Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is running too fast

I recently had to get a new PC along with Windows 10 cause my previous one started to break (I had Windows 7 previously). Today I went to try out Hitman 2 (the original game lol) and it runs WAY too fast!! I’ve spent a few hours Googling online and its been extremely difficult to find anything especially when I keep getting results for the newest game… or issues relating to the game running too slow for people, while my issue is that its running too quick. I’ve tried both OpenGL and D3D settings within the .ini, and I also tried using other various “fixes” I’ve come across online… and nothing has worked. The only thing that works is if I use console commands and type “ip_timemuliplier .5” but I have to do that every single time I load a level or get killed and such… and that’s plain ridiculous. Then I come onto this forum and I find out that the old technical support links here are all dead too: About the technical support category

So with no more options left, I’ve decided to make a thread here and hope someone can help… plz.

Try turning on v-sync?

I’m very sorry, I should have also mentioned that I’m trying to use a widescreen “fix” with the game as well. Which requires windowed mode, and apparently v-sync in this game is disabled in windowed mode… let me double check what happens if I revert it.

EDIT: Nope nevermind! Even in fullscreen mode with native settings, the same exact problem… unfortunately I don’t know how to force v-sync to turn on, and it may already be on for all I know. Some guides online say to limit the FPS with 3rd party programs, I tried that as well and it gave reduced framerates in addition to fast gameplay. So I guess its not that either. If there is a way to at least bind “ip_timemuliplier .5” to a key then maybe it would be tolerable and good enough solution to this.

Wow I can’t believe this… just now I found the solution, and its to literally start a new game? I read it randomly on a YouTube comment, I tried it, and it actually worked… and after saving the game then that save file consistently works even after restarting the game. lol… well that seems to fix it I guess, but very random.

Was mentioned here for anyone else curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UK16ifF3F4

cap the framerate to 60 using rivatuner or any other program you want.
SilentAssassin and generally old games don’t play well with high framerates.

Edit: You already tried that and found a fix, ignore my comment :slight_smile:

Thank you anyways :3

I know it has been awhile since there were any posts, i am trying to play and getting the same issue. The command fixes it but as soon as i close the command bar it doesnt work. i cant play with the command bar up because when i press the keys to move directions (w,a,s,d) it just wants to type them as commands. am i missing something?

Best method is to use RivaTuner on Nvidia Inspector and cap the framerate to 60 fps.
For Nvidia Inspector just download it from here, extract it somewhere, run it and follow this instruction.
Where it says profiles, look for and select Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

After you select your desired fps, click apply changes on the top right.

So I use AMD Radeon Software and it allows me to go into the specific game and max out the frame rates at whatever i desire, and i changed it to max at 60 and that didnt do it. I am not sure if the Riva Tuner would do something different?

Sorry I am still fairly new to PC and I couldnt figure out how to screen shot just one of my monitors. I was just trying to show how i have it set to max 60 fps and 30 Min