Hitman 2 Speedruns

I just don’t see how it could be possible. It takes 2 minutes alone to get the data core from the vault. How could you kill Athena and get the data core in under 2 minutes? Seems improbable to me. But I’d love to see your video.

Hold on to your hats fellas, we gonna see some schoolin’.

I can appreciate the fact that it may be plausible to do this sub 3:30 or 3:00 maybe. But having run this 100 ways, sub 2 minutes, SA/SO (the bunny suit is not SO), it is not possible to do this sub 2 minutes. And even granting the bunny suit, you still have a very small window to get in sub 2 minutes.

yeah i did the bunny suit only run the day after the bank came out. i was barely sub-4 lol.

That’s the thing. It was originally plausible to do the run in under 2 minutes. 1:33 I think was the best time. But that’s because of a bug that was in the game. Knocking out the guards downstairs made it so the guard by Athena couldn’t see her dead body. So you could run the vault with the bunny suit (which is not SO), and get upstairs as fast as possible and shoot her while she’s leaning on the glass and get out.

However, this bug/exploit is no longer possible. It’s been patched. (The video is also not Master difficulty)

Here’s a data disk run in New York sub 3 minutes (2:45), SA/SO Master.I got a little sloppy at the end. But this one was fun to route. You have to wait for the receptionist at the end to get off his phone call. there may be a way to speed that up as well by getting his attention earlier on.


Throwing the crowbar shaved off 10 seconds from the runtime. I was also a bit quicker on my trigger.

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By the way, do you think that it’s intended that if you use both the Sieker and Kalmer that they have interchangeable ammo? Note, I only start with 2 Kalmer ammo, but when I grab the Sieker it adds 1 more shot available to the Kalmer. Seems kinda odd that an emetic shot dart put into a tranquilizer gun becomes a tranquilizer dart. Then again, people don’t seem suspicious of a perfectly figured bald man with a barcode on the back of his head. So I guess we are to suspend disbelief.

Well i never said sub 2, i said:

Did it sub 3 sa/so vault

Shhhh, it’s not a bug

2:48 with sloppy execution:

Noteable timesavers are the phone for Athena and the emp for the vault


Once on the bank i sniped Athena from the start and her body didn’t get found, was that just luck? :smile:

No, accident knockout glitch

With sniper u can do it sub 2. SA/SO-vault (no ko also prolly)

As far as sniper run SA/SO/Vault (Master?), I’d need to see a video of that.

My only objection to your run, which is otherwise an amazingly brilliant run, is that it is not possible on Master to make the same time, and that is what I was looking for. Master/SA/SO sub 3:00. I do like your use of the EMP, I didn’t know that was in the game (I’ve only just come back to this game after quite the hiatus, so I didn’t even have that item or the electronic shocking phone). Fastest time I could get with your strategy was 3:28 with reasonably decent execution. You’ll find the issue is on Master obviously the black guard has the keycard, and you don’t have enough of the keycard hackers to unlock all four things (door to upstairs, door to Athena’s office, door by the vault, and the alarm system in the vault. So you have to get the key from the guard. I tried to find the quickest way to do that, and whether or not I did is probably debatable, but I did meet Athena on time upstairs. I did perform a save state though as I was not confident I would get the rest of the run done all in one shot.

I still want to find an even faster route on Master/SA/SO. I think it MUST exist. I love this. It’s fun, the discovery, the trying to bring the game to its knees, and I enjoy the collaboration with you guys and your strategies. :slight_smile:



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I just watched your video. It is great. I see you brought key hacker with you, but there are 4 doors and only 3 keys. Why don’t you bring a disposable scrambler with you also, which you should have if you own legacy pack. That way, with emp smuggled, there wouldn’t be need to ko those guards. And should save you some time.

Thank you for the compliment! However, the issue with your question, would be there wouldn’t be a slot for the electrocution phone. But I did discover something interesting I want to try.

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Yeah, i forgot about the phone :frowning:
Anyway, i am looking forward to see the new run.

3:09 - Fastest time I could get on Master SA/SO right now. But before I upload I wanna try again. I feel like I can get it sub 3 if I hit it just right.


Sorry #HitFam. I’ve let you down. Lowest I can get my time on Master SA/SO. I don’t know if there’s any areas you more experienced speed runners might be spotting that I could shave off those 6 seconds, but I’d love to know if you have thoughts on the technique requiring no keycard. Should I have grabbed the key to the truck before going for the button? I’m still not completely sure which is faster.

But, no save state used, and my brain hurts now.

Have you tried not dragging the guard in the vault? I don’t remember leaving him there being a problem. If it is, you can substitute the grenade for the kalmer… and instead of using the grenade to get into the vault, get the FE in Athena’s side room for a distraction explosion.

Also another thing you can do without an explosion IIRC the woman who walks out when you go down there (I think she’s on a proximity trigger). You can shoot her with the kalmer in front of the guards and they will be distracted enough to not notice you go in.

Only one way to find out. It seems like the backtracking may be longer than just waiting for the door to open. That door is more than open by the time you get back. Try it.

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