Hitman 2 steam


Do you know at what time hitman 2 will be available for download on friday?
@Travis_IOI @Sven_IOI


What was the time at the launch of HITMAN? I supposed same will be the case now.


im pretty sure there will be preload at wed or thu


On Steam, games tend to become available at a specific time each day, I believe at 18:00 GMT. So at that time on the 9th and 13th respectively, I believe that is when the game will launch. However, we don’t know when it will be available to pre-load, hopefully at least on the 6th or the 7th.


I couldn’t find anything official from Steam, just forum posts saying this is the case, but I do seem to recall ep 1 of H2016 releasing at 19 PM in Sweden, which corresponds to 18 GMT (I was quite frustrated that it was so late, and then the server problems hit)

I guess it might relate to when the Steam home office is fully staffed. So technical issues can be resolved quickly if it’s on their side. shrugs

Still way too late for me. It means I won’t get that many hours in day one.
Hoping for at least 12-14 GMT.


I will be very unfair for us if that’s the case, since im pretty sure ps4 and xbox one people will get it at midnight, whatever time zore they’re on :confused:


Let’s be real now… nobody cares about 6PM (whatever timezone) :rofl:


Right now I just need to know beforehand so I don’t take a day off for nothing.


I must admit, I’m working 10:30 - 14:30 on Friday, so Hitman 2 maybe releasing for Gold Edition owners on 18:00 would be ideal for me. I’m very much a night owl. But yeah, I am also hoping that the game launches no problem.


So for PC effective release date is 10th or 14th depending on gold or standard edition.
For me 10GB download takes an hour, so I will be just downloading game on 9th evening.
I think there will not be any preload for steam.


Cam we start a petition for steam release on 00.00 GMT like consoles.


steam preloads are usually the day before. don’t lose your hope


Ok. I am not loosing hope or anything.


I’m surprised that I’m the only one who remembers the backlash S1 had for releasing at 6pm GMT on day 1. I’m afraid it might happen again.

Oh boy you’re screwed then.


So that basically means if you get Gold Edition, you only have 3 days of Early Access instead of 4…seeing that your first day starts at 18:00.

Or does it follow that normal Non-Gold Editions of HITMAN 2 only become available at 18:00 Nov. 13?

I don’t mind. But would like to understand this better.


Not sure with normal edition but for gold it means you might not play until the evening again unless they allow preload and midnight launch.


Maybe we’ll get it earlier. After all, its a friday, and IO are in Denmark. If I was IO I’d want to be able to support the game quickly and efficiently if something happens, and release 19 PM on a friday does not seem optimal for this.


Yes. But seeing lack of responce on steam queries from IOI it seems they are also clueless about steam release schedule. So it’s all steam who will decide when to release. And I don’t expect much from steam. #4dayearlyaccess


On mobile (at work) so it will be hard to search but Travis said at one point they would let us know in advance when I asked. Still waiting Travis :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not on PC…