HITMAN 2 soundtrack


I’ll be glad (as much as the community I think) to listen to the Whittleton Creek’s chilling vibes… :relieved::relieved::relieved:


YES and Mumbai and Columbia! and all the soundtracks!!! :grin:


Mumbai’s Radio songs are fantastic, especially the second one. I had the no idea there was a tune/instrument(?) playing behind it, I thought it was just bass drops in loop. Im addicted


IDK maybe somebody posted this before, but i’m in love with this unknown theme. I added some video footage for the atmosphere. Never heard it ingame btw.


its the pauze screen I think… that has a clock like thing in there


I don’t know what about u but the opening of this song I used Shazam to discover Cry by KAZKA. https://www.shazam.com/track/414645706/cry is just remind me Marrakech, Morroco level when you make all soldiers dance with general Raza :wink:


where is this blending chair?


its similar but not the pauze song…
nice vibe indeed


This is in Mumbai, “Chawls” starting location (Chawls, 3rd floor).

Yeah, H2 has at least 2 themes with this clockwork-ish effects - main menu\pause and this one


thanks alot… will look into it, srry to derail, back to the awesome music


I made an edit of Radio Mumbai 2 for people like us. @IndianAgent47
It IS addictive. Everyone, enjoy. :orange_heart::purple_heart:


Beautiful :heart_eyes: The background screenshots make it even more great! If you don’t mind I’m going to put this on repeat for the entire time today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: There’s something about the tune that goes so well with the beats, also a really cool detail that it’s blasting at full volume in a van, a practice very common in Indian city’s :blush:


Yeah I may try this if nothing else works out!


It would be far more easier if an app or an identifier online can find the music. :roll_eyes: But India has many treasures, yes. :innocent:


Ok, band music is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqS3Ctwch9M

Also @Franz I was still unable to find the Mansion music but I will keep looking.


Nice. Just seen it on youtubez.


Thank you! No stress in case you don’t find it though :slight_smile:


Awesome work mate ! Can you upload more Whittleton creek vibes ? Like the one after target kill.


This must be a giant work. Respect and thank you 4 this. Keep it up and you are the coolest…


The beautiful chant by a woman when you are nearby the traintracks in Mumbai

Thanks to Salem