HITMAN 2 soundtrack


Hello there, this is just the thread with all the music from HITMAN 2 we can find and discuss. Good luck

Here is a list of soundtracks from HITMAN 2 that have been posted on this thread (in chronological order) :

  • Menu theme
  • Columbia mix
  • Miami side tracks
  • Miami mix
  • Pause track
  • Result track
  • Isle of Sgail
  • Unofficial tracks from season 1 and 2
  • Mumbai theme
  • HITMAN 2 unknown theme
  • Mumbai radio songs
  • Band music
  • Mumbai woman
  • Wellington greek
  • Hawkes bay

Hitman 2 soundtrack sound amaze balls
Hitman 2: Malus Necessarium Level Progression

Here is something to begin with:



Sounds like this:


Will be following this thread. I have a whole folder on my pc and phone with all songs of hitman I could find. From jesper kyd to background and "club bar and radio songs, bonus tracks and leaked music. The class and trailer songs and all possible music. Cant wait to add all of hitman 2 in there…


I love the intro music for Miami. Somebody make a high quality rip of that.


Well, this is so calm
It suits the game
When you’re expecting too much time in the main menu
This can’t go on your nerve and you can just simply enjoy the music
Really Nice


Yes totally! I really love the S1 menu music but after hearing it 7266472789485,47 times it just gets meee. However the new one feels less memorable and therefore it’s not going to be boring quickly :slight_smile:


It’s true! Overall I feel like H2 is really dramatic in a good way :grinning:


Sounds really cool! All the music that you normally can’t find in the soundtrack are often the really interesting ones :+1:


Been working years on that folder


Here we got a bit more of the start:


Not talking about the video but if anyone has played the Colombia level, it seems one segment of the OST sounds a hell lot like Contracts’ Invader OST. Anyone noticed?


Now that I’ve heard it a couple of times
I’m getting Assassin’s Creed(The Ezio Trilogy) Vibes from this song which was composed by Jesper Kyd
I guess we’re having that Kyd style in game now
But in a different way

In second half if the song it really feels like Ezio’s Family


“i suppose we do” (3:52)


surprised by the Kronstadt paddock theme, i never really expected a track of that sound in Hitman


Gotta say, the theme in Whittleton was very out of place. While 2016 and 2018 have both been embracing this whole James-Bond-esque vibe, Whittleton’s theme made it seem like City Skylines or some Lifetime movie about the misadventures of some suburban family. Isle of Sgail theme was crazy good though.


meh, H2’s OST is not very Bond-esque. it’s more Splinter Cell now


Which Splinter Cell? All the games had pretty vastly different soundtracks, especially Chaos Theory (mmmmmmmm Chaos Theory… :relieved:)


The entire HITMAN2 soundtrack is awesome. Specially the Whittleton one!