Hitman 2 Sound Bug Report at Santa Fortuna

Hello! First of all, I bought the game a few days ago and I haveto tell you that I’m having a blast with it, it’s awesome, but while playing the Santa Fortuna mission I found this sound glitch that nearly scared me to death. I tried restarting the mission, the game, my loadout, everything but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions what might be the cause?



Post all bugs in special dedicated thread:

I presume this is your audio card conflict.
Video shows you were trying to play some music.
Seems this may have caused this sound

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Thanks for your anwser MisterKiller. I’ve disabled Spotify and close any other program but it didn’t work. This sounds always starts at the “have you seen the poster” line. I have no idea what’s the problem, and I can assure my integrated audio card works just fine.

PD: I’m new to the forum and I can’t really get the grip of it, can you tell me how to move this thread? thanks!

Hello there! We can’t move the post, only admin can do that. Re-post in the thread @misterkiller indicated. Ah, he’s replying too.

Ok, what platform you are on?
I’m on PC and I never (yet) encountered with this glitch/bug.
Have you tried to reboot your device?
Maybe reinstalling of the game will help. Give it a try.

As for moving threads - only moderators/regular users can do that.
Where and why you want to move it?

I think it was a response to your comment about the technical support thread, asking how to put it in the right place.

If such, you just can create a new post (answer) by clicking green Reply button in that thread I linked @Facu_Lodeiro