do to a bloody mob war with, Sergei Zavatoski, Igor has no Family left so if he dies, his only Heir is his driver, who is also involved in his dirty dealings. so you’ll need to whack him to.

Do Not use car Bombs.it’s detrimental that you do not use car bombs, because this could implicate Our client, because he deal’s in explosives.

Kill Ivan Morrenzyhe will patroll around the Dumpster’s where we will leave your agency pickup. you’ll need to Kill him our client has not explained why but has put a 10,000 Dollar Contract on his head. so it’s inportant he does not live to see the light of day.

Dump Ivan and Hamlett’s Body’s in The sewer’s.our client does not want there body’s found right away so you’ll need to dump both of them.

Good luck 47.

:< * Whack Genral Mackarov.

*Knock off Igor Kuboski.

  • Execute Ivan Morenzy

*Erase Hamlett.

*Dispose of Hamlett’s and ivan’s body’s.

*Do Not use Car Bombs.

*You are only allowed, one shot.

Bynx - Boris's Betrayal

Posted: Unknown

Boris’s Betrayal

Hello 47 we have got to hurry our client wants you to Elminate the other three Genrals get close to the truth They all have Started there own investigations into what happened at the meeting One of The Genrals is Gooing to Buy Mob Protection Genral Narakov is Going to be Meeting with Mob Boss Boris Zinkovra At Kirov Park.First Target To avoid unwanted attention of The Russian Police Force We want this to Look like a Betraylal The Mob is Notorious For Using Car Bombs To elminate there targets So We have Provided you With a Car Bomb to blow up the Genral with place it on his car so when he leaves it will Explode and it Will Place the Blame on Boris.Second Target Boris Zinkovra He Runs one of the largest Mob Family in russia it would do a great deal for our client if you would Remove Him But Make his assassination Look like Local Law inforcment Killed him They carrie a SVD sniper rifle WE also have supplied you with one Kill Boris with it.Third Target Japanese Driver Mishera Maniko He Used to Be a driver for the Red Dragons the Triad you Destroyed Remember? Well he is involved in Bigger things Now He Helps Boris With his Operations Like Smuggling Racketering and The Drug Trade well our client Prefers he dosent live Kill him any Way you want His death will be Irrelavant to Law inforcement They will be most likley Be preoccupied with the Genrals Daeth.

Kill Genral Narakov

Kill His Mob Conecction Boris Zinkovra

Kill the Driver Mishara Maniko


Dogma - Assassination Meeting

Posted: Unknown

Location: Kirov Park Meeting


  • Assassinate General Makarov

  • Assassinate his Mafia connection, Igor Kubasko

  • Assassinate the 2 Drivers

  • Assassinate the Church Tower Guard

  • Assassinate General Mykei Stakardo

  • Do not use Bombs to Kill Targets

  • Escape the Scene


General Makarov has fled from his local residence and sought help from an old friend of his in the local mafia. He is looking for protection. Before his security is tightened, we need to get rid of him. You can get in, as a civilian but entering the park will be near impossible without a disguise.

Assassinate General Makarov:

General Makarov should be in professional general attire and is highly cautious now after our previous incident. If the slightest thing goes wrong, don?t expect him to be around long. No slip ups 47.

Assassinate his Mafia connection, Igor Kubasko:

Igor is an old friend of Makarov and has made a fine living in the Russian Black Market. Take your time with him as he is heavily guarded.

Assassinate the 2 Drivers:

They are the only civilians to the matter and could cause a leak to the police which is the last thing we want. To be sure, this is kept tight by our enemies you will have to terminate them.

Assassinate the Church Tower Guard:

He is overseeing the Park and will notice any unwanted entry or disturbance below. You?ll have to take care of him before your main targets

Assassinate General Mykei Stakardo:

Another General is appearing at the meeting yet he will not be attending. He is a personal guard for General Makarov and is overseeing the protection to and security of the Park. He will be dressed in Normal Army General Clothing yet his whereabouts are unknown at this point. We will try to update you if we can.

Do not use Bombs to Kill Targets:

We cannot allow the use of bombs on this mission. They are there as a last resort. We want this clean so that local authorities aren?t called and the troops take care of it themselves. Any added police movement will make your next mission hard to get.

Escape the Scene:

Escape back to your boat as quickly as possible. It?s an open park and the bodies are a sure sighting.

Your statistics should read like this:

Ranking: Professional

Shots Fired: 2*

Close Encounters: 0

Head Shots: 2*

Alerts: 0

Enemies Killed: 2 (Church Tower Guard, General Mykei Stakardo)

Enemies Harmed: 0

Civilians Killed: 2 (The 2 Drivers)

Civilians Harmed: 0

Saves: 0-2

*: I will allow 2 headshots just because it?s a fun sniping mission. These bullets can only be used to SNIPE THE MAIN TARGETS and nothing else.

Fun Fun?



The Tetra Spirit - Military Affairs

Posted 10 September 2004 - 04:56 PM

Another of my brain spawn.

Mission:Military Affairs(Tubeway Torpedo)


Kill general

Kill guard with illegal weapons

Kill officer

Kill two guards watching camera moniters

Kill all gaurds in second basement

Free agent

Breifing:47,well done on your previous misson! Our client is very impressed! So much,that he has decided to have you do this mission as well. You must eliminate the third general from the arms deal. I don’t think you need the reasons after two hits exaxtly like this. Our client would also like to have the guard standing closest to the sewers taken out. He has been hideing weapons so competers at weapon bids would bid less,thinking they don’t have enough money to buy it when they do. You must also retreive the weapons in the shed and bring them with you. When you get in the building you must eliminate the officer in the moniter room. His outfit is the only one that will allow you access to the second basement. You must also kill the guards watching the moniters so that when you bring the agent up you will not be alerted. Once in the second basement you must kill all the guards down there before killing the general,that way they won’t find the dead general. After they are out of the way,take the agent with you to the hole you blew in the wall earlier and escape. You may only bring a 9MM and a knife. You may only fire ten bullets and kill no one that isn’t a target,and may only get three alerts. Good luck 47! You’ll need it!

Bynx - A Desperate Rescue

Posted 26 April 2008 - 11:42 PM

A Desperate Rescue

Nice job, on that last hit 47. I have got another hit for you on another of the remaining genrals.

Genral Yuri. 47 we have been contacted By a Soldier who served under Yuri in the army. and he wants him dead. we have supplied you with a russian service pistol. Kill Yuri with it.

Agent Smith. 47 we also have been contacted by the C.I.A they proposed a deal with us the would tell other law enforecment agency’s to lay off me and my family, if we rescued agent smith. he is being kept in the second basment rescue him, at any cost.

John Macki. he is the soldier patrolling the sewer area, he is a undercover F.S.B agent the CIA want this failed mission kept quiet. Russia has been trying to get back at America ever since the fall of the soviet union. if he finds out agent smith works for the CIA, he will go public kill him before he does.

Call Pager.after blowing the sewer wall, and escaping the gaurds, before you leave call the pager, it will send a electronic signal to the CIA they have some men who then will storm the place and “clean up” the rest of the enemy’s and wipe any trace of us bewing involved.

Disable security camera watching the sewer’s.this is the only camera, the CIA will not be able to pass after Storming the place. if they are detected, before they can reach the control room, the whole base will go on alert. and most of the soldier’s, will escape, they do not want that so shoot this camera.

Kill Mark Zedonski. he is the gaurd at the desk he a alchoholic, and A former F.B.I. agent. the CIA fear he may release secret’s to enemy’s if too drunk Kill him.

Escape. Escape through the Sewer’s, as said above.

Bynx - Escaping a Army

Posted 04 December 2007 - 12:18 AM

Escaping A Army

Hello 47 Diana here great job on your last mission but we have heard that one of the genrals is interrogting people in the basement of his HQ we had a man on the inside but he got captured we havent heard from him in 2 days we want you to rescue him and kill the genral and a few other targets here’s the breifing.First Target Genral Yeltsin he is Probaly in his Basement Interogating Prisoners he used to be in the army so he has connection and has half of mother russia there so be carful.Second Target Colenel Bruski he is a Key instrument in The capturing of smith he has been on our tail for a while so he will probaly be suspicous of you so watch out he will be patrolling the spot where you’ll have to escape.Third Target Mark Ivonoff he is a Independant Contractor and has put contracts out on several of our agents and this is our chance to Elminate him he will be Sitting at his desk near the elivator take him out.we have supplied you with a bomb because after You rescue the agent thats captured you’ll have to escape we have found a weak spot in the Walls it’s located near the sewer’s in the Base plant the bomb and then escape good luck 47.

Kill genral Yeltsin

Kill Colenel Bruski

Kill Mark ivanoff

Rescue the agent


Dogma - Underground Assault

Posted: Unknown

Location: Tubeway Torpedo

Weapons you Must Bring:

  • Any knife or melee weapon.


  • Assassinate General Gustafh

  • Free the Prisoner from the 2nd Basement

  • Eliminate all Basement Communications Personnel

  • Eliminate General Vanbutin

  • Destroy Sentry Camera #1

  • Assassinate Deck Guard

  • Do not Destroy the Camera Feed

  • Leave Pager in Control Room

  • Escape Through Blasted Hole


We wouldn?t normally have you go into a mission like this but your skills are required in an underground assault upon General Gustafh?s underground base. You?re the first weapon of assault upon Gustafh 47. You are to infiltrate his base and make the Assault teams job much easier. It?s a cost were willing to sacrifice for your immense pay.

Assassinate General Gustafh:

Here he is again 47. After his brush with near death at the meeting, and the now constant pressure on him from the other generals, he has retreated to his basement complex just north of St. Petersburg. We have an Assault team that will be exterminating the base and shutting it down. It?s been a request of one of our clients that his devious actions in Europe are to not go unchallenged.

Free the Prisoner from the 2nd Basement:

I think you have had a previous acquaintance with this Prisoner 47. He is an American soldier so get him out of there before the shooting gets serious.

Eliminate all Basement Communications Personnel:

Unfortunately, for the Assault Team, they will get spotted as soon as they reach within a mile from a guard post that to you is of this point inaccessible. Your job is to break the communications between the guard post and the main communications desk. You will have to eliminate a total of 4 communications workers in the first basement.

Eliminate General Vanbutin:

Watching the Control Room, he is second in Command to the base and should pose some opposition to the assault team. Take him out silently.

Destroy Sentry Camera #1:

There is a link between the Control Room in the Basement, The guard post, and the main telecommunications field base miles away from here. Our greatest concern would be for the guard post to radio into the Telecommunications base and have them linking the news directly to Gustafh. You?ll have to destroy the camera field vision between this link so that Gustafh will not know until it is too late. Shoot out the camera moniter to disable the connection. (See ?Do not Destroy the Camera Feed?)


Assassinate Deck Guard:

We have another communications issue. Gustafh has the place locked down tight. They have a sentry in your opening area that is being checked every minute by the main telecommunications base by phone. They are planning to move a new set of weaponry by truck to the base from the depot. However, this will cause guard shifts to change, which would be most unwise for your current stealth maneuvering. You?ll have to take out the Deck Guard in the Depot while he is on the phone so that the order cannot come through. This is most vital if you intend on getting through undetected.

Do not Destroy the Camera Feed:

Any severed connection between the hard line would notify the telecommunications base immediately through a hard wire connection. Therefore, you must not shoot out the feed to the cameras in the building or the base will know something is wrong.

Leave Pager in Control Room:

We are still unsure to the exact location of this Control Room. We have only outside information so we have not been able to paint a picture. We do know it is in the 1st basement below the main section of the building. Now your pager has a planted tracking device so that we can know where this exact location is and the assault team will have no trouble getting in.

Escape Through the Blasted Hole:

This is close now to becoming a military operation and we fear that as soon as you have accomplished your previous objectives that our clients command will take over and send in the troops. The only way to guarantee you get out in time is to blast your way through a wall in the 1st basement leading to the sewer. We cannot help you on the location but look for a soft wall that lies next to the sewers. This may prove to be a useful distraction as well.

Your statistics should read like this:

Ranking: Professional

Shots Fired: 1* (Link to Telecommunications)

Close Encounters: 0

Head Shots: 0

Alerts: 0

Enemies Killed: 6 (General, Communications Personnel, Deck Guard)

Enemies Harmed: 0

Civilians Killed: 0

Civilians Harmed: 0

Saves: 0-2

*: The exact location to this camera view is really not specified. Basically you can simply shoot out any of the camera screens in the Control Room and it will count as completing the objective because it is basically the same idea.


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Valkyrie - Spoiling the Party

Posted 29 August 2004 - 06:14 AM

Mission 1: Spoiling the party… (ITAP)


?47, you are assigned to infiltrate the German Embassy, which is at the moment one of the most secure places in St.Petersburg. The reason for this is the following: half an hour ago, at 7.30 P.M. an ex-KGB-officer arrived at the embassy. He was carrying a suitcase. Inside the suitcase is something of an extreme value. Such an extreme value that a client has paid us an outraegous sum of money to retrieve that suitcase. It is of extreme importance that the contents of that suitcase do not fall in to the wrong hands. Furthermore, our client, wants no one to know what is in the suitcase. Therefore you must eliminate everyone who may have seen the contents of the suitcase. Apart from the General, the German Ambassador does also know what is in the suitcase, so both he and the General are to be eliminated.

There are however some complications, it appears that there is another party that is desperate to obtain the suitcase. They have hired a Russian Spetsnaz agent, who is a top performer in the trade, to obtain the suitcase. We cannot afford to ignore him, or to take him temporarily out of action, because he would certainly try and succeed in stealing the suitcase later on. It is of great importance that he does not leave the area alive, although he may not be found dead inside the embassy, because our client has connections to this agent and does not want to be connected straight to the stealing of the suitcase. We have managed to smuggle a very nifty sniper rifle onto the embassy?s balcony. You are to eliminate The Spetsnaz with this rifle from the balcony.

The Spetsnaz has a companion inside the embassy. He works as a cook, in the kitchen in the basement, but is in fact a mole working for the highest bidder. Eliminating him would only be making a useless victim. We have an other way to take care of him: We want you to be sure he is blamed for the murder on the General. Therefore you must kill the General by something that connects his murder to the cook. We suggest using anything from the kitchen that can be used asa weapon (knife, spoon :(), but it may be even a better idea to intoxicate the general. At a hidden location in the neighbourhood of the embassy you will find some equipment making this possible. The murder on the ambassador must also be blamed on him, or on the Spetsnaz agent, preferably the last one.

There is yet another party involved. An unknown person has hired the help of three masterthieves to obtain the suitcase. Few is known about these two, they were never arrested, but their fame reaches all the way up in to heaven :D. We have obtained a few tiny bits of information on these three persons; Two of them are dressed as normal male party guests. One of them has a bladder problem, so he visits the toilet frequently, which should give you a hint on his identity. The other one arrives later at the party, he will be arriving at the party at the same time as you, maybe you are a little earlier then he is. He will most likely have an invitation to the party. We know only a little about the third thief. She is a women and will try to seduce the General, so he will reveal her the location of the suitcase. It is likely that she can be found in close proximity to the Genearal, but we don 't know anything about her disguise. These three peole are to be eliminated for the sake of your mission.

Recently the rooms with the safes inside the embassy have been bugged with suveillancecameras. If you would enter such a room you will be caught on camera, and such footage will of course immediately be dispersed to Intelligence Services all over the world, and thus rendering you worthless to the Agency. You are our best kept secret, 47, and your picture being seen by Intelligence people all over the world would be detrimental to business. Good luck.?

Your objectives are to:

1: Obtain the suitcase kept in a safe in the embassy.

2: Eliminate the KGB-General using something that will connect the murder to the cook

3: Eliminate the ambassador (or let ?someone else? do this for you :slight_smile: ).

4: Eliminate the Spetsnaz agent using the sniper rifle on the embassy?s balcony.

5: Eliminate the 3 ‘masterthieves’

6: Do not enter the ?safe-rooms? in the embassy.

7: Do not kill or harm any civilians or guards and remain stealthy.

You are assigned the following weapons:

Fibre wire

Anaesthetic (chloroform)

You are of course allowed to use any weapons, disguises etc. which you will find and obtain during your mission. You are allowed to disguise yourself as a party guest or waiter, as long as you don?t kill or anaesthseize anyone to obtain a disguise.

You are allowed no alerts, no close calls, and one shot fired.

Bynx - Party Crashing

Posted 04 May 2008 - 12:21 AM

Party Crashing

hello,47. Good work with Hayamoto, His body is still being shipped we expect results in a couple of day’s. Your next mission is to kill the last general. I’m suprised how much the citizens of Russia are quick to be rid of all the general’s. he is a attending a party, in germany and tomorrow will be requesting ayslum, so you’ll need to Crash the party and Kill him, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. further details below.

General Zupikov. he is attending a party tonight at the german embassy, and as said above will be requesting ayslum tomorrow. so you’ll need to hit him tonight.he is rumored to be having a affair with the maid so he’ll probably be with her most of the night.

Chef Charlie Pizzazi. a ex con, a good friend of the ambassoder, he is a small time hit man and part of a German Cartel. he is friends with the general and helps him in his many crime’s we would like him rubbed out.

Do Not Get seen in your Original Clothes. the general warned everyone about a attempt on his life. and gave a discription of what you might be wearing, so any gaurds will attack on site if any of the Like are worn. the guest’s have been warned so the gaurds won’t have any misunderstandings. if you are seen in your orginal clothing then it’s automaticly mission over.

Steal Missile Guidance system. that Missile system could fetch a pretty penny 47, so Don’t let any competiter’s get there hands on it.

Wear the specified clothes. this is going to be tough 47, but you can’t wear any waiter’s clothes because everyone know’s each other and you would stick out. and also you can’t wear any guest clothes because the gaurds know everyone on the list.and for and for the reason above you can’t wear your orginal clothes. but I have found out that there has been a high turnover on the gaurds so that may be your way in.

Spetznaz Agent. I have received word that a spetznaz agent has infiltrated the party to steal the guidance system, and kill the ambassoder. Don’t let him steal the system 47.I want you to sedate him after he kill’s the ambassoder, because it will postpone the investigation into the stolen system.and take the heat off us.

Steal the Check. My bonus to you 47.

-Wear specified Clothes.

-Sedate Spetznaz After He Kill’s the ambassoder.

-steal the Guidance system.

-Kill Genral Zupikov

-Kill Chef Pizzazi

-steal the check

Bynx - A Bad Night

Posted 04 December 2007 - 12:38 AM

A Bad Night

Hello 47 got a job the last genral at the meeting will be gonig to the German embassy to reouest asylum here’s the full breifingFirst Target Genral Zupikov he willbe attending a party tonight at the Embassy kill him.Second target The spetsnaz agent we have heard that a Spetsnaz Agent has Received a Invation the thought of a former genral defecting to germany makes Russia Furious so the Spetsnaz will be there to kill the Ambassader we cant let that happen so kill the The spetsnaz.there will be several targets attending the party to attempt to Hold the ammbassader Hostage for a ransom then after they get there money they will kill him our client dosent want this to happen so you’l need to Take them out.third target Jarrod Forman he will be a waiter his post will be outside near your insertion kill him.Fourth Target Anthony Cashi his post will be on the Balcony.Fifth Target Joan willams she will be on the 1st floor disguised as a Maid Kill her.Sixth Target Harrison Mcavoy will be a Guest at the party but do to being a criminal he has failed to treat a prostate problem so he will probaly be going to and from the bathroom.Lasty 47 retreive the genrals siutcase after being imprisoned he will proably peddle to the highest bidder and i have to stess to you make sure the Ammbassader stay’s alive good luck 47.

Kill Genral Zupikov

Kill the Spetsnaz agent

Kill Jarrod Forman

Kill Anthony Cashi

Kill Joan Willams

Kill Harrison Mcvoy

Retreive Breifcase

Protect the Ammbassader


Dogma - A Unwelcome Guest

Posted: Unknown

AHA! I finally got this Invitation out. Since its everyone?s favorite level, I figured that it should be extra good. A lot of stuff going on in this one. You need to have a plan of what to do for the objectives before you go in or you will be stuck for hours like I was. There should never be a dull moment either but it all depends on what way you tackle the objectives. A very versatile mission.

Posted Image

Location: Invitation to a Party

Weapons you Must Bring:

  • Any knife or melee weapon.


  • Assassinate the General

  • Drag the Generals Body down to his Small Office

  • The Spetznaz Agent must not be Killed

  • The Ambassador must not be Killed

  • Assassinate the Generals friends in Crime

  • Assassinate the Pianist

  • Escape to the Dock


Here we are again 47 with your last General meeting. The General has a party tonight at the Lincoln Ballroom, a perfect cover for you. You?ll need to eliminate his friends in Crime as they leave traces dating back to the late 80?s.

Assassinate the General:

You primary target the General has arrived just earlier from his limousine. Make sure his body is not found. If placed at the wrong time it could compromise the entire mission.

Drag the Generals Body down to his Small Office:

The General, by sources, has been reading the newspaper down in the basement and has only till recently joined the guests at the party. There are security cameras on 24/7 in the party but no monitors. They are for emergency recall purposes. There are however no cameras in the basement and kitchen. If we make it look like the assassination was staged downstairs, we won?t get your face on tape. Therefore, you should pick the locked door in the basement to keep suspicion high. As for the other targets, you will have to take them out in disguise.

The Spetznaz Agent must not be Killed:

His life is nessecery for the success of this mission. He will take media heat, as he wasn?t on the guest list. He is after your VIP so make sure that they both stay alive for media coverage.

The Ambassador must not be Killed:

Another primary objective 47, this man must not be harmed in any way whatsoever.

Assassinate the Generals friends in Crime:

The Twin Brothers, Harodle and Genokav Yoleshi, are providing the General with some support in the times following St. Petersburg. They are outside by their cars and plan to do business later tonight. Meeting Cancelled 47.

Assassinate the Pianist:

Ex-Convict and personal friend to the General the Pianist at the party is living well off of what the General Provides. We have word from reports in Moscow that he is involved with a charging rebel plutonic enforcement that is taking hold of certain areas. A Major target of opportunity that shouldn?t go unnoticed.

Escape to the Dock:

Fastest way out is back from the river. We also need to be a safe distance before local authorities are called.

Your statistics should read like this:

Ranking: Professional

Shots Fired: 0

Close Encounters: 0

Head Shots: 0

Alerts: 0

Enemies Killed: 0

Enemies Harmed: 0

Civilians Killed: 3 (Pianist, Twin Brothers)

Civilians Harmed: 0

Saves: 0-2

And you have fun with this one too?

I typed this fast so PM with any errors I might have. Haven?t gone over it in detail yet?



Bynx - The Liquidation

Posted 01 May 2008 - 11:18 PM

The Liquidation

hello 47. Got a job for you, Hayamoto Jr. is meeting with a local yakuza leader. secretly, he is a ally of ours. he is pretending to side with Hayamoto Jr. he has learned that hayamto is exerting more influence in his Father’s organazation, and is planning a blood bath, for all the local crime in his area. I have some friends there, he is going to hit tomorrow, so we can’t waste any more time. I’ll get you in at night when Our Yakuza friend Kenji Hasherio, is meeting with Hayamoto. Further Details Below.

Hayamoto Jr.Son of Masherio Hayamoto, he is a arms dealer. and supplies his father with the latest technology, sorry 47 we could not provide any photo’s of him he is rather camera shy. he is wearing a white suit, and a red tie.

Place Tracking Bug on Hayaymoto. we need you to plant a tracking bug on Hayamoto’s corpse so we can locate his father so we can eventually elminate him, his body will be delivered to his father upon his death for his burial.

Do Not Harm Kenji Hasherio.he is a friend of ours, and even if he was not, and all hell would break loose, if you even laid a finger. on him so it’s best to avoid any Confrontation with him.

Kill The chef Manny Larson.he is a loyal associate of Hayamoto Sr. and Jr. we would like him removed before he can Investigate,Hayamoto’s Death.

Bonus Target The Waitress Kei chong. she is one of the last loyal Employe’s to Hayamoto although she is a Bonus target we would very much appreciate her disposal.

Do Not Harm Any Gaurd/ do Not wear any gaurds Clothing inside the house.after Hayamoto’s elminating, Kenji will have all the gaurds here Unified into his crew, so he would like as few casulty’s as possible. Hayamoto has had the same staff for 3 years, so needless to say they reconize each other very well, so you will not be able to wear any gaurd clothing, yet the chef is a new addition to hayamoto’s crew. so his disguise may be exploited.

Dogma - Family Bondings

Posted: Unknown

Done with Tracking Hayamoto. It?s not a lot of objectives?and that?s because one of them is really fun. A challenge of mine. Took a while to shape up. FOREWARNING. You have to use about?4 to 5 glitches to make this work. Now I completed it using 1 glitch but that was only after using the other method and expanding from that.

Posted Image

Location: Tracking Hayamoto


  • Infiltrate Meeting Area

  • Assassinate Hayamoto Jr.

  • Plant bug on Hayamoto Jr.?s corpse

  • Assassinate Tanaka Kusahana

  • Do not use any Guard Clothing

  • Escape the Scene


We need you to take out a Masahiro Hayamoto. His whereabouts at this time are unknown. However, his son, Hyamoto Jr. is attending a meeting at a lone location. While quite small it?s heavily guarded from both Yakuza gang members and Hyamoto?s guards.

Infiltrate Meeting Area:

Hayamoto is attending a meeting with Tanaka Kusahana, the leader of the Yakuza. The Meeting house is on top of a hill just north of the village Tripolin. The Meeting room is a large square shaped room near the front of the building. One guard from the outside waiting room watches the meeting. However accessing this room will be a problem without a serious amount of stealth. Be cautious.

Kill Hayamoto Jr.:

Hayamoto has no idea of his current rating with our agency and is most likely attending the meeting without his personal bodyguard. This is the opportune moment to assassinate him.

Plant bug on Hayamoto Jr.?s corpse:

Hayamoto Jr.?s corpse will travel to Masahiro Hayamoto for a final resting place. To get to Masahiro plant a tracking device on Hayamoto Jr.?s body.

Kill Hayamoto?s Tanaka Kusahana:

Tanaka Kushana, a high-ranking member of the Yakuza, will be meeting Hayamoto Jr. over a late dinner this evening. He is a target of opportunity that should be dealt with as necessary. Make sure his body is not found until you have left.

Do not use any Guard Clothing:

You may not tend to blend in with the crowd as the meeting place. Therefore, Guard clothing will be useless to you. You will need to find another disguise or maintain stealth at all times.

Escape the Scene:

Escape by any means. The area is mostly civilian populated. Descending the hill should be easy as there are no cameras or guards to our knowledge.

Your statistics should read like this:

Ranking: Silent Assassin

Shots Fired: 0 **

Close Encounters: 0

Head Shots: 0 **

Alerts: 0

Enemies Killed: 1 (Tanaka Kusahana)*

Enemies Harmed: 0

Civilians Killed: 0

Civilians Harmed: 0

Saves: 0-3 (You will need them)

*: Just to make everyone clear, Tanaka Kusahana is the fat guy that is sitting next to him. I have always wanted to incorporate him in my mission because he looks different from everyone else and is a cool character.

**: Now if you really can?t do it I will allow one shot fired that must be a headshot. It makes it a whole lot easier.


You guys enjoy yourself. I want to know how you guys completed it.



Dogma - Finding a Killer Part 1

Posted 01 November 2004 - 08:40 PM

I think I might have found a way to make the Snow Levels fun?tell me what you think?

Posted Image

Location: Hidden Valley


  • Find the Gate to the Castle

  • Do not enter the Tunnel at any time

  • Assassinate 6 Tower Snipers


47, this is Diana from agency. We’ve been monitoring the small tracking device in the late Hayamoto Jr. We managed to track down Hayamoto Sr., thanks to your fine work. He emerged at one of his castles in central Japan. This makes it a very tricky assignment. You must make your way through some very tough security and bypass a lot of electronic surveillance in order to access the castle undetected. You might need to take out the power grids to the alarm units. The whole area is studded with tripwires, guards, substations, alarm units, guard towers etc. Strategic planning is extremely important. Take care 47.

Find the Gate to the Castle:

We have a simple map to your current position 47 but the gate to the main entrance of the castle is still unknown to us. When you get there notify us and we can use GPS transmissions to plot your situation. CIA operatives have a terrain map of the area and we will patch you through with a new map.

Do not enter the Truck Tunnel at any time:

There?s a transport shipping of illegally transported weapons in a lower bunker tunnel in the valley. You are advised to stay clear of the area as it is riddled with video monitors controlled from the Castle. It?s a live feed so they will be able to spot you within seconds. Any idea of an assassination attempt, and the Castle would be completely shut down and your mission would be compromised. Stay away from the tunnel.


Assassinate 6 Tower Snipers:

Recent Satellite footage shows a total of 6 guard towers or so along your current position. After you successfully assassinate Hayamoto, you will be picked up by helicopter from the Castle entrance. It?s the only way to get you out without a disturbance. We don?t know how long you will have until Hayamoto?s body is found. For this reason we need all Air sight taken out for a successful stealth flight for our helicopters. Eliminate a total of 6 tower snipers and we should be able to successfully sneak our helicopters under the castle radar.

Your statistics should read like this:

Ranking: Professional

Shots Fired: 6

Close Encounters: 0

Head Shots: 6

Alerts: 0

Enemies Killed: 6 (6 Tower Snipers)

Enemies Harmed: 0

Civilians Killed: 0

Civilians Harmed: 0

Saves: 0-3

*: By the way just to let you know. This objective means that you have to go through Hidden Valley completely on the snow. Never go down a ladder. Its fun discovering the other side of the level.

Have fun. It?s an easy one of mine?



Bynx - Stalking Hayamoto Part 1

Posted 04 May 2008 - 12:37 AM

Stalking Hayamoto Part 1

hello 47. just got the results back from the late hayamoto jr. but it’s not going to be easy getting to Hayamoto SR. he has lot’s of Heavy security Electronic and Guards. good luck 47.

Find Gate to Castle.We have a simple map to your current position 47 but the gate to the main entrance of the castle is still unknown to us. When you get there notify us and we can use GPS transmissions to plot your situation.

Kill the 3 Ninja Leader’s. I need you to kill the 3 ninja leader’s who have poisonied the minds, of there impressoniable young Student’s against my and my friend Kenji’s Organazations,I have news from a reliable source that a rebellion is starting in my friend Kenji’s organazation and the’s guys are leading it. I want you to quell this Rebellion. they will be in the room next to the room all the ninja’s are in with the Katana’s. but they will have machine gun’s not kaytana’s.

Do not enter the Tunnel at all exept to Do the Above Objective.there is High security in the Tunnel’s we can’t risk having you on a Camera feed so do not go into the tunnels at all exept for the above objective.

Kill two Ninja’s gaurding the Front Entrance to the Tunnels. Kenji has some men hiding in a truck who will swoop in and Elminate the rest of the Rebellion. since the front entrance will be the only place they are searched, we need to be sure they are not discovered.

Hide the two Ninja’s body’s if there body’s are discovered the whole castle will go on alert make sure that does not happen.

Bynx - Stalking Hayamoto part 2

Posted 04 May 2008 - 12:46 AM

Stalking Hayamoto part 2

Half way there keep up the good work 47.

Disable the Generators. you need to disable the generators to be able to acsess the Castle without alerts. there are 3 Disable all of them 47.

Kill all the ninja’s gaurding the 2 generator. I don’t know how 47 but somehow there has been a silent alert. but Only 3-4 ninja’s know and they are so cocky they have not told Hayamoto yet so, quickly elminate them they will be waiting for you the 2nd generator. but be carful the are Yoyimbo’s they very best.

Kill all Sniper’s. we need you to Kill all the sniper’s if we are to safely extract you.

Dogma - Finding a Killer Part 2

Posted 22 January 2005 - 12:25 AM

It?s been about 3 months since my last custom mission. I hate the snow levels. But I?m trudging my way through them. I gave up for a bit but then noticed nobody has ever done a custom mission for each level in H2. So I?m gonna attempt it in due time.

Posted Image

Location: At the Gates


  • Infiltrate the Castle

  • Eliminate the Main Castle Sniper

  • Shut down the Power Grids to the Castles Trip Wires

  • Assassinate the Elite Guards to the Barracks


47, this is Diana from agency. We’ve been monitoring the small tracking device in the late Hayamoto Jr. We managed to track down Hayamoto Sr., thanks to your fine work. He emerged at one of his castles in central Japan. This makes it a very tricky assignment. You must make your way through some very tough security and bypass a lot of electronic surveillance in order to access the castle undetected. You might need to take out the power grids to the alarm units. The whole area is studded with tripwires, guards, substations, alarm units, guard towers etc. Strategic planning is extremely important.

Infiltrate the Castle:

Remain undetected as you travel through the castle. Multiple heat signals outside the castle walls suggest small patrols along its outskirts. Take extreme preventative measures in your plans.

Eliminate the Main Castle Sniper:

You have just a little ways to go before you will be in sight of your first target. The tower sniper will pick up our chopper movement if he is not taken. Expert marksman in his craft, this target requires extreme precaution.

Shut down the Power Grids to the Castles Trip Wires:

There are 3 main alarm grids within the castle. All 3 can be shut down by 3 displaced generators around and inside the castle. We have the locations of 2 generators but unfortunately the 3rd is beyond our satellite vision. You?ll have to search for it after you have completed your other objectives.

Assassinate the Elite Guards to the Barracks:

Two elite guards dressed in white snow commander uniforms are stationed outside the frontal barracks of the main entrance. Their relations to Hayamoto Senior have been noticed by senior data analysts on our staff and after conference with our client, he requests that you take them out as far for further precautions to this mission.

Your statistics should read like this:

Ranking: Professional

Shots Fired: 1

Close Encounters: 0

Head Shots: 1

Alerts: 0

Enemies Killed: 3 (2 Elite Guards, Castle Sniper)

Enemies Harmed: 0

Civilians Killed: 0

Civilians Harmed: 0

Saves: 0-3



Bynx - Even the Strongest Chain has a Weak Point

Posted 04 May 2008 - 01:04 AM

Even The strongest Chain Has a Weak Point

Nice Job 47. but Now this is the hard point it may look like a rickedy old castle, but it has the best security Electronice wise so be carful.

Elminate Hayamoto SR. our client would like you to humiliate Hayamoto, by remaining stealthy intil you are in hayamoto’s room then Kill him with the supplied, snub nose revolver.

Kill Gori Mejii & Takagi Marissa. The Japanese Goverment will be pleased with us if we kill two high profile Japanese criminal’s who have been on the run for a long time one Gori is a weapons dealer and slave Trafficer. while Takagi has been involved in Scam’s and High Profile Bank robbery’s all his life. Kill them to put us in favor with the Japnese Goverment.they are in the room with the bombs that you can use to destroy Hayamoto’s helicopter.

Rescue Mei Ling. remember Mei Ling? you saved her from Lee Hong, well I need you to save her again turns out she is a agent for the Chinese Goverment and they have lost contact with her, and will pay us a hefty fee for her retreival. so we need you to rescue her again.

Steal Guidance system. our buyer on the last system wants the complete set so you’ll need to steal this one it’s in hayamoto’s Veiwing room.

Dogma - Dangerous Walls

Posted 25 May 2005 - 05:01 PM

[Arnold Schwarzenegger Voice] I?m back [/Voice] So it?s not one of my favorites but hopefully you guys will like it. Sorry it took so long. There?s nothing remotely good about this level which is why it?s now in the top 3 worst levels of Hitman 2. Without anything further, I give to you ?Dangerous Walls?.

Posted Image

Location: Shogun Showdown

Weapons you Must Bring:

  • Silenced Ballers

  • Anesthetic


  • Steal the Missile Guidance System

  • Steal Hayamoto?s Grandfathers Sword

  • Infiltrate Hayamoto?s room

  • Assassinate Hayamoto Senior

  • Place Hayamoto on the North Side of the Castle

  • Escape to the front gate for Extraction


47, this is Diana. Were glad that you?ve successfully managed to infiltrate Hayamoto’s Castle. However, reaching Hayamoto himself will be an entirely different task. He is spending the night in his high quarters on the 6th floor of the main tower. We need you to ascend the chambers in stealth and assassinate Hayamoto without causing too much of a disturbance.

Steal the Missile Guidance System:

As far as we know, Hayamoto has left the Missile Guidance system in his basement. The guidance book is to a pair of N-P2 bombs in an undisclosed location northwest of here. We can earn some serious relations with the Chinese department of defense from its retrieval.

Steal Hayamoto?s Grandfathers Sword:

Our client is growing impatient from the length of time this mission is taking. We?ve now added a new objective that you must retrieve Hayamoto?s dead Grandfathers sword. Our client wants it for himself to keep in memory of his enemy. It should be down in the museum with the Guidance book.

Infiltrate Hayamoto?s room:

Reach the 6th floor of the Castle to Hayamoto?s room. We can?t risk a chance of him escaping. He has 4 yoyimbos guarding his room so be sure not to stir them in your assassination.

Assassinate Hayamoto Senior:

The path to Hayamoto is riddled with booby traps that you will need to keep your eye open for. More trip wires line doors so you will need to find key cards to help you pass through unnoticed. Our client wants a bullet in his head.

Place Hayamoto on the North Side of the Castle:

As an assurance that the mission has been successful our client needs video conformation of Hayamoto?s body. Therefore, we need Hayamoto?s body outside of his room on the North side of the Castle. After picking you up for extraction, we will make a quick pass to show our client that everything has gone to plan.


Escape to the front gate for Extraction:

Return to your entrance into the Castle. We will make an immediate landing and get you out of there before any of Hayamoto?s guards can react. It?s very important that you do not alert anyone in the Castle because as a result, security could be tightened and we won?t be able to land. However, we have complete faith that you can complete the mission according to plan. All of our efforts here have lead up to this mission.

Your statistics should read like this:

Ranking: Silent Assassin

Shots Fired: 1 (Hayamoto Senior)

Close Encounters: 0

Head Shots: 1

Alerts: 0

Enemies Killed: 0

Enemies Harmed: 0

Civilians Killed: 0

Civilians Harmed: 0

Saves: 0-3

*: Use the compass to determine which side of the castle you need to place the body. It has to be outside.

Again sorry for such the long wait. Took a long time to find anything of interest in this level. I might change it a bit to add more objectives. It seemed only fitting that you should have a Silent Assassin rating on it so that?s why you don?t kill anyone other than Hayamoto. Basement Killing will come very soon.


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Bynx - Shutting Down Charlie

Posted 05 May 2008 - 01:55 AM

Shutting Down Charlie

hello 47, nice job with Hayamoto.I got a neat little Job for you in Malasia.

Charlie Sidjan. he is a Talented Hacker and Kleptology Expert, According to our client he has stolen a Vital peice of Software,It works as a key signature in military software, and was until recently the exclusive property of the US government.Our client would like you to Elminate Sidjan before he does further Damage.

Elminate Sidjan With the Specified Weapon. Our Client Wants to Send a message so elminate Sidjan with his signature Deagle handgun and leave it at the scene. it’s in the security room along with some ammo.

Drag Sidjans Body into the Observation Room. our client wants to make sure of sidjans death so Drag sidjans body into the Observation room, because our client has hacked into the camera feed and wants to make sure the hit is completed.

Kill Bill Mosco. is a Con man who Impersonated a Apparaiser, and stole from our client he wants him dead now that he has found him. he patroll’s the Laundry Room.

Destroy Sidjans Computer.who knows what other harmful information he has on his computer, destroy it so we all can rest easy tonight.

Destroy Charlie’s Backup Computer’s.our client has just informed me, in case of his computer’s destruction, charlie has backup computer’s to receive all his main computer’s info, destroy them aswell.they are in the security room.

Dogma - Deadly Delivery

Posted 20 June 2005 - 04:11 PM

Yeah so here’s Basement Killing. Please provide Feedback. I made it in a rush because I’ve had it in my mind and forgot to write it out. So there’s sure to be a lot of errors?.deal with it.

Posted Image

Location: Basement Killing


  • Assassinate Pizza Shop Workers

  • Assume the Identity of a Pizza Worker

  • Infiltrate the Second Basement

  • Assassinate Charlie Sidjan

  • Place Pizza on Security Office Desk

  • Destroy Surveillance Feed

  • You cannot dress as a Fireman or Security Officer at any Time

  • Take the elevator to Carniwarez Inc. building


47 this is Diana speaking. In Malaysia, you will find the headquarters of a very talented hacker and kleptology expert Charlie Sidjan. He has managed to steal an extremely valuable piece of software. It works as a key signature in military software, and was until recently the exclusive property of the US government. This software in enemy hands could prove to be disastrous. We feel that Charlie hasn’t tapped into the full knowledge of the information he is carrying. Charlie is running his business under cover of a company called Carniwarez Inc. Computer Systems. Our client would like Charlie eliminated as well as his entire network systems and employees. Hope you’re well prepared.

Assassinate Pizza Shop Workers:

Because of the immense task we are undertaking and the many lives involved we need a story for the assassinations to fall back on. Recently, in the media there have been reports of a rebel movement known as the Chaiseck Bombing Rebels or CBR. CBR is simply a small group of radicals that are causing trouble with the Malaysian police. Their recent events have been small car bombings and mainframe hacking into prison systems. They will provide a perfect cover for our plans. Infiltrate and assassinate civilian workers to make it look like a CBR attack.

Assume the Identity of a Pizza Worker:

Take the identity of a pizza shop worker so that security cameras can have a good look at who was behind the crimes that will take place. Most CBR hijacks come with the CBR agents taking disguises of civilian workers and infiltrating so this should work perfectly. Our client made it perfectly clear that there cannot be any possibility of a hitman job before he leaves town which is in 2 days.

Infiltrate the Second Basement:

You should get yourself downstairs to the basement to try and find a way to get down further to Charlie’s room where he is reported to be alone. We’ve provided a smoke bomb in locker 137 for you in case you need a distraction.

Assassinate Charlie Sidjan:

Take out Charlie as silently as possible. All assassinations must be in complete stealth because we have more work to do further up the building. Make sure to hack his computer files when you arrive at his location. The more information about Carniwarez the better.

Place Pizza on Surveillance Office Desk:

To further implicate the CBR make a personal jab at the Malaysian police by leaving a pizza on their office desk in the surveillance room (same room with escape elevator). The CBR is known to leave personal notes or objects at the crime scene.

Destroy Surveillance Feed:

It’s important that you shoot out the surveillance feed of the cameras so that they cannot access video footage before you have left the building. It’s important that the bodies remain hidden until you leave the building which wont be for some time.

You cannot dress as a Fireman or Security Officer at any Time:

Our client has good ties with the Malaysian police and doesn’t want to see any loss of life or harm in that department. Also, you may not take down any firemen. Codec analysis happens every hour and you wouldn’t have the time to escape the building if one of the firemen didn’t check in.

Take the elevator to Carniwarez Inc. Offices:

Public elevators will not take you to the Carniwarez Inc offices as it is restricted access. You’re only means to reach there undetected is through a basement elevator.

Your statistics should read like this:

Ranking: Professional

Shots Fired: 1 (Surveillance Computer)

Close Encounters: 0

Head Shots: 0

Alerts: 0

Enemies Killed: 2 (Pizza Workers)

Enemies Harmed: 0

Civilians Killed: 0

Civilians Harmed: 0

Saves: 0-3

Just to let you know this custom mission becomes a whole lot cooler if you DON’T arm the smoke bomb and throw it down the laundry shoot. If you do something else (that I found out) and then arm it, the level becomes very, very cool. So just to let you know? :slight_smile:



The Tetra Spirit - Greed Kills

Posted 10 September 2004 - 05:15 PM

Popped out another one! :slight_smile:

Mission:Greed Kills(Graveyard Shift)


Place device on server

Kill system admin

Kill all other employes

Kill two gaurds on skybridge

Breifing:47,after you took care of Charlie,we found out that he had hacked some vital information from our client. He has transfered the file to one of the computers in the upper area where you are. It is in one of the harddrives,your going to have to find out which on. It’s probably in a locked room,do to it’s seriousness. After you find it,you must plant the small hacking device on the back of the harddrive. When that is completed,our client request that you take out the system adminestrator. He has gone coruppt and started stealing large amounts of Carniwarez’s income for himself. He also wishes the emplyoes be taken care of for the same reason.The final objective he has given you,is to eliminate the two gaurds on the skybridge.What reason would they have to be there unless they are Charlies personal bodygaurds. The guidlines he has set for you are as follows:9MM pistol,5 bullets fired(Any shot used to destroy something ie.glass,does not count against you) 1 enemy killed,no alerts. This will be difficult do to the employes alerting gaurds if they find you. Be careful and good luck 47!

Bynx - The Hacking War

Posted 05 May 2008 - 02:15 AM

The Hacking War

Hello 47, nice job with Charlie. but it’s not over, I have just recieved word that a Another Hot Shot Hacker has Built a Virus so strong that it will Shut down even the strongest Computer. and he is going to unleash it on the white house. that could be disasterious.

Admin Steven. He is the second best hacker other than the recently deceased Charlie, and he has created a virus so powerful that it could Destroy any computer completly causing ton’s of lost Irreatreavible data. we don’t want that to happen so kill him, before he get’s to unleash it.he is the admin in Carniwarez inc.

Kill Stevens Apprentice Johnny.He is Admin Steven’s aprentice we want you to Kill him we don’t need another “Charlie” he usally hang’s around the admins office.

Plant Hacking Device on System Computer.Due to the circumstances we need you to hack into the system computer there may be more useful information in the system computer than just on Charlies As Previously thought, So plant a Bug on the back of the system Computer.

Take out 2 Security Officer’s and 2 Carniwarez inc Employe’s.to further send a message Kill 4 random People on the upper floor’s of Carniwarez Inc.

Dogma - Computer Crash

Posted 08 August 2005 - 12:03 AM

Hey guys I’m back with a fairly simple interpretation of Graveyard Shift. It really is a pretty boring level but you know just bare with me?

(NOTE: just edited)

Posted Image

Location: Graveyard Shift


  • Assassinate 4 Carniwarez Inc. Employees

  • Assassinate Sever Technician

  • Bring Technician to Server Room

  • Plant Hacking Device into Carniwarez Mainframe Computer

  • Cannot harm any Security Officers

  • Escape to the Sky Bridge


47, we’ve become aware of a target of opportunity floors above you. Data from Charlie’s computer in the basement lead us to Charlie Sidjan’s twin brother who appears to own a penthouse some floors above you in the second tower across. Our client is most pleased with this discovery. He would like him eliminated as well. Continue with our original plan as well but keep in mind we have extra work floors above. Be extra cautious to be as stealthy as possible.

Assassinate 4 Carniwarez Inc. Employees:

As planned, you are to assassinate the night employees of Carniwarez Inc. At such late hours you shouldn’t have a problem taking down some 4 employees silently just to get the message across.

Anesthetize Sever Technician:

Once our hacking device is in place the server technician that’s operating on this floor will surely see our access into hidden system files. Therefore, he must be taken out of the scenario for sometime. Knock him out with your chloroform.

Bring Technician to Server Room:

Being the holidays, normal employees don’t have checkout times. However the technicians must still check in with their superiors before leaving tonight. Shoot the server to overheat its contents and then drag the Technician near it. When he wakes from his sleep he can assume his unconsciousness was caused by a malfunction of the server fusing and leave work immediately. This eliminates him from the equation. Killing him will cause him to miss his checkout time and create a disturbance in the building.

Plant Hacking Device into Carniwarez Mainframe Computer:

To give our client access to Carniwarez Mainframe we need you to place a hacking device onto the server computer. If all goes to plan we will be able to file through Carniwarez’s system without anyone knowing.

Cannot harm any Security Officers:

Once again any attack against a security officer is restricted. Do not knock them out, take clothing or kill them.

Escape to the Sky Bridge:

Charlie’s twin is on the second tower and you don’t have time or permission to get there from the ground up. Therefore you’ll need to break through a window and walk across the Sky Bridge.

Your statistics should read like this:

Ranking: Professional

Shots Fired: 2 (Server, Glass Window)

Close Encounters: 0

Head Shots: 0

Alerts: 0

Enemies Killed: 4 (4 Employees)

Enemies Harmed: 0

Civilians Killed: 0

Civilians Harmed: 0

Saves: 0-3

Bah I hate this one?it’s not as easy as you think it is though. Any questions just ask here.



Death Hazard - The Sidjan Family Dead

Posted 06 September 2007 - 10:22 AM

Dont have much time 47.

Youre info is on the brief.

Kill Charlie Sidjan-An international terrorist,must be eliminated.

Posted Image

Kill Charlie’s Female Bodyguards-His guards must be eliminated.Posted Image

Kill Charlie’s Male guards-you must eliminate all of the guards unless there are reinforcments kill them too.

Posted Image

Steal the money and the figurine-Steal Charlie’s Money and figurine.

Micster - Extreme Baliff

Posted 28 August 2004 - 12:56 PM

ok My Custom Mission-

Extreme Bailiff (the jacuzzi job)


47 this is diana. Charlie sidjan is wanted by a lot of people, he owes bailiff’s a lot of money and the ones that were sent in have not been returned… You must destroy all valubles take valubales Kill charlie and all his staff. Be carfull 47!


Destroy Windows.

Kill everyone.

Take money

Take statue

Destroy all lights.

Escape using elevator.

Dont alert security

Hint- kill the technition after he has fixed the lights

Hint 2- To destroy wall lights look for a white box on the top of the walls.

To complete fully kill all guards only using fibre wire, scaple, and all the knifes

Bynx - Head Below Water

Posted 26 May 2008 - 11:47 AM

Head Below Water

Hello 47. we did some research Charlie’s “twin” he is indeed Charlie’s brother. the same client who requested the hit on Charlie also wants The “twin” taken out so he won’t have any loose ends.

Charlie Sidjans “Twin”. he will be in his own private bedroom with some women, the windows in that room are bullet proof so you’ll need to find another way in but be carful everyone in this apartment are armed so be wary.

Charlie’s Secratary.she is Charlie’s Secratary, and has been involved in Credit Card Scams all her life.the reason our client wants her dead is she scammed his son out of Millions leading to his son’s suicide. so he would like her to be “Put Down” she will be in her office near the safe.

Kill Keely Harmony.she is Charlie’s Blonde haired bodygaurd, and his confident. he may have told her secret’s about His and Charlie’s Plans, it would be disasterous for our client if she went public. so he need’s you to elminate her before she gets the chance.

Steal Vase And 10000 Dollars.in addition with the Hit’s are client has said that Charlie has a Valuble Vase our client wants it, and the secratary has a Safe in her office in it it contains 10000$ dollars my christmas Bonus to you. but be carful they both are rigged wiht alarms.good Luck 47.

Mavus - Custom Mission

Posted 03 April 2006 - 11:47 AM

To keep you going until Bloodmoney I’ve decide to make two custom missions

on a classic hitman level, Jucuzzi Job

Mission 1: A botched job

Breif: You are to create the illusion of a robberey gone wrong (like the actual mission goal, but made more difficult) do this by setting off the alarm before killing Charlie


Set of the safe alarm

Steal the Jade figurine

Kill Charlie with an unsuppressed gun (nothing specialist make sure it a cheap firearm av available anywhere)

Do not kill Charlie’s girl, the Client was very specific about this they must all survive unharmed

Mission 2

Brief: You must set up one of Charlie’s girls for his murder and the robbery


Kill Charlie using one of the girl’s revolver

Do not kill any of the girls

Make sure no one sees you killing Charlie

ok have lots of fun

try this

-Enter the apartment via the window (must shoot it)

-Do not be seen entering the window

-Fibre wire the pianist (client doesn’t like her)

-Get into guard clothes without setting off an alarm or killing the guard

-Kill Charlie first using fibre wire (without turning the lights off)

-Kill all of Charlies female bodyguards using a combat knife and hide the bodies in the bathroom

-Steal the figurine and money without setting of ther alarm (you may turn the lights off)



The Tetra Spirit - Custom Mission

Posted 09 July 2004 - 06:50 PM

So I decedied I’d start a thread dedicated to custom missions you’ve made for Hitman 2. This isn’t a contest or any thing,it’s just for fun. I’ll start:

Mission:Murder at the Bazzar


Eliminate Lieutenant Ahmed Zahir

Get map to warhead location off of Zahir

Kill the guards in and around Zahir’s house

Eliminate Colonel Mohammade Amin

Get key from Colonel

Kill Amin’s bodyguard

Breifing:47 Diana here. For your next mission,our client wishes you to retrieve a map,leading to his own personal stash of warheads. One,Lieutenant Ahmed Zahir is in possesion of the map,and our client wishes him dead for stealing it. He would also like the guards potrolling the door and the two guards inside taken out,for fear that any of them may be put in command after the Lieutenant is gone. He would also like for you to kill Colonel Mohammad Amin,for stealing the key to the crate the warheads are in. Needless to say,he wants the key back. He also wants Amin’s bodyguard to be eliminated,for he knows for certain that he will be put in command after the Colonel is assassinated. The only gear you may carry is an 9MMSD and a knife. You may only fire four shots,and may only get one alert. Good luck 47!

Bynx - The Konvicts

Posted 24 August 2008 - 02:32 AM

The Konvicts

Don Johnny Fontini:Hello 47, I was happy with your last mission, you did well. I got a new one for you Read below for the breifing.

Our client is a is a politician over in Nuristan,and he is being threatened by a gang called the Konvicts.they are a brutal and ruthless gang that over the course of one year racked up a body count of over 350 murders. and not all of them are lowlifes getting killed thats Cops, Judges, Politicians, F.B.I agents. and they are called the Konvicts because they are made up of Paroled Criminals, and ex cons and some still jailed criminals. but the jailed one’s can still run the gangs operations from behind bar’s.and our client is leading a crusade against them, so he is there prime target. he knows 2 of the the gangs Major leaders are in town today he wants them elminated as well as a couple of other targets.

LT. Amed Zahir. he is a Major leader of the Konvicts he is one of there Biggest Propagandists, he preaches the word of The Konvicts Killling him will deal a major blow to the organazation. he is wearing a green Coat and a red/pinkish turban. he has a pacemaker and will go to his house for a noon nap, this will probably be the best time to kill him.

The Colonel Takfir.he is another Major leader in The gang and Co founder of the gang.he and Local Khan Abdul Bismillah Malik, founded the gang while in prison together serving a life sentence after faking there deaths they escaped through contacts. killing the Colonel will definetly shake the organazation. he will be in the Bazaar most likely shopping.

Kill the 2 Gaurds gaurding The LTs house Silently.these are corrupt cops on the Konvicts Payroll. Killing them is just to send a message to the gang.

steal the the Map&key from the Gang Leaders.this gangs main operation is weapons traffic, our client wants to put the gang on life support by taking away there main money making operation. the map shows where the base is located, and the key unlocks the weapons lockers of course.

Good luck 47.


Bynx - Fall From Power

Posted 08 October 2008 - 11:50 PM

Fall From Power

Posted Image

Don Johnny: Hey 47, nice work on your last hit but our client is really adamant about being rid of “The Konvics” Gang. I’ll Send you the breifing.

The Sheik. After you hit his friend the Colonel, he got worried and is planning to flee the country, to avoid a similar fate so you’ll need to act fast, through his vast connection’s and very well placed Bribe’s he has a UN Convoy Escort. so it’ll be dangerous, so be carful 47. his motocade is Bulletproof, so we have a special Rifle we have on location our contact will give it to you.

Kill The Arm’s Dealer Takfir.There is a man in the village who is your contact, and will give you the Rifle, take it then We need you to Elminate him. I know this seem’s rather evil but we have reliable info that he is a Spy for the Cairo Goverment who is surveiling Us and the sheik, and we can’t let him leak this Hit back to anyone.

Kill the Limo Driver Marcus. He is a Rather Petty Criminal in the Cairo underworld and a really Unprofessional Hitman, but nonetheless He has been sent to Kill our client, and Luckly our client caught wind of it. and he want’s us to counterstrike and kill him it’s kill or be killed 47. but watch out after The Sheik is killed he will most defenitly High tail it.

Do Not Harm any of the troop’s.Killing Goverment Offical’s will yeild nothing but trouble, so avoid it at all cost’s.


Bynx - Below Ground Level

Posted 10 October 2008 - 11:58 PM

Below Ground Level

Don Johnny: Listen Up 47, a client just contatced me and he said a Rebel Group just stole some really precious cargo, and he want’s it back. he contacted us, because being the cargo it is, police attention is not what he needed at all. so I’ll Send you the brief and if you accept, I’ll send a car to take you to the airport. just remember the Vow you made to the family 47. good luck.

Yussef HusseinHe is the commander of the group, and will be in his Office area, probably relaxing. our client to prevent future scuffle’s with this group want’s him assassinated. But he can’t have this lead back to him, so you’ll have to use a standard issue weapon to the Rebel Member’s: a Deagle, to make it look like a inside job. But try to Be as quiet as you can about it, It won’t profit you Having the whole base on alert.

Raise The cargo to Higher ground. Take the cargo to higher ground so it can be extracted by a chopper.

Make sure the Prisoner Stay’s alive and escape’s.The Prisoner was escorting the Cargo to our client’s drop point when The Rebel’s attacked him, and took him prisoner save him and make sure he leave’s the location unharmed.

Optional Target’s: Two Contract’s just came in 47, The Cairo Goverment want’s two Influential Member’s assassinated, they are Yussef’s Most Trusted Member’s He disclose’s his Most gaurded secret’s with them.The Goverment is offering 200,000 Dollar’s $ on each of there head’s but remember 47 these target’s are optional if you don’t want to kill them you don’t have to.They are Gaurding the entrance to the Base.

Optional Target’s:47 The two other gaurd’s gaurding the other entrance to the base Have Bounty’s on there head’s too. seem’s they are both wanted criminal’s, you don’t have to take these guy’s out either,but you may want to it might benifit you when your helping the prisoner escape.


Bynx - Internal Strife

Posted 12 October 2008 - 01:44 AM

Internal Strife

Hello 47, Nice job on your last mission, But we really have to hurry,Because our client’s Cargo has been stolen again crappy luck right? well we have a lead a Cult, and we need you to investigate this lead. and while your there take out a couple of target’s.anyway here is the breif, 47 Your a good Asset 47 Im glad your working with us. good luck.

Assassinate The Assassin’s The Buschetta twin’s. These Twin’s are The most elusive Twin assassin’s in the world I mean it. they are rarely ever seen in public. but I have word they are there and will attempt a hit on your life kill them before they kill you.

Photograph There Body’s and deliver to agent smith. Yes your old pal agent smith, is on location. since the twin’s are hardly ever seen, we will need some Photo evidence to confirm it for our client.

Shoot The twin in the Blue Hat with The other twin’s sniper rifle.I have Eyewitness’s that say, one twin is wearing a Blue Hat & the other is brandishing a sniper rifle and wearing a fishing hat. The Twin’s have had a history of being greedy and have had trouble splitting the spoil’s between each other Kill the Blue hat wearing twin to Make it look like internal strife.

Kill Marcus Merriman. Marcus is a Interpol Agent doing some undercover work but he’s in it now he’s taking bribe’s and and he’s become heavily addicted to Excstasy, and is in debt to a crime lord so He is desperate for money nowday’s so much so he even rob’s people. our client is paranoid and want’s him dead and we can see why.He is wearing a purple turban.and orange clothe’s.

Confirm Cult’s Presence. We hear that there is a heavy Presence of cult merc’s. if that is the case we might need to take them out. but for now you need to confirm or deny this, so if you see people in orange clothe’s (there uniform) take a picture of them get atleast 6 pic’s of six diffrent Cult member’s (excluding the above target’s) and bring them with you to extraction and a guy will deliver them to me.


Bynx - Civil War

Posted 14 October 2008 - 01:37 AM

Civil War

Hello 47, Good job on your last assignment. I have looked inot it and there is a Growing Force of cult merc’s in your location and our client has a Vendetta against them. here is the breifing.

Hannalore The Propogandist.Our client’s son& Daughter have been brainwashed by the cult and they both were used as a sacrifice in a “ritual” the cult cooked up our client became a alcholic his wife left him, and he nearly bankrupt, so he is looking for revenge. Don’t worry he gave us all he had and I payed for the rest to make up for your fee. he will pay the donatation I made over a long time with interest. but that’s a diffrent story.Anyway the Cult has had trouble with leadership and The Boss has been sick and has not picked a Adivisor and the Gang is fighting over who it should be and There Propogandist Hannolore has only made thing’s worse. so to cause a civil war inside the Gang he want’s you to Kill Hannalore with a faction of the gang’s Signature weapon, a Silenced 22 Pistol. Kill her with it and hide here body in the specified place so it won’t be found just yet.

Hide Hannalore’s Body In the Closet.We Don’t want her body found just yet so after killing her Hide it in the closet.

Do Not Kill her by Poison.The Cult never Kill’s by poison they think it’s to easy of a death. so if she is found dead this way they will know it was not anyone in there group.

Do Not Kill Innocent’s.Our client does not want the police involed by any mean’s so don’t kill any innocent’s to avoid any heat from law enforcment.

Kill The Gaurd’s Gaurding Hannalore’s Room.To further Implicate The Faction of the cult that does not like hannalore. Kill the gaurd’s gaurding her room, they are her most trusted employe’s and Support her thought’s on the Cult 100% killing them would furhter implicate the Faction of the Cult htat is against her Idea’s.

Do Not let there body’s be found either.and do not let anyone see commiting these objetive’s.No Witnesse’s 47, and you must hide her Bodygaurd’s body’s aswell and for the same reason. stealth is detrimental 47. Good luck.

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The Tetra Spirit - Custom Mission

Posted 05 September 2004 - 06:17 PM

So ya think my other one was to easy huh!? Try this one on for size!!!

MissionPermanent checkout at Hospital Island(Terminal Hospitality)


Kill cult leader

Kill cult leaders nurse

Kill all enemies in basement

Breifing:"Hello Mr.47. Your work for us is almost complete. Your final mission us,will be to elimenate a cult leader,who has stolen some of our clients most personal belongings. He does not wish to tell us what it is,but he wants it back att all costs.

Our client would also like the leaders nurse be taken out to,for fear the leader has leaked info to her. She is in a second floor office,near the front.

He would also like you to kill everybody in the basement with a weapon on their person,even innocents. Anybody you see down there with a gun is to be taken out. They are all the leaders henchmen.

Your armaments are:

Combat knife



you are only allowed two shots,no alerts and/or close encounters and no enemies besides your targets killed. Good luck,Mr.47!"

This one is my pride and joy.

Bynx - Fallout

Posted 15 October 2008 - 08:48 PM

In This CM Guy’s I will Add something I call the “Moral Choice” it’s where I make a High Ranking Target optional, or You Have to Choose who to kill Between Two Target’s. give me feedback on it.


Hello 47, Nice Job with Hannalore. Got another job for you.

Deewanna Ji.He is the cult leader you know how we said he was sick? well we are sending you to the Hospital to take him out directly, the fallout is allmost complete this last hit on the Cult leader and the Gang will disappear in anarchy.

Doctor Greg Johnson.He was our last client, who wanted the Cult destroyed, He lied about most everything, he is very wealthy. and now is refusing to make the payment for your hit. he is there as doctor he will most likley be operating on another patient in a room near Ji’s.

Elminate Nurse Irina Katanova.She is a Russian Extortionist, who is trying to muscle our client’s into paying her and her group of thug’s. She has a legit job as a nurse for cover. and smoke’s alot and will be sitting at a desk near the utility closet whack her.

Optional:Kill The Two LT’s in Ji’s Room Mark&Joe.They are Ji’s LT’s and are The last of his loyal follower’s, due to the Civl war that’s raging on between the Cult.Her’s your choice 47, you can kill them and rid this world of some Brainwashing Scum. or let them live, cause with the Bloody War raging on With the cult they might need some job’s done and I hear they pay extravgantly.Remember your Choice, Business or Justice.Good Luck 47, be carful Cause I hear that Ji has a Powerful Assassin Close to him.

Tell me what you picked on the “Moral Choice” Cause Im not going to make the next cm till’ I know.


Bynx - Betrayed

Posted 19 October 2008 - 11:51 PM

Hey Guy’s Im back for another installment of my Cm’s. :cry: this is the last level you will be able to do silently.


Hello 47, Bad new’s. but Im in a hurry so I can’t chit, chat here is your breifing.Good luck 47 you’ll definitly need it.

Sergei Zavorotko.Our first client head of the russian mob has betrayed us from day 1.he has sent a shadowy expert assassin to elminate me and you. all around the world he has struck, killing more than 50 of my men, and now he know’s about this mission and will be waiting for you in st pete. I don’t know where he will be at, but I do know he is a clone like you he is the second best one ort meyer made.But we need you to go anyway I know it’ll be risky but we need you. and you can’t exactly say “no” cause you made a oath to “La Cosa Nostra”. Sergei Will be in his office in the pushkin building.

Agent 17.I offered him to join us and we could all hit Sergei together but he declined, so you’ll need to take him out he is just too dangerous to have as a enemy.

Just so you guy’s know part of this is Johnny Giving a order,and then part of it is 47 thinking.

Moral Choice.Kill Hit Man Joey “The Snake” Alissino.I sent Joey on an assignment to Kill Agent 17 and Sergei he has not reported back. he has either failed or has not completed it, neither is satisfactory by me Kill him. (But 47 has second thought’s after all joey did nothing wrong. What should he do? Uphold his oath to the family and Whack joey? Or let joey off the hook and let him go? you decide.)note he is the civilian wearing the jogging suit in the train station.

I know it’s short But I thought I did a pretty good job. Oh and if you like these cm’s, I have made them for Contracts and Bm just search for them under “Mafia CM’s”. and Im also doing a cm for Redemtion at Gontranno, Im just Gonna let this one sink in first before I make the Last one.


Bynx - Finest Hour

Posted 21 October 2008 - 10:12 PM

Finest Hour

Johnny Fontini: Hello 47, I know Sergei was not at st pete. I Commend you for going and Finishing the hit anyway. your my best button man, and this is The Fontini Family’s Finest Hour. Sergei is barricaded with a dozen gaurd’s at Gontranno, and this time I Know he is actally there.I want you to Go there and Wipeout Sergei and his whole Crew,I know it’ll be tough but we need to do it so we can all be safe. I sent Some men before you but don’t expect their help because they have not reported back And I fear they may have died.I know you were allready in hiding after you killed fourneir but you’ll need to move again because you will be killing allmost all of the russian mob tonight, and They will definitly try to avenge sergei’s death.Im telling all this to you cause’ we won’t be able to have alot of contact for awhile. but I want you to know Im not betraying you, When all this goes away I will welcome you back into the family with open arm’s back inot the family.So here is the breifing so Buena Fortuna 47, I can’t wait to do business with you again.

Sergei Zavatoski.He is the Ringleader Behind all of this Our Public Enemy .1. he is a heartless bastard so feel free to execute him in any manner.

Wipeout all of his men.I would like all of his LT’s, Soldier’s, Hitmen, and Associate’s dead. They all are lowlife scum, and after sergei die’s if they are left alive they will come after us hard.

Save Father Vittorio.A good Sicilian Priest, I have known him all my life and that bastard sergei has taken him hostage knowing this, save him at all cost’s.

Use Only your SilverBaller’s.&Fiber WireDue to safety reason’s I would like you to use your SilverBaller’s,Because they are untracable all the other gun’s are new and have not been “fixed” yet we don’t want you implicated after this so only use the following weapon’s your Fiber Wire &Your SilverBaller’s.

Optional:.This Is optional but try to be Silent intil you get to Sergei, That mean’s no Alarm’s. No Gunshot’s.

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Will definitely be playing some of these. In itself this Hitman is the most difficult in the series so these should be providing a great challenge. There was a time where my muscle memory was so great I could all zero SA Temple City Ambush and kill everyone during Redemption unspotted with no qualms whatsoever but that is a long time ago.

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How/Where to download the archive? Either I am blind or it is removed. @F61Wolf