Hitman 2 Speedruns


Miami SA / SO Master 1:30


dang that was great. I could never figure this stuff out. I just love watching it.


Hey guys iv managed to shave a few seconds off my original time, I was at 3:36 and have managed to get it down to 3:29




Paris 34s SA (Silverballer only)

New trick! apparently shooting in the face deals more damage than a normal headshot, so you can kill people from a longer range than before, as long as you shoot them in the face, for this to work on Viktor I have to wait for his animation where he looks to the left, slightly revealing his face.

My proposal is to call this trick the Faceshot


Couple of tricks here, first off you don’t need a coloured brick in order for the opportunity of the coloured smoke, a regular one works. Second trick is where I throw the brick, I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but you don’t need to throw it in the molten building, which saves good seconds.

For the last target, the first shot distracts the only interactive bodyguard he has (out of the 3), the second shot distracts him to that place. Last 2 bodyguards don’t react to anything but a Lockdown, hence why the last bodyguard doesn’t react to the KO sound of the other one.


Topi wala strat for Mumbai - Chasing a Ghost (without identifying the maelstrom)


blinding trick in s2


Haven’t uploaded a speedrun in a while, found out I didn’t do a Katana run for Sapienza despite doing the exact run in the past. So yeah. Run premieres at 9 o’clock AEDT.

EDIT; Premiering in about 5 minutes!


HITMAN 2 - Full Game Silent Assassin Speedrun


Miami ET #1 The Undying SA 1:55


Miami Sniper Assassin SA/SO (3:00)


Hokkaido SA 39s:


Situs Inversus SA 36s (Flashbang)

Wanted to try this since I knew about the flashbang hueheuheuheue, finally got mastery 20 on all season 1 maps PogChamp


Mumbai SA/SO 3:16


Hey there fellow agents, I’m still working on unlocking level 20 mastery on all of S1, but thought I’d share this speedboat exit SA/SO run of Miami. Hope you’re all enjoying S2!


my first run on this topic. hope we can get more <3



Not exactly fast, because I haven’t played enough to have any clue where the exits are, but I think it’s cool. First time trying out the flash grenade.