HITMAN 2 soundtrack


I NEED THAT WHITTLETON CREEK MUSIC NOW… especially the kill jingle - exit tune


Here, enjoy you beautifull people…


one of my favorites, sounds great


Probably my favorite soundtrack​ in the game


If anyone finds the part that triggers in mumbai when you cross over to the trainyard wkth the lady singing. Let me know. (yes I know i asked it in tje chasong a ghost topic also)
Ps still need mulbai, new zealand and wittelton ost…


I think we are all waiting eagerly for someone (Salem) to post new soundtrack on youtube :smiley:


Yed. I dont know how he gets them. I search on a lot of media. He has alot. Cant wait 4 more…


Yea its very professional! My guess you could just leave only the music on throughout a playthrough and record it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Anyway I do really like that mumbai part with the woman, so i guess we just have to play the waiting game :smile:


Here is a very big batch. Need to go trough it and see if I can somehow download it in chunks…


Awesome find! The uploader already divvied up some himself it appears.


it seems that this guy and Salem are our sources of the H2 OST.


WOOAAW the Mumbai is sooo good! Surprisingly good compared to what I remember :open_mouth:

Thank you for the post @Bjornie47


At 2:25:26 in the Hitman 2 unofficial soundtrack he nails the synth sound from codename 47 Hospital Themes (4:14)l!! Maybe a reference to the old days in the asylum? :open_mouth:

Maybe we will see some awesome Kyd type soundtrack in the future?!?


Yeah. Some of the miami and when you go over to “load game, replay and-so-on” when you died reminds me of contracts.


Lol. And maybe it’s just a Hitman! Stop compare OST to other titles its odd.


…why? it reminds me of Chaos Theory’s OST, so i’m gonna say my observations :^)


Here is another one. At work atm so cant listen yet. Let me know how it is. I hope the singing lady because its the same dude as yesterday so I hope more mumbai and not the same.


yes the singing lady is at the beginning of the video


I found another reference to the H:C47 soundtrack I think:

The music around the Delgado mansion area in HITMAN 2:

you can find the sound I really like between 9:50-10:00. The sound is very reminiscent of H:C47, it actually sounds like they used a soundbyte (9:56) from it because it reminds me of Hong Kong, being in Lee Hong’s cellar system.

Also loving the bit at the train yard that @Bjornie47 mentioned.


0:48 is the part that gives me chills all over. Beautiful!
But it’s frustratingly short. It’s not even 30 seconds I think.