HITMAN 2 soundtrack


oooh its so good… love the singing part and from the 3min mark its also very stellar…


Hello all, I am the uploader of the HITMAN 2 Unofficial Soundtrack. I found this thread through my youtube analytics lol. Just to quickly comment on the Lady Singing Entry Track in the Mumbai Extras video, that was the full length of the track and there was nothing I could find that would indicate an extended version, which sucks because it is an awesome track. Here is a link to it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16JQkVxb3f_bJhSgpXJ208Y6wWLVIiBQH

Anyway, does anyone have any track specific requests for future videos?


Great stuff you’ve been uploading!
I’d like a pure version of the Colombia song I linked to above. It plays when 47 is on the mansion grounds. If you need more details let me know.
Also the song from the Thwack paddock in Miami would be nice :-p


Already done the Thwack Paddock lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G01YtoeR53E
I will look around for the Columbia song, most likely combining it with a Columbia Extras vid.


Okay, couldn’t find it in my current extraction of files, gonna go and extract the next lot and hopefully it is in there!

EDIT: Okay, so after a bit of looking I was able to get the enviroment sounds but not the specific sound that you said you liked from the video. Which leads me to belive that is apart of what I call a common sounds mix which is a track full of random sounds that you would hear at specific points in a level. I will keep looking, you said that you may have more information that could help?


Hello there. Thanks for all the awesome uploads. You the best. I have all music from hitman 1 to 2016, Kane and lynch and freedom fighters (even club/ingame radio ands trailersongs) hitman 2 is a bit harder to find. Thank you and salem for helping us with that. Keep up the good work.
Will subscribe on your tubes


And on the topic of requests. We have alot on all missions now exept for New Zealand. So if you could upload some of that it would be nice…
Thanks on beforehand


I am currently searching for New Zealand Tracks! I am not sure if Salem is doing it the same way as me but I am extracting the audio from the game package files rather than capturing it from in game as it is much cleaner and sounds better overall. However with over 100K audio files to search though these things take time. However I will certainly do my best to find most of the audio found in game!

Also, I did notice that you were looking for downloads, I may be able to help you there…


yes i believe Salem extracts the audio as well. he derived some leaks of the Colombia OST from the Sniper Assassin preorder bonus (when it was a standalone game), and he mixed them himself


that’s really cool! I guess we are both on the same page then lol


Well it would be nice to have your big long video to be in chunks per mission. Downloaded some progrm for this but Im learning to work with it…


Ha what are the odds, just found the original menu music from 2016 in Hitman 2’s files. I wonder if it is hidden in the game somewhere.


No need, I have all of the files individually split up into folders that defines what level they are for. I might upload them later however it is a pretty big package data wise…


You see what you can do. Ive downoade some of your youtubes to mp3. My hitman ost is also in neat little folders. Been working years on it. Would be cool to share here but wouldny know how. Is also some GB’s big.


My selection is almost 6 GB
I worked on mine for about a week lol


I see you uploaded some more… Keep it up


Not sure if it’s already there in your upload (I’m on the road as I type this) but did you manage to get the Santa Fortuna Band Music? The happy tune they play for the Statue Unveiling?

Thanks and fantastic asset ripping. Good job. :slight_smile:


That will be released in an upcomming Columbia Extra Tracks Video!


Nightcall is one of the hardest levels to get soundtracks from file side as it does not have it’s own package file and is instead bundled with the rest of the game, therefore it will take more time to find these tracks than others.


Otherwise, you could just record playing the game with only music on? Maybe ? might be at bit hard to get all the tracks.

Happy people like you are around helping the hitman community :blush: