HITMAN 2 soundtrack


Hey man since you are the creator of the thread I had the idea that up the top we should add a checklist of stuff that has already been found so that we don’t get any repeating posts. It will also help others to know what to look for, but idk just an idea what do you think?


I like HITMAN 2 OST, feels pretty Mission Impossible or 007.


Totally! That’s a really great idea :smile:


is probably in @AdminSR1 long track but here is another loose one
Loved Kyd in the days and last H16music Niels wasnt bad, but he is getting so close to the memorable music of kyd with this game, not the same style but I will remember all songs of this one more then the previous, SOO GOOODD


Not in the long one but was going to be in an upcomming Extras vid lol


cant wait 4 it, still nothing on new zealand?


Not yet, haven’t had a lot of time lately…
From what I can see though, there are only about 3 or 4 tracks from it


Take your time, already cool you are dooing this,


I feel the need to say this since I crapped on the soundtrack when it first came out. It really grew on me, I love Jesper Kyd’s work in the older games but the new team is doing a great job. I think Isle of Sigail and Columbia are some of my favorites.


I have to say it too, coming from someone who was bitterly disappointed with the OST of Season 1 to the point where I would have labelled most of the tracks to be “forgettable stinkers”(maybe a bit too harsh), I am definitely surprised and taken aback by the significant improvement in the soundtrack of Season 2.

I just started playing Three Headed Serpent 2 days ago and I adore the OST. It managed to convey a sense of atmosphere I haven’t felt since C47 and Contracts. It has obvious influences from past titles while managing to have it’s own original touch.

Thumbs up for Niels, the composer! :+1:



I liked this one. Beautiful composition the way how it progress


hehe, was just coming here from youtube to share this…
thanks again to all who is uploading these… Salem and @AdminSR1


Very nice! Looks like we both had tracks that the other did not. More tracks overall !


Hello all, the Hawkes Bay soundtrack is now up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erIbtt2xTsc


Awesome. Tnx dude… You do the great works…


And that’s what makes it so good. It’s not just one posting and therefore we get as much of the whole soundtrack as possible :smiley:

You guys are really appreciated :sunglasses: and respected!



Also love the Whittleton Creek soundtrack. It goes so well with the level. It builds up a certain tension, but it succesfully keeps up a playful atmosphere as well. Perfect balance. also love the “military” sounding bits that go so well with the American suburbs somehow, which make it like a reference to the older inhabitants.

Whenever I play this level I’m reminded of Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars, the point&click adventure. Part of it has to do with the lush trees, picking up random things like newspapers and cupcakes and the lifting of manhole covers, but I now realise it’s also the music. This track would fit extremely well with a point of click adventure game.


@AdminSR1 thanks for soundtracks. Cheers. :christmas_tree:


That’s tough man. But I’m sure you’ll find other songs you do like!