HITMAN 2 soundtrack


specifically Chaos Theory, i like its OST



what is that indian song that plays when are near the crows slums


Count me in as well, freakin’ loved Chaos Theory’s soundtrack!


When that music kicked in at the WB Games unveiling for Miami in HITMAN 2 that music track really added to the whole epic feeling of seeing what I felt at the time had to be the biggest Hitman map ever. :slight_smile:


Guys, does anyone have the OST that plays once you finish a mission?

It’s a soft theme but I really love the post-mission OST


I’ll throw in one more for the Chaos Theory OST!! :heart_eyes: I still think that it’s the best thing Amon Tobin has ever done!

Really digging Hitman 2 OST so far as well. The overall feel of the last Hitman for me was “back, totally reinvented and out on a intrigued filled adventure”
So far Hitman 2 feels like “We’re back on the adventure but remember that we’re in the thick of it and things are heating up. All the while Diana and 47 need to look inward and face their demons like never before.”

A tough balancing act, but half way through the levels, and I think the composer is pulling it off!


Thanks man. Cant wait to find the Sgail and the Wittleton ones. Cant wait to add the full ost to my list of soundtracks from hitman…




It’s nice to hear them on YouTube but I own it on ps4 and can’t rip unfortunately. Would someone be a diamond and post a link to the available songs for download? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I dowload it from youtube. Cant find these legal yet. I get most legal but what I cant find I download. The miami custom mix was exactly 47.47mb. Hehe. I also folow this tread to have all songs. When I find some I will share it here…


@Bjornie47 that would be great. If ioi released it legally I would be sure to purchase but like you say there sometimes isn’t a way to obtain the material legally and have to find alternate means of obtaining it.

I bought the collectors edition and sadly the soundtrack wasn’t included.


The clock when you pause is very irritating. It’s not Dunkirk, you know.


I agree on this 20 irritations.


I can’t be the only one who loves the result screen OST right? Especially that tune from 0:47 to 1:10! :smile:


I think the best soundtrack is from The Ark Society
Feels so much like blood money and it’s so dark
I hope we’ll get a full soundtrack on Spotify or something very soon


That’s the only song I like so far. Still substituting the game with older soundtracks when I play. Play Hawke’s Bay with the Contracts soundtrack, it sound fucking NUTS. Silent Assassin mostly works with Miami (or C47 for Miami) and Mumbai. Blood Money works well with the rest. I wanna make a playlist for each level and insert some silent tracks on shuffle to make room for a level’s ambient audio as well.


Watch this if you want to see HITMAN 2 (Silent Assassin :stuck_out_tongue: ) Main Theme performed by Danish Symphony Orchestra.
Also watch this to see real life Agent 47 performing Mission Story during performance of Danish Symphony Orchestra! :smiley:

P.S.: Anybody have that music the Santa Fortuna Band plays? :slight_smile:


Great videos in this thread and thank you Soupienza for sharing the video from the Danish Symphony Orchestra! Really enjoyed it! :smiley: