Hitman 2 (STEAM): black screen on startup

I purchased Hitman 2 through STEAM a month ago, and I’ve been able to play the game at all, as everytime I launch it, it only shows a black screen with a cursor.

I’ve tried reinstall the game, update graphics driver (Nvidia 417.35), change Display Mode from Exclusive Fullscreen to Windowed to Fullscreen, switch Display Monitor from Primary to Secondary but nothing works! Please advice!

My specs:

i5 8600K
GTX 1070 with latest driver

I’m having the same problem with my new system. I can only see images through full screen exclusive.

i9 9900k, 1080 ti, and 16 gigs of DDR 4

This may be because of lack of one or several Microsoft Visual C++ packages.
Seek online for all packages possible and install one per one (I believe this is the right link for separate packages) or install all packages at once, for example with this pack:

I would of tried that misterkiller, but I think I figure it out. All I had to do is run the game in DirectX 12. I have been using DirectX 11 for the longest and I’m not sure why now it started doing weird stuff. Thank you for your assistance.

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@djsnipes thanks for the fix. Was having same kind of issue

You are welcome! Something to do with graphics settings in the game it does not like using certain resolutions.