Hitman 2 Speedruns


Time to start a thread for the new game!

Here’s my first run, Hawke’s Bay in 2:06 (SA/SO)


First day strats baby


Hawke’s Bay with fiber wire in 1:39 (SA/SO)


A question from someone who has yet to play the game. I haven’t watched the speedruns (Because spoilers) but from what little I’ve seen from this hawke’s level (And your speedrun times), it gives the impression that is a quick/story focused level with barely anything to do. In other words, a very short level. Is that so?

Sorry if this is off topic, just something that’s been bothering me lately.


Oh, not at all! Speedrun times aren’t reflective of how good a level is. Look at the records for the last season. There are some huge maps with tons to do, and missions can still be completed within a minute or two. I think Hawke’s Bay is a really cool level, so far. Great atmosphere, and really nice to play slowly and carefully. Hitman levels are only as short as you make them.


:smile: Glad to hear. It’s just that specific level gives me a feeling of being pretty much a “transitory” level with not much to do or see. Then again I have to wait to see it for myself. I expect some surprises in regards of content coming from that level.


Well, it is technically the training level for the game, but it’s still a cool map!


That’s because it is sort of a transitionary level. It will make more sense if you played the first one.

But plot is secondary in this franchise. Most missions can be rushed to just a few minutes, but “really playing it through” you’ll easily end up at around 30 minutes. Then the time varies each playthrough as you go through different methods and discover more stories and opportunities.

A normally proficient player (not a superhuman speedrunner) will end up with mostly 15 minutes per mission.

The times though can stretch or shorten exponentially if things don’t go to plan.


Bold and slick moves! I was using peek-a-boo method in the garage but the pale duck for the truck/gas can I was doing; I never thought to shoot outside the door!

I have a 2:07 I believe - I can’t check because I’m currently in Miami stalking a blonde.


It is a tiny tutorial map, unfortunately.


I’m at around 45 minutes each for these new missions, and that’s playing sloppily and just exploring.

I don’t find it unfortunate at all, and actually wish most of these new maps were about half their size. I’ll never understand why people want absolutely massive maps for Hitman.


Well I was happy with how blood money did it, and I’d be happy with this sized mission if there were more of them. Or if they had not misled us in the way they advertised it.


I agree 100%. It’s why I loved maps such as “A New Life” in Blood Money: condensed and little room to get lost; it makes for a more intimate experience.

Also, just realized you’re from L.A.; nice, I’m up near Ventura :fist: :ocean: stay safe from those fires man.


It was great, and it was in a game which had many small missions which is fine. What isn’t fine is defining “location” in season 1, and claiming to have six of them in hitman 2. It’s a tutorial, not a location.


I can see your gripe with that; although I must ask, does Himmelstein not count either as it is a Sniper Assassin locale? Also, there are apparently more SA maps being added, and we don’t really know what the DLC entails as of yet.


They said six locations, plus SA. Have a look on their website, they list 6 locations, and include Hawkes Bay. In all the advertising they are using Hawkes Bay as an example of a location


Which it is, and a fine mission in my opinion. You see, that’s why there is variety, so that you can be a fan of the larger maps and I can be a fan of the smaller ones, don’t get me wrong, the large ones are fine too, I just tend to have more fun on the smaller ones.

This does seem to be quite off topic from the sppedrun theme though, so I’ll leave my statement as “It’s not the size that matters, it’s the quality.” I’m happy to debate this in another thread though! I’m sure others feel as we do, on either end of the spectrum, that is.



Hawke’s Bay Katana SA/SO:


Miami SA/SO 2:57