Hitman 2 steam


I really hope @Travis_IOI and co will sort this out and will use manual activation to let users download it earlier than Steam automatic time.

Downloading the game from Friday evening until Monday morning (not everyone is blessed with good internet connection) is as frustrating as it sounds.


I just hear a message about Denuvo 5.2 has been break through.I know why we can not pre-load,because they are afraid of the Denuvo will be break through quickly.I feel so disappointed to WB and IO


Yes. I paid for it. I did not buy gold edition to get it late by one fucking day. Steam has preload feature. It’s up to developer whether or not to use it. And IOI decided not to use and fuck up PC players. @Travis_IOI never going to waste my money on these type of gold edotion bullshits.


Mad over no preload.



Yes. Why you wouldn’t if you pay for it?


I know y’all busy and getting ready for launch so it’s a bit chaotic and stuff, @Travis_IOI but not addressing this problem and simply waiting until the problem dies down and people get frustrated is worse.

I seriously don’t get why things turned out to be so sloppy? Game went Gold month before release, you had all the time in the world to properly organize it.

Unless, of course, it’s the Denuvo and WB artificially creating problems to avoid piracy by fucking customers in the ass. Would not be surprised at all and in this case I can’t blame IO.


I see what you mean. As much as I’m disappointed, I couldn’t care less about it. GTA 5 did the same thing.


If everybody does the same wrong thing, that doesn’t make it a right thing to do.


That is also not how it works. Steam preloads have very heavy encryption that hasn’t been broken to this day. A preload can’t help break Denuvo because to do that you’d have to decrypt the preload to begin with.


How is it IO’s fault if you have slow third world internet and will have to wait longer for it to download?


Knowing your fanbase is a requirement for every decent dev studio, to be honest. Few countries in the world have that good of a connection to download 50-70 Gb quickly.


If downloading on Steam only becomes available at 6PM GMT on the 9th, I’m going to be a little bit more than upset.


Personally I would only be a little bit upset. My main thing for the Gold Edition was the two expansions. Not early access.

I would already lose two days of it with Philippines internet speed. hahaha.


So you are saying it’s my problem that I have not born in non 3rd world country?
Not everyone is fortunate enough in this world. People are poor, don’t have access to faster internet. Does that mean when they pay for something and don’t get what they were promised they should blame it on their poverty and lack of facilities? Internet speeds are beyond anyones control. It’s not the non availability but affordability of faster internet.


No one promised you preload.

You assumed.


When consoles got preload why not steam?


Ask WB. They’re the publisher.


We have the community manager for that.


When studio decided on something like always online crap, it’s their fault that they can not even synchronise worldwide release time of game for everyone on every platform. Not everything can be rubbed off in the name of plublisher. Developer is also equal participant in the outcome.


What’s so entitled in wanting to download 60 gigs early so you can play the game the moment it’s released?