Hitman 2 Speedruns

Also don’t get so much of the receptionist’s attention.

Hugging the wall on the way in and vaulting over the plants is faster than waiting for him to leave.

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Not sure if it’s different on master, but on pro if you close the door in front of the vault (the one you open at 2:09 ingame) then nobody should find that guard


I might give that a try for sure. I seem to remember the door being shut once when he got discovered, but otherwise, I’m going to give it another shot just to test it out.

Right. Just finding every area to avoid getting stuck or having to wait.

I’ll probably watch my run a few times and jot down some notes to see what can be done differently.

Omg, that’s funny. I just got a 2:58 and am currently uploading it. I need to watch yours, though.

Locking her down. Fucking brilliant, CJ.

Would you be offended if I try to improve on your strat? I like the concepts there for sure.

Please do. I really CBA to care. This game is terrible.

Just got New York M/SA/SO no KO 2:27. Uploading now. I accidentally skipped the end screen but you can see the SA thing and the time on the clock, so whatever. And no @cjgarof - I didn’t just rip off your run and make it faster. :stuck_out_tongue: not that you CBA to care if I did.

Oh, side thing CJ - I heard you mention your friend was suggesting you get a Juul. I highly advise not to. I’m an avid vaper, have been for years. If you’re looking for a good starter, get the Smok Infinix. The Juul has non-refillable tanks, and you can only buy whatever juice they have - and it’s very overpriced. The Smok Infinix (get two so you always have one charged), has refillable tanks, so you can buy any flavor you want. I can help you get started vaping if you’re serious about it.

Key changes was the starting moment in Diana’s rambling to account for speed to get upstairs and getting past the crack addled John in the bathroom. I also put the EMP in the vault area instead of the bathroom to run and grab rather than stop and pull it out of the trash can.

good one. didn’t know about that grenade. I’m glad I didn’t. Must make the basement pretty torturous.

Anyway… you questioned sub 3 being possible. What kind of attitude is that?

Not to mention shooting up there is possible even without the knockout glitch.

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Skepticism, and I say, I was wrong. :wink:

And yeah, the grenade does make the basement a bit random. 9 times out of 10, the civilians don’t get in your way or see you. But that little bit of randomness does make it only slightly problematic.

I really do wanna try. I do think for myself in virtually every other aspect of my life. I’m a skeptic, critical thinker, and independent thinker. I do want to be better. I will try to match the time you showed me by trying to figure out how to make the run even better, but I haven’t found what that little bit of sweet sauce is that will do it. It is, essentially, puzzle solving. And while I’m great at chess and solving Rubik’s cubes, there’s a lot more thought and variables in this game.

Actually, I wouldn’t say maybe I don’t understand the mechanics as well as you. I very much don’t understand them as well as you. You’re brilliant at this game, and I absolutely want to be better at it.

No, no, no. It was not your fault. I was a dick. And I absolutely apologize for that. My mom had just died and I wasn’t exactly at my best emotionally and lashed out at people for no reason sometimes.

I did actually go to your channel as Poggy - I rebranded my channel for business reasons (keeping my company name and gamer name separate) - and tell you we had a falling out last year in your livestream, but since I was banned from your channel, I supposed you didn’t see that message.

I completely apologize for my behavior last year, and I truly, TRULY, have a huge amount of respect for you.

And yes, that screenshot of the 2:09 HAS inspired me to try and do better. I don’t want to see a video or see how you did it. I don’t want to know. I want to discover it.

I lost my mom 15 years ago. I lost my shit too. I understand. It’s cool.

Let’s see what we can come up with. Good joint effort so far.

It’s not actually the fast one, so let’s have fun with the challenge.

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I appreciate that CJ. Honestly, and I really am glad we smoothed things over. You’re great, and I’m not just blowing smoke up your arse.

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Ugh. There must be a key component I’m missing. Even with best play (and just time testing when Athena doesn’t get the phone or lockdown), 2:21 is as low as I can go. Still gonna keep testing ideas.

You did say the run was virtually the same, I’m trying to figure out what component of that is the same thereby which I can get to around 2:10. But I’m just not seeing it yet. Like I said, might just be me missing something crucial. Don’t give me any hints or anything. I need to discover this on my own.

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