Hitman 2 Speedruns


Hey guys was playing around on the vector and managed to get the top spot



Santa Fortuna SA/SO, Fibre Wire/No KO.


The Finish Line SA (it was 42s in my heart)


Just awesome! I couldn’t do that.


Managed to take 5th place on Colorado


Mumbai SA/SO on master difficulty


The source speedrun


The author speedrun SA/SO 2:06


Isle of Sgail - The Ark Society

Featuring a practical suit only strat


SA/SO Miami, Master difficulty , 2:50 using the default spawn entry


A fun run of Holiday Hoarders using a Tripwire, a flash Grenade and a fish


Body has to be found to count against you.

ALSO, his time is 47 seconds…nice!


Holiday Hoarders SA/SO speedrun in 0:46

I discovered that the targets both go into lockdown if they spot you shooting. This makes the other dude run into the room i made the briefcase fly to


nice run! but you dont have shoot, getting seen by basement target is enough to make lockdown


yeah but it make him spot me slightly faster :stuck_out_tongue:


Now lets see @Pagan try to top that :grin:
The difference is 11 seconds

Btw @BernardoOne your video on the breifcase is the funniest H2 vid ive seen

Are you planing to redo a speedrun from your 0.45 in H1? @Fortheseven

Wow just realised Forte got a second faster than Bernardo


It’s a thing of beauty


I laughed so hard seeing you slap the shit out of Santa with a fish.


No, bernardo’s run is SA/SO, that vid of mine is just SA

I doubt it mate, i dont find holiday hoarders that interesting because you cant truly manipulate the targets