HITMAN 2 soundtrack


Nice detail I guess:


Honestly, I dislike the Hawke’s Bay soundtrack. Have only played till Columbia so far but Hawke’s Bay’s OST is my least favourite. I really don’t get the demand for its OST.

It just couldn’t sound more generic even if it tried to be…


Yeah I was thinking that originally aswell but when I took the time to listen to them without all of the wind sounds and dialogue it really does match the level in terms of the stealthy aspect. I guess it is preference though :smiley:


Am I the only one who keeps hearing the Miami club song in background? Everytime I watch a video and there is music in the background I hear it. Its catchy



Some more new ost and salem has some more extended versions of the padock songs.


I was just gonna post this. Really cool track. Wish they used it for basements


I don’t know if this was posted earlier but anyway it was published back the 9. november, just forgot about it sence I was playing hitman 2. The audio might not be as good but


Damn those dislikes… It is good considering it was out before the game was…

SIde note: I failed the second elusive target today because I got killed 2 feet away from the exit LOL


I am going to be releasing individual levels into single videos, here is Miami: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyadbLBxXRA


Cool. Will be checking it all out…


Here’s a soundtrack request :stuck_out_tongue: I couldn’t find the music which plays when you’re sneaking around in Rangan’s Tower, It would be very nice if you could extract it, maybe edit it in the Mumbai extras video :smiley: It starts at 8:44 in this video-

Here’s another idea - you could make a compilation of all mission extraction tracks! As so far there are NZ, Miami, Whittelton and Sgail available on YouTube, you could make one consisting of all levels :smiley:


I will look into the tower track and add it into the Mumbai Complete Collection vid, as for the mission extracts that would be really cool, thanks for the idea! :slight_smile:


After watching the video, I can see which one you are talking about, I can also hear Wandering 2 from my extras vid so I am half done lol


Here’s another request if you don’t mind :sweat_smile: there’s a short track which plays when you enter Delgado’s mansion, it lasts for about 10 just like Mumbai Entry 2. It starts at 2:05 in this video -

You can edit it in the Colombia track collection video :smiley:


I hope they use it for upcoming levels.


Columbia is up: https://youtu.be/PNwHRvzKpxs
Next up is everyone’s favourite (Aparently) Mumbai!


A little wee bit late for that one, I didn’t see the request while putting the video together xD I will add it to another video down the line though don’t worry.

Edit: I will add that into a video I will make after all of the Collection vids that will include all Entry and Exit tracks, fulfilling your first request as well :wink:


I have been searching everywhere for the tense music that plays in the Mumbai Trainyard area (between searching and ambient) and since I couldn’t find it anywhere, I made a video for it and I figured you folks might appreciate it.



Awesome. Thank you. Liked vid on youtube 2…