Hitman 2 Speedruns


who is that weird person at the bottom left?


Some kind of clown by the looks of it



Keep up the good work Frote :muscle:




The last resort (pro) SA 1:28


The Last Resort 1:05 SA/SO


That long distance leg shot to get her to fall in the water was EPIC!

What happened to Tyson?

Author did 2 shot near with Tyson Williams, leading to the beginning he lockdown. At 1:00, the author shot in a chandelier, under which Williams run to a safe room.

This run was heavily inspired by GaryNuman555 and @RoussJ

Check out their YouTube!

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Speedrun new escalation The Riviera Restoration

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Here is my video of the riviera restoration, 2 more seconds than @Zero-Two :fearful:


So, I thought I would share the details of how I completed my 3:57 seconds SpeedRun on New York by getting the Vault Data Disk rather than the Backup Data Cores. It’s obvious to me that unless there’s something I’m seriously missing, that the Backup Data Cores is a faster run, even sloppily done.

However, I thought the community might enjoy watching the speedrun, and having a rundown of all the details I noticed while doing this run (well over 200 times and 18 hours of gameplay to get it)

First off, the speedrun itself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upJzx6TCWi0

Finished at 3:57, could probably have shaved off another second or so from switching weapons, opening doors, etc., but overall I’m happy with the results here.


Load out - Any ground explosive (I used the baseball cuz it’s fun) - Sieker 1 - Keycard Hacking Device - and for the smuggled item, sedative pills or vial placed in the basement by the truck.

Step 1: Start the mission after Diana starts saying, or says “found”, and hit the I key immediately and get out your ground explosive (also while holding Shift+W) - this prevents 47 from doing that little skippy thing he sometimes does when grabbing stuff from your inventory. This will ensure the cameras upstairs past the two guards will absolutely not see you and the fat Mexican holding the data disk will be far enough away.

Step 2:: Throw the ground explosive right as you get to the corner of the square building, trying to get it as close to the bank window as possible or landing it with in the square on the floor closest to the bank windows. The reason for throwing it back here is the guard upstairs talking to the guy wearing ugly sweaters won’t hear the explosion and come looking.

Step 3: As you pass the guards on your way upstairs, sometimes the guard will catch a glimpse of you, but will rarely spot you. Not to say he doesn’t sometimes, but it’s rare.

Step 4: Going back to the initial start at the word “found”, this seems to only have an effect on a few NPCs, notably, the fat Mexican, and the crack addled John Doe upstairs who will be out of your way when you get up there. However, there seems to be no effect on the black guard in the security office or Athena herself, who seem to be on the same timing no matter what.

Step 5: Let the guard in the security office finish his water and take about 1 and a half steps toward the window before running in. Otherwise, he will turn around and spot you.

Step 6: Turn off the cameras, and aim your camera up slightly while spamming the F key to grab a grenade on the way out. You can run out here while crouched with no issues.

Step 7: Hack the door, and spam the I key to open your inventory as soon as you are finished, and pull out your Sieker 1 - this is again like Step 1 to prevent the skippy thing 47 does when pulling stuff from your inventory. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Idk.

Step 8-1: You should arrive upstairs at nearly exactly 0:52 if you have done all the previous steps in the correct timing. Open the door, crouch run, turn left and once you get to the edge of the wall, walk for a second, and then run, or else the desk clerk will sometimes spot you. It’s okay if he gets out of his chair and walks to you because he’ll get back into place before Athena gets there from making her sick.

Step 8-2: So this is a note addendum to the previous step 8-1. Athena has 3 possible walk cycles that seem to be randomized. The first one I call, “eff you start over” because she’ll walk out of the conference room before you’ve even gotten to the door to hack it and be by her desk by the time she gets there. The second one I call, “hopefully you know how to aim your Sieker perfectly in a split second”, because by the time you get to the door, she’ll be out of the Conference room but very near the door walking. This one is optimal if you can land the shot because she will not (it seems) walk another direction, stop, and then go for the trash can to puke. The last one I call - “thank god I have an extra moment to aim my gun”. You’ll get to the door before Athena opens it. Aim between the center of the door between the top two diamond shapes. As soon as the door opens, shoot, and hit E to shut the door or she’ll spot you and no longer be sick (figure that the hell out).

Step 9: Once you’ve shot Athena provided you didn’t get the “eff you start over” walk cycle, grab the iron. You’ll need it downstairs. There’s two ways to kill Athena. One is to smack her with the iron and break her neck. The other is to choke her until she passes out and break her neck. However, there are some notes here. The guard by the conference room will be your guide on which method to use. If he’s looking at your direction as Athena is coming close, he’ll probably be looking away by the time Athena gets to the trash can. Stand at the edge of the planters and wait for the clerk to turn around and smack Athena with the iron - she should fall to the left and be out of sight. If you’re lucky, the guard won’t have turned his head a second time. His head turning has no rhyme or reason, so this is a sort of “namaste, good luck to you”. No one should find her body, as Hitman will knock her to the left, and then you can crack her neck. She’ll be out of sight of everyone.

Step 10: Just after you kill Athena, open your inventory and pull out the concussion grenade you grabbed in the security office earlier. Again, this is to try and mitigate that skippy 47 thing. Put it away as soon as possible and start running downstairs. This is where things get a bit tricky. The guards in the security office at this point will either kind of see you and not turn and spot you (if you hear “hmm?”, the run is over). Walk crouch your way in, do not run. You can run after you get to the table, and then run out the door on the other side. If they don’t even yellow up at all, then you can just run right on through. It’s very finicky and difficult to get lucky on. Again, it seems to be a timing thing or head turning thing with their random head turns.

Step 11: As you continue your journey downstair, you can stand and run just before you exit the door to the stairs. Sometimes the guard behind you will hear, but you can just hit E and shut the door and he won’t spot you. Run all the way back to the guards earlier, crouch when you get to the second big square on the floor from behind the guards and then run past them. Sometimes you can get lucky and just continue to run without crouching but I found this to be annoyingly unreliable and they will catch you trespassing 50% of the time.

Step 12: Make your way to the vault area. Once on the stairs, equip, and throw the concussion grenade to the right, and run down to the left. The guards will be in search mode and not ask you to be frisked and you won’t get a trespassing warning.

Step 13: Equip as soon as possible the iron again, and then hack the vault doorway. Knock out the guard that will annoyingly stand there for 45 minutes, and then drag him just to the foot of the stairs so the lady going to her deposit box won’t see him. You don’t need to drag him very far, and no one sees his gun.

Step 14: Turn on the AC. You don’t have to crouch or anything while running. No one will see you. Run and spam spacebar as you approach the edge of the cement walkway on the way to the sedative vial/pills. Be careful not to be too close to the truck when doing this, or you will crouch by the truck and waste precious seconds. Once down, spam the Y key as you start to get close to the smuggled item, and immediately turn your camera around to run back up and spam the X key to get up and then hit and hold G as soon as the prompt pops up to poison the AC unit. Note that it can be a little finicky to navigate back behind you without getting slightly caught on one of the things on the ground. Just do a little D key strafe running to be sure you don’t get stuck on anything.

Step 15: Wait for the guard investigating the AC to turn off the AC and throw the iron at him. Keep running, get into the security office, grab the key as quickly as you can, open the safe and spam the F key, turn around and run to the thing to unlock the button, go and press the button, and immediately turn around to get the key from the guard. You can run right up to him as long as you don’t touch him and wake him up. No need to crouch here (though sometimes I do out of habit).

Step 16: Go into the vault, turn off the lasers, pull the data core and immediately turn around spamming the F key and run your a$$ to the truck and exit. Again being careful not to hit the Spacebar behind the truck and jumping instead by the yellow marker on the ground.

Good luck all! I hope you guys can find some places to make this speed run even faster (besides shaving off a few seconds where I made some minor errors). I wonder if it’s possible to do this run in a sub 3 minute or something like that. I’ll probably continue to experiment and will post here if I discover anything new. Obviously it’s possible to do much faster without SA/SO, but I’m a masochist.


Nice write up. Much faster ways for sa/so vault though

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I’d really like to know more. I’ve seen some that are SA/SO but they’re older sub 2 minute runs from when there was a guard knockout bug and you could shoot Athena on the way out the front door and the guards wouldn’t see her body. I don’t believe this is possible anymore. Would be very interested to know what I’m missing in this run. I’ve tried exploding her with a fire extinguisher (which I kinda knew this already but thought I’d give it a whirl anyway), which just knocks her out, so that’s worthless. I tried shooting her by the door and everywhere in between and the guards see her no matter what.

I have to assume that being in the bunny mask does not count as a SUIT ONLY run since it’s a non-standard 47 suit.

I can record a run when I get home

I just don’t see how it could be possible. It takes 2 minutes alone to get the data core from the vault. How could you kill Athena and get the data core in under 2 minutes? Seems improbable to me. But I’d love to see your video.

Hold on to your hats fellas, we gonna see some schoolin’.