Hitman 2 Steam, Can´t login!

Hello support of Hitman 2,

unfortunately, I cannot login to Hitman 2 online services. I´ve already tried many thing like to turn off my Kaspersky Total Security, but it still does not work. I cant play it anymore… Would you like to help me please? Funnily is that I was about to buy Hitman 2 Gold Edition :confused:

It’s possible your Windows firewall is blocking the connection, you should exclude all .exe in the Hitman 2 Steam folder from your filter

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I’ve already disabled my Kaspersky firewall. Windows firewall is disabled as well. I even tried to use VPN and I still have the same problem.

Disable your antivirus web shield, Hitman client uses a certificate pinning protection, so if your antivirus tampers this certificate, you won’t be able to log in.

Go to https://pc2-service.hitman.io/ , you should come up on an empty page. Click on the secure symbol in your address bar > Certificate > Certification path, and look the CA name. Some antivirus solutions or university/companies networks tamper those certificates and the Hitman client doesn’t like that.

Otherwise restart your router, or use another network, or debug with Wireshark (require some skill haha).


Hardware mate, thanks! I read your post on Steam forum 15 min ago. I wrote that I hug you to death like Elvira :slight_smile:


What ever… Link does not work! Check Elvira hug on Youtube. I am super grateful!