Hitman 2 steam


That makes your last comment just confusing then unless you came in to troll.


What’s so confusing about it? Obviously midnight will be better than 6 pm, since it’s earlier.


For context, this is how unlocks work on Steam:

You can schedule a automatic unlock on the date you want. This will lock you to the specific hour the Steam store updates.

The other one is unlocking it whenever you want, but it requires you to manually unlock it in that moment.


What do you mean? I am so confused. What is an unlock we are talking about.


The moment where the game unlocks and you can start playing.


Hugely disappointed by steam release timeline, lack of clarity to IOI about their own game release schedule before 72 hrs into launch, and miscommunication or multiple different communication regarding steam release schedule.

7pm CET release is 11.30 pm release for me. So I am paying for gold edition and getting it late by one full day than consoles. What a bummer. Never again going to buy gold or flashy or monygrabbing deals and not providing services to customer for what they paid for.
Not cool @Travis_IOI

The Twitter says midnight release, which I think only apicable for consoles. Good job confusing people IOI.

Then there is this gem. Travis says he will know about exactl release schedule for each platform in coming days (when game will be released nobody is gonna ask for release schedule travis, it’s 48 hrs till gold edition release and IOI is talking in days LOL)


Lets not blame only IO here, we should also look at steam itself, they ain’t exactly the most open and cooperative bunch, and none of us knows whats going on behind the scenes, generally most steam games always release at that time-frame, 6pm GMT, very rarely a midnight release was available in games, so this could easily be a situation where steam is being stubborn about releasing a game at a different time and IO has its hands tied.
Or IO messed up, that’s also a possibility.

Now…Anybody wants to join me in cryo-sleep until Friday night?


Please please please please, I beg you, if an official IOI member passes here, make a Steam pre loading for the sake of God. I have the worst internet connexion and I will need 4 days to download 50 gb. Please :sob:


I’ve already explained how it works.

On Steam you get two options:

Scheduling a date: this is locked to 6PM GMT of the chosen day of release.

Manual unlock. You can unlock at any time but you are required to do it manually on that moment.

I can understand that midnight Pacific is outside IOI’s working hours.
On the other hand,they are partnered with Warner Bros which is a global brand, so I feel like they could work out with WB having someone unlocking it on time.


In the very least they should be able to unlock it 7-8AM GMT if that’s the case. They’re in Denmark, so that’s around the time their work day starts.


Have they said when preloading maybe ready?


There’s no pre-load on Steam as I understood it. The game releases 7 PM CET, and that’s when you can start downloading it. Thus, people with a bad connection are fucked. (I have a 100MB+ line myself, so I should be sorted relatively quickly).


That sucks. My connection is OK but not terribly fast, I think it is only something like 15MB. 50GB will probably take til midnight at least. But then I didn’t buy the Gold Edition for the early access, so it doesn’t bother me too much.


Yeah I do hope they end up compromising on releasing it at that time.


I was wrong, my bad, thanks for the info.


Even though Australia is technically in the future compared to these other timezones it’s probably going to take me a week to download because of how bad the internet is here. I would laugh if I didn’t want to cry…


I can’t understand why can I pre-load in steam and I must play late for many hour.I just want to say we pay same as console,but not play as console


Because IOI screwed us.


You seem to believe that you are entitled to a preload…


It’s a reasonable demand considering the size of the game, availability of the preload on other platforms and the whole selling point of Gold edition being ability to play as early as Friday.