Hitman 2 Speedruns


Racketeers SA (Roy-ARJ’s Contract) [21s]


i am no speedrun legend, but here’s a few that i did


HITMAN 2 - Escalation - The Turms Infatuation-LV3 46s SA



I’ve been working on my routing for fiberwire/SO run for Miami, however I’m unable to break the 10 min mark. Has anyone broken the 10 min mark for FW/SO run? (I’m almost 100% certain someone has). Would love advice/video on this!

Maxwell Ratter usb key was extremely helpful in ending the race early, but besides this I cannot seem to break the 10 min mark. Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: Clarification, trying to get below 10 min on Miami for fiberwire/suit only/silent assassin run (yes, this includes Sierra - we all know the shooting car trick).


Just suit only? Or also SA? Because that would make quite the difference


Yeah, sorry, Suit only and SA.


Speedrun of Holiday Hoarders with conditions coming from Hitman Roulette.

Conditions are in the description as well as throughout the video.



Really happy with the way this turned out. Didn’t do Master difficulty, though I’m probably going to go for it tomorrow or something.



I’ve been watching a whole bunch of these lately and holy crap. Toss a couple flash grenades and magic happens :joy:




Hey guys playing about on the vector
As far as I know this is the fastest overall time


I’m really happy with this one:



Really enjoyed your run. If you look above, I have been trying to get a sub 10min SA/SO fiberwire only run on Miami. I’ve gotten close, but loved your route in getting under 10min easily! Thanks for sharing.

In the meantime, (nothing hugely exciting) but a SA/SO run on Miami for Tree Falls on the Apple: